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Updates For October 2015

  October 30:  Dixie was a traveling fetish model who lived in Pittsburgh. Today's movie features Dixie at the storage lot struggling to start our very stubborn 51 Chevy. After more than ten minutes of pumping and cranking, the car comes to life, and Dixie does some very nice revving with the choke out. She also has a very nice clip in our stocking tease section.


  October 29:  This was the first movie shot in our 1964 Bel Air and featured Renee dressed in her school outfit with white over the knee hose trying to get her car started so she can be on her way to school. The car eventually started kept stalling on Renee so she decided to take the car back home.


  October 28:  This was one of three movies that Shandi made in the 39 DeSoto. We started out in my garage with three tripod mounted cameras, which included a very sexy stocking tease. Once Shandi got the car started, she drove it around the neighborhood. Shandi, Tori and Marie were the only girls with the nerve to drive the monster. Tori actually drove it through the woods.


  October 27:  Austin and Richelle were very popular on our site, and were popular as well on PTP as Mandie and Tinsley. Today's movie features Austin wanting to take the 68 Opel for a ride through the woods wearing black RH&T stockings. The car stalls several times, and the battery finally runs down so she has to give up.


  October 26:  We kick off another week with our very cute model Gracie as she cranks, stalls and drives our 1962 Rambler convertible. At the end, she struggles to get the stubborn car started and then treats you to some very nice revving.


  October 23:  The only 'custom' video I ever made was done for a member with the screen name Big E. The DVD is Kimmy's Bare Leg Encore and the 38 minute first part was put in the Theater long ago. This is the seven minute second part which was too good to throw in the trash can. Incidentally, Big E told me that this was the best video he had ever seen.


  October 22:  Krista was a local model who worked with us frequently during our first few years. In this movie, she wears a leather skirt and black boots as she cranks and drives our purple 69 Volkswagen. The car had a purple velour headliner so April named it the Pussy Wagen and sent me a keychain with that name.


  October 21:  In the DVD store, this movie is entitled Pedal Pumping Paige. This is another of my very early videos (2003) featuring the adventures of a cute young lady wearing black RH&T stockings in our 63 Falcon. This was also before I discovered Derma Blend to cover tattoos on legs and feet.


  October 20:  Rachel is dressed totally in black as she tries to back the 51 Chevy out of the garage. Once she gets the stubborn car onto the driveway, she decides to pull the choke all the way out to flood it. Eventually the battery begins to weaken so she decides to give up.


  October 19:  The celebration of Theater Thirteen continues. Friday's movie featured Roxy dressed in some very sexy lingerie teasing you as she tried to start the 49 Ford. She decided to take a Crown Royal break so we now rejoin Roxy as she goes back to crank the 49 Ford. The car finally starts and Roxy treats you to some very nice revving.


  October 16:  Theater Thirteen. Unbelievable. During my early years, Roxy was the undisputed queen of the Augusta Hooter's store. Today and Monday, we will feature Roxy in some very sexy lingerie and stockings as she teases you while trying to start our 1949 Ford. Shishkaboob thinks we have over-hyped and regurgitated content. Scarlett bounded and gagged is enough to make me throw up.


  October 15:  This is our 600th movie. Most are more than ten minutes long and some are more than thirty minutes long. I personally shot most of them and edited each and every one. And I have well over 150 more movies ready to go into our theater. Check out today's movie. You won't be disappointed.


  October 14:  When I first met Marie, I thought she had some Asian blood, but she doesn't. Extremely cute and with a wonderful personality but not over top like some models (i.e. Remi). This was actually my very first shoot with Marie, but she came back and shot some awesome stuff so I totally forgot about her first shoot. My bad. In any event, Marie is wearing black RH&T stockings as she tries to start a very stubborn Falcon. The car was not disabled at all but at that time, it would only start with the choke at a precise position. All the out or all the way in would not do the trick. Marie finally gets the car starts and shows off her beautiful legs and stockings as she drives around the storage lot. During the final four minutes, Marie teases you by playing with the choke as she tries to start the Falcon.


  October 13:  Kimberly lived in the San Francisco area, and she contacted us for a shoot. Today's movie features Kimberly as she cranks and drives our 92 Rambler convertible with the car's top down, not hers.


  October 12:  Beth couldn't get the 51 Chevy to start and the battery was beginning to die so Beth suggested that we try jumper cables. The only other six volt car at the time was the 49 Ford so after struggling to start the Ford, Beth moved it close to the Chevy and hooked up jumper cables. Unfortunately the 51 Chevy still would not start. I believe that out of more than 450 videos, this was the only one with jumper cables.


  October 9:  The 1949 Ford was significantly redesigned, and ours was built in June of 1948 making it one of the first off the line. Shellie was another of our models who could drive a stick shift so this movie features Shellie cranking and driving the 49 Ford. When she gets back home, she teases you by pulling out the choke and flooding the car while she tries to get it started again.


  October 8:  One of my favorite models in one of my favorite cars. Emily is just as nice on the inside as she is on the outside. She eventually manages to get her car started but has to check under the hood during the process. Next Thursday will be our 600th movie, and Friday will see the opening of Theater Thirteen.


  October 7:  This is Kelley's second movie but the first where you get to see her at close range. She wears black RH&T stockings while she tries to start the 39 DeSoto. The car will not start so she takes a break to show off her stockings. Kelley goes back to trying to start the car but the battery finally dies and she has to give up.


  October 6:  Shea was a nursing student and her fiance was a college baseball pitcher who was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. Shea is now a nurse and her now husband is not playing baseball. Recently had some questions from a member who loved the white VW convertible, so I decided to post one of the few remaining movies in this car. Shea was very comfortable with a stick shift so this movie has some driving as well as cranking.


  October 5:  It was a cold winter day when Brandi Ann was on her way to work. She knew her 51 Chevy would be hard to start so she asked Staci Leigh to come help her get the car started. The stubborn car eventually starts but watching the two girls struggle makes for a very nice movie.


  October 2:  Summer has just finished her make up and as she turns out the bathroom light, she tells you that she is going outside to flood the bug for you. Summer starts the engine, shuts it off and proceeds to flood the Pussy Wagon. At the very end, she manages to get the engine started again.


  October 1:  Today we feature our local Italian princess Sorella who worked with us on several occasions. She told me that Sorella is Italian for daughter. Sorella pumped and cranked the 68 Opel until it finally started, after which she did some mild revving.


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