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Updates For March 2013

  March 29:  Mira was one of our first Asian American models who worked at Hooters when I shot her.  The 1961 Tempest station wagon was relatively new, and I loved to hear that car cranking.  I set up two tripod mounted cameras and told Mira to see if she could get the car started.  The car came close to starting, but eventually she flooded it and was able to get it started only by taking her foot off the gas pedal.  Mira's fast lane clip is 11:54 minutes long (168 MB).


  March 27:  During Shan's first visit, she fell in love with our 63 Falcon.  She really liked the skulls on some of the dash knobs and the dice on the door handles.  So when she came back for her second shoot, Shan asked if she could shoot in the Falcon.  Obviously, I couldn't refuse.  The best part is at the very end when she teases you by playing with the choke as she tries to start the car.  Shan's fast lane clip is 16:15 minutes in length (232 MB).


  March 26:  These are the first remade clips from the video Bel Air Bug & Bare Legs which was shot in late 2006.  Kylee is dressed in gym shorts, a halter top and flip flops as she walks to the 64 Bel Air.  For the next fourteen minutes, you get to watch her pump, crank and drive this classic car.  The car stalls in the driveway when she gets back home, and she opens the hood to see what the problem is.  The 2006 fast lane tape was 7:19 minutes long (78.8 MB).  Today's fast lane clip is 14:06 minutes long (202 MB) so even Ron can see the vast improvement in today's clip.


  March 25:  As I have said several times before, Marie is one of my all time favorite models.  This is a very nice stocking tease clip with absolutely no nudity whatsoever.  I think this clip is very sexy and I hope you feel the same.


  March 22:  These are the final remade clips from the video Awesome Amanda, and Amanda was one of my favorite models from the early days of the site.  In this update, Amanda falls in love with our 1951 Chevy, and these clips chronicle her adventures in my favorite car.  The fast lane clip is 15:06 minutes in length (216 MB).  It is hard to believe that our site started ten years ago.  While we believe that our content has been second to none, we are most proud of our relationship with our members.  Unlike some of the other sites, nobody has ever complained about not being allowed to cancel their membership.


  March 20:  Kylee is a model who drove from NC on a day when the weather would not cooperate.  After her shoot during the rain in the Falcon, the rain had stopped but the winds had picked up, so I'm thinking what the hell do I do now.  I knew the Pussy Wagon did not like aggressive pumping so Kylee and I traveled to the Bi-Lo parking lot where I filmed her trying to start the stubborn VW from my car which was several parking spots away.  Nothing was done to the VW other Kylee's aggressive pumping.  Her fast lane clip is 12:14 minutes long (175 MB).


  March 19:  These clips are from Double Feature, one of our 2003 videos that for some reason is nowhere to be found in the fast lane folder.  The model is Kelly, our very first over forty model.  Kelly is heading out for a job interview over lunch but the Falcon will not start, so she climbs into the 66 Valiant.  She struggles to start the car and it stalls on the way but she finally makes it to the restaurant.  Even after lunch, the Valiant refuses to start right away.  The fast lane clip is 15:58 minutes long (229 MB).


  March 18:  You may have seen this young lady on another pp web site but you have never seen quite this much of her.  This clip contains nudity so only members eighteen or older should view it.  Enjoy.


  March 15:  For those of you wondering where the tease clips are, they will appear on Monday and each Monday thereafter.  Today we conclude the clips with Amanda in the Volvo.  The car stalls as Amanda pulls into the driveway and much to my surprise, the car would not start again.  No gimmicks.  I finally had to ask Amanda to slow down her pumping.  The fast lane clip is 10:01 minutes in length (143 MB).


  March 13:  This was the first of several Amanda's who shot with me, and she not only had a big Texas accent, she had the personality to go with the accent.  She was fun to work with.  The 66 Volvo was our newest car, and we were anxious to showcase the car with a very model.  Amanda did not disappoint us.  You will be treated to a model with a great personality and legs to match as she cranks and drives the Volvo, only to have it stall on her several times.  Once again, we have four small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 18:47 minutes long (269 MB).


  March 12:  Irish Rose was one of my favorite models who brought several of her female friends to shoot with us.  In this series of clips, her friend Kay tries to start the 1951 Chevy.  She lights up a cigarette as she pumps and cranks for well over twenty minutes before the engine finally comes to life.  There are four clips for our members with a dial up connection plus a fast lane clip that is 23:26 minutes in length (321 MB).


  March 11:  Last week you spent over fourteen minutes with Kylee as she tried to back the 63 Falcon down the driveway with the choke pulled out.  Today we continue the journey in frustration.  On the rare occasion when the car actually starts, it stalls when she puts in into reverse.  Kylee makes it into the street but gives up and comes back up the driveway.  Her fast lane clip is 14:41 minutes long (210 MB).  It simply amazes me that PE Ron is still badmouthing us after all these year.  I guess when the best you can do is Amina and Anna Headley, there really isn't much else left to do.


  March 8:  Melissa Jean is a superstar model, having appeared in Playboy and a host of other publications.  This is the first of our stocking tease videos by a model who has not shot with us before.  Personally, I think this young lady is seductive as hell, and her nine minute video will leave you asking for more.  You will not be disappointed.


  March 6:  When a model drives three hours for a shoot and it's raining, we had to improvise.  You can see that the driveway is still very wet as Kylee gets into the 63 Falcon.  The choke is pulled all the way out so you get to spend almost fourteen minutes watching Kylee eventually getting the Falcon started only to have it die when she puts it into reverse.  This is some very honest frustration.  Her fast lane clip is just over fourteen minutes in length (195 MB).


  March 5:  These are more clips from the 2006 video Christi.  Dynamite legs and a great personality, but the Christi vs. Kristy stories are the best part.  The moderator of Crissy's board said some time ago that our 1962 Rambler was his favorite car.  We definitely got a lot of mileage from that car.  This update will give you over 16 minutes of cranking, pumping, driving and stalling the Rambler with some of the longest and nicest legs on the site.  The fast lane clip is 16:35 minutes in length (237 MB).


  March 4:  We kick off the first full week of March with more clips from Vintage Brianna.  Brianna had a great personality and could drive a stick shift with the best of them.  This was Brianna's first attempt to start the 1951 Chevy.  It finally started but kept stalling as she backed down the driveway.  After struggling with the stubborn car for almost six minutes, Brianna was finally on her way.  The car stalls twice and is very hard to get started again.  Brianna's fast lane clip is 19:43 minutes long (282 MB).  I hope you enjoy Brianna as much as I did.


  March 1:  Most of you know that I love vintage stockings, and I know that many of you do also.  I have acquired quite a few stocking tease clips.  Many are former models for our site, some are not.  Some contain nudity.  The first clip features our former model Kate Lynn, one of my favorites.  This clip contains nudity so only those 18 or older should open it.  The clip is 6:20 minutes long (95.5 MB).  There will be no more than one tease clip per week.  I might add that we have a new model and car for our next new clip which will feature much more cranking than the Miss Daisy clip.  We just need a break from the rain.


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