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Updates For June 2014


  June 30  Penny's black dress, strappy sandals and RH&T stocking perfectly compliment her long black hair.  Penny is a former local Hooters girl with Asian heritage and awesome legs.  She also has a very nice personality as you will see while she struggles to start our 39 DeSoto, which to the best of my knowledge is the only pedal start car in any pp web site.


  June 27  Continuing with bare leg Friday, we end the week with Claire who was one of the top commercial models in the country. Today we also 'feeture' Claire's bare feet with some awesome pink nail polish as she cranks and drives our classic 49 Ford. Congrats to Shish on his 500th custom.


  June 26  Candi was one of my forty something models with nice boobs and great legs. AND she could drive a stick shift so I put her in one of my favorite cars, the 51 Chevy. When we started filming, it was totally dry but when we got back home, it was pouring as you can tell from her exit at the finish.


  June 25  I think that this was my second Asian model (Mary Rose was the first), and this movie was probably shot back in 2004. Those who like a model looking under the hood will love this movie. Lots of cranking and driving our very stubborn 63 Falcon, a car that we abused to the point where it actually caught on fire at the storage lot while Remi was cranking it.


  June 24  Serena was a local Hooters girl, and this was her only appearance. She appeared to have no clue that I was playing with the car and seemed genuinely pissed that the damned thing wouldn't start. I can tell you from over ten years of experience that this emotion is very hard to find in a model.


  June 23  This is a very nice cranking movie. I took Remi to the storage lot where the 63 Valiant had been sitting for a few weeks so she pumped the gas quite hard before cranking so she actually flooded the car, and it took her over fifteen minutes to get the car started, in her stocking feet no less. Remi has tons of personality and is not afraid to show off her stockings.


  June 20  We continue with our bare leg Friday feature, this time starring Lexi Leigh cranking and driving the 62 Rambler convertible. Shortly after we filmed this movie, Lexi was a featured model in Hustler magazine as one of the girls from My Space. So that has to be more than a few years ago. When our theater is complete, we should have somewhere between 500 and 600 movies, well over 95 percent produced by yours truly. I started back in 2002 with a video store on PE with one of the biggest rip-offs in this community, Ron K. This guy has had nothing but excuses over the years.



  June 19  I had the pleasure of working with Shandi on a number of occasions. She would stay at my house and we would shoot for several days. She is one of the few models who had the nerve and the strength to actually drive the 39 DeSoto. This particular shoot took place at the storage yard in one of my favorite cars, the 51 Chevy. Shandi's personality shines in each of her shoots, and this is no exception.


  June 18  This was a local Hooters girl that we shot soon after we bought the 1968 Opel and before we did the substantial mechanical overhaul. Toward the end of the movie, Jichelle finally figured out how to get the Opel started but there was no way that the stubborn car would continue to run. The overhaul included removing the engine, something no other web site could ever afford to do.


  June 17  When you hire a model, you never know what to expect. When Jeris Francine came from Athens, GA to shoot with us, she brought along a friend. While I was not overly impressed with her friend, I offered her $100 to put on stockings, heels and a Fredericks dress, and let me film her trying to get our 1939 DeSoto started. I used two tripod mounted cameras and you can be the judge of whether I got my monies' worth. I actually kind of like this movie.


  June 16  Ayaka was a Japanese national who was going to college in Louisiana when she answered our casting call so I paid her airfare from New Orleans. She has graduated and has returned to her home in Yokohama, Japan. This movie features a lot of cranking and a bit of revving with a very cute young Asian lady in a classic Rambler convertible.


  June 13  Beginning today, Fridays will feature bare legs and usually, but not always, bare feet but only as long as I have the bare leg movies to post. Most of you know that Aubrey was a featured model in Playboy publications back in 2006. You can google Nikki Miller to see even more of her work. Aubrey can drive a stick shift so you get to see quite a lot of her feet working the pedals of this classic car. Our 1949 Ford was actually built in June of 1948 and was one of the first to debut the radical changes introduced with the 1949 models.


  June 12  There is a much longer movie in Theater Four featuring Summer and Wynter with the 1969 Volkswagen and the 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air. This movie was done at the end of the shoot because I wanted to give Wynter some time behind the wheel of the 64 Bel Air. I enjoyed this movie and I think you will also.


  June 11  I'm sure most of you know the story behind my friendship with Kyle that occurred in the late 1990's. Her Xmas video has to be one of the best pedal pumping videos ever made. This movie opens in Kylie's bedroom as she is putting on her shoes. She asks you to join her as she runs some errands, and her Chevy truck is very hard to start after each of her stops. There is also a 41 minute part two which has never been shown on the site. Stay tuned.


  June 10  A totally cute redhead in a totally awesome car. Not much more I can say except that we are well on our way to 500 movies so we hope you will continue to support us.


  June 9  A very cute young lady who did an awesome shoot in the 68 Opel. Unfortunately, she shot with us shortly before we retired so we did not have the opportunity to work with her again. One of the things that I learned over the past ten plus years is that there are many African Americans who share our passion. Very few black models came knocking on my door, so I did the best with those who wanted to work with me.


  June 6  This movie is number 251 which means it opens Theater Six. Both Morgan and the 66 Valiant helped us to launch the site back in 2003. We are on track to have over 500 movies in our theater sometime in 2015. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this Morgan classic movie.


  June 5  This beautiful young lady deserved a medal for this shoot. It was fricking hot here in Georgia, and Cassandra was suffering as she tried to get the 51 Chevy started. She got a brief respite when the car started and she could actually get some air as she drove, but the car stalled and she was back in the oven again.


  June 4  A very pretty blonde in a stunning red dress with matching shoes and black stockings struggling for well over 20 minutes to start a very stubborn 1949 Ford. She opens the hood so you get to see some shots of the engine, but at the end of the day, the battery dies. Joy has some very nice natural boobs, a rarity in the world of models.


  June 3  Elena was adopted from a Russian orphanage at a very young age.  By nature she was quiet and shy, and this movie was a huge challenge because the Tempest was not tampered with at all.  Yet Elena was able to keep the car flooded until the very end.  1961 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest although the convertible debuted in 1962.  We owned Tempests from each of those years.


  June 2  A bit of a consolation prize to my Australian friend for Adam Scott's failure to finish on top the leader board in Ohio.  Actually, this is one of my favorite movies with Cara because once I stalled the Volvo, it honestly would not start again for quite some time.  While many focus on the foot, I love the expression on a model's face as she is wondering if and when the damned car is actually going to start again.  Cara has beautiful eyes that are simply awesome to watch as the car struggles to start.


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