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Updates For November 2013

  November 29:  My friend Robert Perry shot these two young ladies at my house and after Robert's shoot, I offered the girls some extra money to shoot with me.  Money very well spent.  In fact, Kelly returned to shoot several times.


  November 27:  Maria was one of our very first over 40 models.  Maria and her husband found the 1968 Opel for sale in Elberton, GA.  That car became one of our favorite cars.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our faithful supporters.  Beginning next Monday, we will be adding new movies five days a week.


  November 25:  A classic from 2003.  Kimmy was a huge reason for our early success.


  November 22:  Another very nice young lady from North Carolina with some personal issues who actually did a very good shoot.  The 51 Chevy will always be my favorite car.


  November 20:  This was another of our 2003 shoots with a very cute young lady who did an awesome job in the 63 Falcon.  The site really took off when we acquired the 51 Chevy and the 49 Ford.


  November 18:  This was one of the models that I found on before they shut down the "adult" listings.  Shannon was a very nice young lady who also turned out to be a very aggressive pumper.  You will definitely see more of this young lady.


  November 15:  Abigail was born in Alexandria, Egypt because her father worked for the US State Dept.  She does a very nice job trying to start the 49 Ford in black RH&T stockings.  I expect the Pedal Supreme Theater to eventually contain over 300 movies.


  November 13:  Nikki was a frequent visitor during our early years who had no problem lighting up a cigarette while cranking a car.  Very nice natural boobs and great legs.  Very nice young lady who drove an early 70's baby blue beetle.  This is one of my favorite Falcon movies.


  November 11:  Austin and her friend Richelle traveled from Knoxville to shoot with us and a photographer friend of mine on several occasions.  She can also be seen on PTP as Tinsley.



  November 8:  This is another awesome model that we got from a photographer friend in Charlotte.  Trish is a natural pumper who looks awesome in black stockings.


  November 6:  A rarity among models is natural boobs, and Brandi Ann has been blessed by Mother Nature.  She also has dynamite legs and loves wearing stockings.  One of my favorite models in my favorite car.


  November 4:  We begin November with a full length 38 minute movie featuring Hayley and our very popular Pussy Wagon.  This movie was filmed in 2003 and continues to be a favorite of many of our members.



  November 1:  This was one of my contributions to our boot loving fans.  Claire was a very well known commercial model and a very sweet young lady.  The dress was bought from Victoria's Secrets.


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