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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates For March 2016

•  March 30:  This was one of those times when the model who showed up at my house bore little resemblance to her profile on Nicole Moser's profile said she was 33 but her license said 40, and her pictures were not current. Having said that, I decided to shoot her because some members like older women. It was a very cold day when I took her to the storage lot so see if she could start the 68 Opel. After almost six minutes of frustration, the car finally started only to stall as she drove around the lot. On a positive note, she talked more than many models do, so I think that I got my monies worth.


•  March 28:  Heather Fountain and another model Cami came with a photographer friend of mine and spent a couple of days at my house. Shot some really cool footage with the girls individually and together. Heather is wearing an awesome turquoise dress and matching shoes with suntan stockings as she tries to start the 49 Ford. She plays with the choke so the Ford tries to start, but it takes her over nine minutes before the engine will stay running. Heather then revs the engine with the choke pulled about half way out so you can see quite a bit of gray smoke coming out of the exhaust.


•  March 25:  When Kylee came for her shoot, she needed to go to a pharmacy and asked if she could drive the Pussy Wagon. Instead of joining her in the car, I decided to follow her in my car. I'm glad I did because when she made her purchase and returned to the car, it took her well over ten minutes to get the car started again. This was "real" cranking because there were no switches or pulled coil wires. And the approaching stormy weather made this movie even better.


•  March 24:  Sorella means sister in Italian, and I imagine some of you would like this young lady for a sister. Other than bras and panties, I furnish almost all of the clothing worn by my models and as you can see by Sorella's outfit, I try very hard to coordinate the clothing. I took Sorella to the storage yard where she tried to start a very stubborn 51 Chevy with the choke out. After struggling for over ten minutes, Sorella finally gets the car to start, and she does some revving to clear out the carburetor. I might add that Sorella's boobs were all natural.


•  March 21:  This was the only model who was actually under contract to Playboy when I shot her. Her name is Amanda Hanshaw and she is worth a Google search. Amanda struggled to back the Falcon down the driveway because the choke was pulled all the way out. When she finally made it to the street, she pushed the choke in and took you for a drive around my neighborhood. Theater Fifteen will be here in just a few weeks.


•  March 18:  Krista was a local girl who shot with us frequently during the first two or three years, and she developed quite a fan club. Today, Krista wears black RH&T stockings as she aggressively pumps the Pussy Wagon until it finally starts. She does a bit of revving to recharge the battery before backing down the driveway.


•  March 16:  Tonya was one of my early models with what I thought was a very pretty face. When she offered to bring her sister for her next shoot, I jumped at the chance. Hard to tell that they were from the same family, but they still made a very nice two girl movie. Lisa can't get her Valiant started to Tonya comes out to help. The car finally starts but keeps stalling as the girls drive around the neighborhood. Lots of cranking including some with the girls checking under the hood while the other one tries to start the car.


•  March 14:  Tori wants to take the 68 Opel for a spin but she can't seem to get it started so she gets out to look under the hood. She gets back in the car to continue her struggle, and the Opel eventually starts and Tori is on her way.


•  March 11:  The 62 Rambler convertible has a weak battery but Beth manages to finally get the car started. She goes for a drive but the car stalls in the driveway when she gets back home, and she kills the battery trying to restart the Rambler.


•  March 9:  Bree is an African American young lady who was working at the local Hooters establishment at the time of our shoot. The 49 Ford is sitting in the garage, and it takes Bree almost eleven minutes to get the car started. She then takes you for a drive, and you get treated to a very nice bit of cranking when she gets back to her driveway.


•  March 7:  One of the early movies shot in the 51 Chevy, which was one of my favorite cars because there were three in my family during the early 50's. My mother had a 49 station wagon with the fake wood panels on the sides and back. Nikki struggles to start the stubborn car and then takes you for a drive around my neighborhood. The car stalls at a stop sign and again when she gets back home.


•  March 4:  Elena was raised in a Russian orphanage and adopted by a family in the US. Cute young lady from Greenwood, SC but a bit on the quiet side. The choke is pulled all the way out as Elena tries to back the 63 Falcon down the driveway. She gets partially down the driveway and realizes that she will not be able to make it to the street so she struggles to get the car back up the driveway.


•  March 2:  This very pretty young lady from North Carolina was a nursing student who came down to shoot with us on several occasions. Her fiancι was a pitcher on his college baseball team who was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays but didn't get past rookie camp. The DeSoto is blocking the driveway so once Shea gets the Pussy Wagon started, she takes you on a drive through "the woods."


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