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Updates For June 2012

  June 29:  Today's update is 240 MB.  You won't see that from the shy one.  Let me tell you another secret.  I have had this fetish for over sixty years.  The shy one is just another less than attractive woman trying to make a buck.    In a nutshell, I put a dynamite model (Irish Rose) in a dynamite car (the 1961 Tempest), and I know that you will love the finished product.  We have three clips for our dial up members plus a 16:52 minute fast lane clip (240 MB).


  June 27:  Among our earlier models, none was more popular than Melissa T.  Miss personality in spades.  Melissa aggressively pumps and cranks our 1970 Valiant for well over ten minutes before it finally starts.  Her old fl-1 clip was 8:50 minutes long and 95 MB in size.  Today's fast lane clip is 13:37 minutes long and 195 MB in size.  It's no wonder that many of our members have told me how much they enjoy the "new and improved" old clips.


  June 26:  Several members have asked if the VW's are still around so I felt it was time for some Bug clips.  Kate Lynn is our super cute petite model from NC, and today we dressed her in a pair of black RH&T stockings and asked to try to start the Pussy Wagon.  She pumped and cranked for nine minutes but the stubborn Bug simply would not start.  The fast lane clip is 9:05 minutes in length (126 MB).  Snow White has been sold.  I had under five grand into the car and sold it for $10,500 to a guy in Austin, TX.


  June 25:  Today we join Irish Rose as she drives home after school in the 63 Falcon.  She is wearing her school uniform and black RH&T stockings.  The car stalls on her way home, and when she gets to her driveway, she teases you by pulling out the choke and stalling the car.  Irish Rose then plays with the choke so the engine turns over but will not catch.  Her fast lane clip is 9:09 minutes long (131 MB).  StockingsSupreme.Com is now online with some very sexy tease videos.


  June 22:  Today we feature the remade clips from our 2005 video Dyn-A-Mite.  Marie wants to go for a ride but the 1962 Rambler will not start.  Eva hears Marie cranking and comes out to see if she can help.  The Rambler finally starts and the two young ladies are off for a ride.  Our dial up members get three small format clips while those with broadband get a fast lane clip that is 11:20 minutes in length (162 MB).


  June 20:  It looks like we are in for a hot dry summer here in Georgia, but the weather is not the only thing hot.  This is another new model and her name is Chloe but since we already have another Chloe, we have given her the name Angel Chloe.  And this young lady lives up to her name.  We put her into one of our very sexy Victoria's Secret  dresses with matching shoes and asked her to see if she could start the 1939 DeSoto.  After more than eleven minutes of pumping and cranking, the stubborn car finally started.  Our members with a high speed Internet connection get a fast lane clip that is 11:11 minutes long (153 MB).


  June 19:  Last Wednesday I posted what I thought were the final clips from Gian's video with Emilee.  My mistake.  Today's clips feature Emilee cranking Gian's 1956 Ford.  There are three small format clips as well as a fast lane clip that is 13:53 minutes in length (199 MB).


  June 18:  Irish Rose is a favorite of many of our members so we begin the week with this redhead who is hurrying off to school only to find the driveway blocked by the Tempest. Luckily the keys are in the car but it takes her over five minutes to get the Tempest started. As luck would have it, once she got the Tempest out of the way, her Falcon is very hard to start. It finally starts and she's on her way to school.  We have three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 9:48 minutes long (140 MB).


  June 15:  My guess is that since 2001 we have shot over 300 models.  We have found these models through referrals from other models, from relationships that we have nurtured with other photographers and from model web sites such as  You can find us at  Today we feature clips from another new model courtesy of our friend James Lane from Charlotte.  Her name is Kate Lynn and she is a cute as they come.  We put her a pair of black RH&T stockings and asked her to see if she could start the 68 Opel.  After more than thirteen minutes of pumping and cranking, the Opel finally comes to life.  This cute young lady has three clips for our dial up members, plus a fast lane clip that is 13:24 minutes long (189 MB).


  June 13:  Gian's model Emilee returns for the final clips from her video.  She tries to start the 67 Plymouth for over fourteen minutes, but the battery begins to die and she has to give up.  There are three small format clips plus a 14:26 minute fast lane clip (188 MB).


  June 12:  Today's update is one that other web sites can only dream about.  The bandwidth would kill them if they tried.  Our dial up members get four clips while our members with broadband get a fast lane clip that is 19:36 minutes in length (281 MB).  And this is not some ugly model in an unpopular car.  The model is Tara and the car is our 1964 Bel Air.  Tara pumps, cranks and drives this awesome car in black RH&T stockings.  She even lights a cigarette for our members who are into smoking.  Tara's Bel Air adventure was originally posted in two fast lane clips that were just over fifteen minutes long and 165.6 MB in size.  Today's update represents a significant increase in both length and quality (size) of the clips.


  June 11:  Let's kick off the week with more clips from Penny's encore video.  This young lady can be seen in Hooter's calendars and in several Hooter's video productions.  Penny pumps and cranks the 51 Chevy for over eleven minutes, trying to get the stubborn car to start.  Penny loves to wear stockings and it shows.  Just as the battery begins to wear down, the old Chevy springs into action, and Penny is on her way.  We have a fast lane clip that is 11:34 minutes long (165 MB).


  June 8:  When he heard that I was opening Pedal Supreme, Gian sent me an e-mail telling me that he wanted to be a contributor.  That was 2003 and the first two videos were Kristalee and Mallory.  Today we are putting the entire Mallory video on our website.  This attractive young lady cranks and pumps three of Gian's cars; the 68 Impala, the 56 Ford and a car that I do not recognize at all.  Not only do we have four clips for our dial up members, we also have a record setting 21:13 minute fast lane clip (304 MB).


  June 6:  One of my very favorite two girl videos from the early years was Summer & Wynter.    These clips feature the 1964 Bel Air with Wynter doing the driving.  The car stalls and when it refuses to start, Summer moves over to pump the gas.  The car eventually starts, and when they get back home, Summer aggressively pumps the gas to flood the car in the driveway.  The fast lane clip is 10:51 minutes in length (155 MB).


  June 5:  These are absolutely the very last of the awesome clips that Spike sent to us.  As I have said many times before, I am highly honored that Spike chose us to showcase his clips.


  June 4:  Adriana is a very cute young lady who shot with us on three occasions.  These are the very last set of clips from her third visit.  Adriana pumps and cranks the 1963 Valiant for over eleven minutes until it finally starts.  She has a fast lane clip that is 12:13 minutes long (175 MB).


  June 1:  While I did not particularly care for the model, this fast lane clip is one of my all time favorites.  The model is Tara and the car is our 62 Rambler convertible.  At the end of the shoot, I had her stall the car as she pulled into the driveway.  When I asked her to really start it, the car had run out of gas and refused to start until I put some gas in the tank.  First and last time in over eight years of shooting video.  We have three small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 11:30 minutes in length (165 MB).


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