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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In June 2016

  June 29:  This is a movie that kind of slipped through the cracks but a rejoining subscriber asked where he could find it. It wasn't in the Theater so that is now being corrected. I have actually seen women who were afraid to touch the gas pedal for fear of flooding their car, so I asked Isobel to see if she could start the Bug without touching the gas pedal. The Bug comes oh so close but just will not catch until Isobel finally pumps the gas. She tells you throughout the movie that I would not let her pump the gas pedal.


  June 27:  Like Elena, Kerri was born in Russia but living Philadelphia during the times I worked with her. This movie was shot around 2004 but Kerri is still an active model. Google Kerri Taylor if you want to know more about her. This was her first shoot with me and it was raining so we made the best of it. It took Kerri over six minutes to get the 62 Rambler convertible started, and she then drove around the neighborhood. The car stalled in the driveway when she got back home, and it took her forever to get it started again.


  June 24:  Picture Perfect Pedal Pumping is my best selling DVD ever. The model was Chase and she was cranking and driving the 63 Falcon for over 38 minutes in black RH&T stockings. At the end of that DVD, I tacked on a seven minute clip of Chase wearing seamed stockings and playing with the choke while she cranked the Falcon. I seriously doubt that many of you have watched PPPP past the 38 minute mark to see this clip so I have severed the clip from PPPP and am posting it as a new movie. Chase was simply awesome and had quite a fan club. I think many of you will enjoy this movie.


  June 22:  Brooke was Danielle's cousin and had just turned 18 when she drove from Winston Salem for a shoot. She didn't own a winter coat so the one she is wearing was bought by me. The 51 Chevy was a recent addition to our fleet so I sent Brooke into the garage to see if she could get the beast started. After more than five minutes of fruitless pumping and cranking, she decided to pull the choke out, and the stubborn car finally started. Just backing the Chevy out of the garage was quite a struggle, but Brooke was eventually able to take the car for a drive around my neighborhood. When she gets back to her driveway, she teases you by pulling out the choke and flooding the car. This is movie number 730 and we are on our way to 800.


  June 20:  Kennedy came to us from Charlotte and shot with us twice. This was her first shoot, and she was uncomfortable in the heat and humidity even though she lived less than three hours from Augusta. Her first shoot was in the 68 Opel, and it took her just under ten minutes to get the car started. Since Kennedy (real first name) was not comfortable driving a floor mounted stick shift, she did a bit of revving until the end of the movie. Her movie in the 51 Chevy was awesome.


  June 17:  Penny was a local Hooters waitress who shot with us on quite a few occasions. Once when her car was in the shop for several days, I lent her the 63 Valiant. She drove it to a tanning bed and when she returned to the car, it won't start so she had to call a friend to get home. The next morning the car started right away. When Penny came to the studio for a shoot, I put her in the 63 Valiant and guess what. The car really would not start. It had to be towed to the repair shop. No gimmicks whatsoever.


  June 15:  Probably the first model to crank and drive the 63 Falcon. She did not use the choke yet the car was still a bitch to get started. The Falcon was one of our most poplar cars and the only one to catch on fire during a shoot. Happened at the storage lot with Remi. Having said that, the Falcon with the choke out became one of the most poplar themes for our movies over the years.


  June 13:  This was one of my earlier shoots, but I would like to point out that she walked to the Pussy Wagon holding a pack of cigarettes. Back to the real world, this very attractive young lady was wearing brown RH&T stockings as she tried to start the 69 purple VW. It took her almost eight minutes to get the stubborn car started after which she drove around the neighborhood where the car stalled and was very hard to get started again. When she got back home, she purposely turned off the key and flooded the car. Some like this and some don't, but at the end of the day that is what our community is all about.


  June 10:  Aubrey and Lisa came together for their first shoot, and although they both came back, they did not come back together. Aubrey could not get the 49 Ford started so Lisa came out to help her. Lisa got the car started and then did a bit of revving. If you Google "Nikki Miller model" you will see among other things that Nikki was featured in quite a few Playboy publications during 2006.


  June 8:  Amelia was a very cute young lady who we shot with just once. She wore a red Frederick's dress with black RH&T stockings and black hh sandals. In this movie, Amelia tried to start the stubborn 51 Chevy for almost ten minutes, and the battery was beginning to weaken when she finally got it started. Amelia could not drive a stick shift so she did some very nice revving with the choke pulled out.


  June 6:  Kelly was born in Laos and lived in France before coming to the US. It was cold and rainy during her last visit, and the 62 Tempest had been sitting in the garage for the better part of a week so I asked Kelly to see if she could get it started. The automatic choke was stuck so I told Kelly to pump lots of gas while she tried to start the car. When her leg got tired from so much pumping, she decided to take a break and show you her stockings. Kelly finally flooded the engine and went back into the house. if you are interested in her life in recent years.


  June 3:  At the time of this shoot, Roxanna was queen bee at our local Hooter's store. Her picture was on a billboard next to I-20 near the Georgia/South Carolina border. Roxanna shows a lot of stocking as she tries to start the Pussy Wagon. When it finally starts, she revs the engine to charge the battery and puts the purple bug in the garage.


  June 1:  Liliey was an extremely attractive African American young lady who came to shoot with us from Albany, GA. That was an eight plus hour round trip drive for a two hour shoot, so she really wanted to shoot with us. Liliey first tried to start the purple bug but then it wouldn't start, she decided to drive the 62 Rambler. She spent the next twenty minutes pumping and cranking the Rambler as she drove around my neighborhood. The car stalled on several occasions and was very hard to get started again.



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