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Updates For May 2011

  May 31  These are clips from Kelly's visit last winter.  Kelly is our gorgeous Asian model who was one of six girls chosen from thousands to dance at the Maxim Super Bowl party in Dallas.  The shy one was the hat check girl :)  It was truly a cold winter day when Kelly tried to start the 62 Tempest, and the stubborn car refused to start.  The fast lane clip is just over ten minutes in length (144 MB).


  May 30  Let's kick off the week with the final clips from Elizabeth's second video.  The 95 Olds Cutlass convertible was a reluctant addition to our fleet because it is not truly a vintage car and the console makes it hard to film the feet on the pedals.  The car still has its fans so today we feature Elizabeth as she cranks the Cutlass for almost five minutes until the car finally starts.  She then takes you for a ride until the car stalls and is very hard to get started again.  Elizabeth's fast lane clip is 10:49 minutes long (155 MB).  Elizabeth's Encore will be in our huge video store shortly.


  May 27  Today we rejoin Cassandra who has stalled the 49 Ford.  She asks for your help as she tries to start the stubborn car.  It finally starts and she is on her way.  Cassandra then teases you by pulling out the choke and flooding the engine.  She eventually stops pumping the gas and the car starts.  Cassandra then does a bit of revving.  Her fast lane clip is almost ten minutes in length (142 MB).


  May 25  Today we introduce another of many few models who come to PS looking for work.  Her name is Jessica.  This young lady knows how to handle a stick shift so we took her to the storage yard to see if she could start the Pussy Wagon.  Once it finally starts, she drives around the storage yard until the Bug stalls and is very hard to get started again.  We have three small format clips for those members with a dial up connection plus a fast lane clip that is 12:24 minutes in length (176 MB).


  May 24  Sophia and Victoria return to Pedal Supreme, and they both fell in love with Snow White.  Sophia tries to start the Bug for over eight minutes until the battery begins to die.  Her fast lane clip is 8:24 minutes long (120 MB).



  May 23  These clips are from another of Gian's earliest videos.  The model's name is Kristen, and I think she is just about the cutest model Gian ever shot.  This sweet young thing tries to start Gian's 56 Ford, and after almost ten minutes of pumping and cranking, the old Ford comes to life.   The four thirty second clips that were originally posted have been replaced by two small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 10:11 minutes in length (146 MB).


  May 20  This is another clip from last winter when we took Amanda to the storage lot to see if she could start the 1949 Ford.  It took her almost six minutes to get the car started.  Most of you don't realize that these old cars do not have power steering so petite girls like Amanda have their work cut out for them when they try to drive these old cars.   Our broadband members get a 9:07 minute fast lane clip (130 MB).


  May 18  Cara has long been a favorite among many of our members so we asked her to return for two more videos.  We have a member in Sydney, Australia who can take credit for this video although he specifically asked for the Volvo, which will be part two.  We took Cara to the storage lot in some RH&T stockings and sandals, and asked her to see if the 1951 Chevy would start.  Since we had the carburetor rebuilt, that car almost always starts unless a model plays with the choke to get the Chevy flooded.  Cara finally got the car started and drove around the lot until the Chevy stalled.  She flooded the car trying to get it started again.  Cara's fast lane clip is 10:42 minutes long (153 MB).


  May 17  Kelly spent several days with up this past winter and these clips are from her last video.  We have had several requests for flat shoes so we put Kelly in a pair and asked her to see if the 1962 Tempest would start.  Tripod mounted cameras captured her every movement as she tries to get the Tempest started on a cold winter day.  The fast lane clip is 9:49 minutes in length (141 MB).


  May 16  We begin another week with our beautiful model Elizabeth who is dying to go for a ride in Snow White with the top down.  Unfortunately, the Beetle just doesn't want to start.  After more than six minutes of pumping and cranking, Snow White springs into action, and Elizabeth is off for a drive.  Unfortunately, the car stalls and is very hard to get started again.  Elizabeth absolutely loved the stockings.  We have three clips for our dial up members, plus a fast lane clip for those with high speed access that is 13:49 minutes long (198 MB).


  May 13  Friday the 13th brings only good things to Pedal Supreme in the form of two new models, Sophia and Victoria, who came to us from our friend James Lane in Charlotte.  In these clips, Victoria is having trouble getting the 49 Ford to start, even with Sophia pumping the gas.  They trade places and Sophia finally gets the stubborn car to start.  She then revs the engine.  There are three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 12:50 minutes in length (184 MB).


  May 11  There was a group of videos from our early days that had only four 30 second small format clips on the site.  One of those was Gian's video Jennifer.  These clips feature Jennifer as she tries to start the 67 Plymouth in a variety of footwear and in her stocking feet as well.  Her fast lane clip is just over twelve minutes long (173 MB).


  May 10  We have two new models that will make the shy one want to crank a broomstick.  The first is Cassandra.  I have shot close to 400 videos and hers was one of the best.  Today we capture Cassandra in a beautiful dark red dress with matching shoes and a pair of very expensive Albert's ff stockings, all from BV's closet.  Cassandra plays with the choke and pumps the 49 Ford for over five minutes until the engine springs to life, and she takes you for a ride until the engine stalls and will not start.  The fast lane clip is 11:37 minutes in length (166 MB).  This beautiful young lady brought a friend with her for her second shoot, and just sent me an e-mail wanting to return.


  May 9  Today we rejoin Kelley as she tries to start the 39 DeSoto wearing black RH&T stockings and black hh sandals.  Tripod mounted cameras capture her through the driver's door and through the passenger's door with close-ups of her foot pressing the pedal starter.  Kelley takes a break to show off her stockings.  The battery finally dies so she gives up.  The fast lane clip is 9:53 minutes long (141 MB).  Look for Kelley's Encore in our huge video store very soon.


  May 6  Our lovely and very sexy Amanda returns for an encore performance.  This young lady pumps, cranks and drives the 68 Opel for almost fourteen minutes, teasing you with her stockings as she tries to start the car.  The fast lane clip is 13:48 minutes long (198 MB).


  May 4  Elizabeth absolutely loved our stockings and really liked cranking and driving our vintage cars.  Today we join her as she drives the 51 Chevy until it stalls.  Once it starts, she does an awesome job of revving the engine.  The fast lane clip is 8:25 minutes in length (120 MB).


  May 3  These clips are from another of our early (2003) videos, most of which had no more than two minutes total on the site.  This video is Lovely Lindsey and opens with Lindsey having stalled the Falcon.  When it finally starts again, she takes her shoes off and drives in her stocking feet.  Toward the end of this video it actually started to rain.  Lindsey's fast lane clip is 8:54 minutes long (125 MB).


  May 2  These are the final 6 clips from the first batch of clips that Spike sent us.  We are truly honored to have been selected to showcase these clips.


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