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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In November 2016

  November 30  Cassie was a very tall young lady with killer legs. I wanted her to do a revving video in her stocking feet but it took her almost six minutes to get the 51 Chevy started. Cassie then did some smoky revving until the engine died, and I wasn't sure that she would be able to get it started again, but she did.



  November 28  At the end of a shoot, I asked Marissa pump the gas pedal very aggressively and try to start the 61 Tempest wagon. The engine was obviously flooded and the battery was beginning to weaken so I told her to stop pumping while she tried to start the car. The Tempest finally started so Marissa did some very sexy revving.


  November 25  Today's movie was Brianna's very first shoot, and I was happy that she could drive a stick shift. I set two cameras on tripods and disappeared as she tried to get the 49 Ford started. Nine minutes later, the car finally started and Brianna drove around my neighborhood. The car stalled several times but she was able to get it started again. Next Friday's movie will be our eight hundredth, and will fill theater sixteen. We have twenty five new movies that will go into theater seventeen before the end of 2016.


  November 23  The 74 Scamp was my first car and this was probably Krista's first shoot and took place in 2001. Skyler was actually the first model to be filmed in the Scamp. After showing you her stockings and girdle, Krista invites you to accompany her in case she has trouble starting her car. The Scamp is really hard to start in the driveway and even harder to start on the super market parking lot. My skills as a camera man have come along way since then.


  November 21  Here is another of the "lost" movies that I found when working on the model index. Whitney was a blonde when she came for her first shoot, and some of you may remember her in the 39 DeSoto and 51 Chevy. When she came back for her second shoot, the blonde hair was history. We went to the studio and I asked her to pump the 63 Valiant aggressively while she tried to start the car. Whitney flooded the engine so after more than ten minutes of pumping and cranking, she finally gave up.


  November 18  When doing the letter "L" in the model index, I came across the movies that my model Lindsey had done, and I suddenly remembered that Gian also had a model who spelled her name Lindsay. So today's movie features Lindsay using the choke to see if she can start Gian's 56 Ford. At the very end of the movie, the car comes to life. The 56 Ford was my favorite car in Gian's collection, and I almost bought it from him.


  November 16  This is one of the few thirty plus minute movies that I have shot, and it features Jenna Rae in our 70 Valiant. It takes her over fifteen minutes to get this stubborn car started, and we are off to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants (The Snug). After lunch, Jenna Rae struggles to get the Valiant started and once she gets back into her driveway, she purposely floods the car. Not the prettiest model I ever shot, but I have seen far worse (i.e. Katelyn and a few others).


  November 14  This is another of the "lost" movies that I found while working on the alphabetical index by model. The 51 Chevy was in dire need of a tune up which meant that it wouldn't be easy to start or keep running. After about ten minutes, Cara tries to do some revving and the car was backfiring and running rough.

I now have enough new movies to keep updating through the end of the year. By January 1st, we will have the model index on the site and pricing will be adjusted just a bit. We very much appreciate all of you who continue to support the site.


  November 11  Today's model is Laura Crosby and she appeared in the series Big Brother on episode 11 and perhaps a few others. Laura struggled to start the 49 Ford, did some revving and then pulled the choke out to stall the car so she could treat you to a bit more cranking. She looked awesome in stockings.


  November 9:  Amy was a young lady that drove from northern Florida for a shoot, and she fell in love with the purple Bug so I set up three cameras on tripods and asked her to see if she could get the Pussy Wagon started. If you look closely, you will see the "Pussy Wagon" key chain that April purchased for the car. Amy smoked a cigarette while she tried to start the VW, but after almost eighteen minutes of pumping and cranking, the battery died so she had to give up.


  November 7:  I am working on the model index and have found several movies that I somehow neglected to put in the theater. Autumn was one of my cutest models, and the Opel was one of my favorite cars so I don't know how I missed this one. I took Autumn to the storage lot where she struggled to get the Opel started and then did some revving to show off her very sexy black stockings.


  November 4:  Andrea came to the studio for a shoot and the 63 Falcon was the last of her three shoots. The car had recently become very difficult to start so I asked Andrea to see if she could get it started. After just over six minutes of heavy pumping and cranking, the starter went kaput so Andrea gave up. We also had another Andrea who shot with us on numerous occasions, including at least one shoot at the studio.


  November 2:  This was one of the early 51 Chevy movies where this stubborn car was hard to start without any help from me. Addie Juniper struggled for over thirteen minutes to get the Chevy started, and she then began her drive around the neighborhood. When the car stalled for the final time in the driveway, the battery died before Addie could get the car started again.


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