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Meet Josie -- A Leggy Blonde Pedal Pumping Beauty At Pedal Supreme

  The Pedal Supreme Theater: we currently feature 889 pedal pumping movies in 18 theaters totaling over 14,000 minutes of pedal pumping pleasure. We also have an alphabetical index of movies by model. With so many movies, we now have two Featured Movies Of The Week to enhance our members' viewing experience. Our collection of vintage cars and beautiful models is unmatched in the world of pedal pumping, and our collection of movies will continue to be available on a subscription basis for the foreseeable future.




Click here to see Morgan's 4th of July tribute from
well over ten years ago.


  Over eleven hundred Fast Lane videos.  These are high quality videos that can be downloaded by members with a high speed internet connection.  


  Thirty two very sexy stocking tease clips of our models.


  Rick has returned to the site, and we have put our final ten movies in Pedal Supreme Theater Eighteen. Our updates going forward will be two Featured Movies Of The Week, one featuring movies at least fifteen minutes in length, the other featuring movies less than fifteen minutes in length. The featured movie marquees will generally change on Monday.


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