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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates For January 2016

•  January 29:  Many of you are huge fans of Gian's clips. He asked me to showcase his clips when I opened the site in 2003 and remained with us for over five years. This is one of the last of the Gian clips to enter our theater. Bobbi Jo is a cute blonde who cranks Gian's 56 Ford on a rainy day. She wears white thigh hi stockings and black pumps while she tries to start the stubborn car. It eventually starts, and she pulls the car into the storage building.


•  January 27:  We have the only pedal start car of any active pedal pumping web site. Shea was a nursing student from NC who shot with us often. Her fiancι was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays but never made it past rookie camp. This is Shea's second movie in the 39 DeSoto, and it takes her twelve minutes to get this stubborn car started. She was a pleasure to work with.


•  January 25:  Annabella was one of my early models who came to this country from Russia. She cranks a very stubborn Rambler convertible until it finally starts. You then join Annabella for a drive around the neighborhood. The car stalls several times, and she eventually drains the battery.


•  January 23:  This is another winter time movie shot at the storage yard. The Falcon had just received a rebuilt carb and was a bitch to start unless one knew exactly where the choke had to be set. After five minutes of aggressive pumping and cranking, Kelley finds the sweet spot and the car comes to life. She drives around the huge storage lot until the engine dies, and it takes her quite a while to get the car started again. This is movie #665 and we on well on our way to 800 or more movies in sixteen theaters.


•  January 20:  I took Isabella to the storage lot on a cold day to see if the 51 Chevy would start. She wore brown RH&T stockings with a Victoria's Secret sweater dress. I will about the give up because the battery was almost dead, but on the very last try the stubborn car came to life, and Isabella revved the engine to charge the battery. Her boobs, by the way, are the real deal.


•  January 18:  Claire and Kimber Leigh were both well known models in the world of advertising. I once saw Claire's face on the cellophane cover of a pillow in JC Penny's. In today's movie, Claire goes into the garage dressed only in RH&T stockings, garter belt, panties and hh sandals. She aggressively pumps the Opel in an effort to flood the car. The Opel eventually starts so Claire spends some time revving the engine. She has since gotten her boobs enlarged.


•  January 15:  Models are normally scheduled days, if not weeks, in advance so if it rains, the shoot becomes a bit challenging.  Erica drove from Atlanta and since my cars at the storage lot were under cover, that is where I took her.  She wore a Victoria's Secret sweater dress and black RH&T stockings as she tried to start the 63 Valiant.  It finally started but stalled during the drive around the lot, and there is some very nice footage from outside the car as she cranks in the rain.  Later this year, I hope to have an index by model to make your searching a bit easier.


•  January 13:  Mira was a very cute Asian American young lady who worked at the local Hooters establishment. She could drive a stick shift so I asked her to see if the Volvo would start and if so, then drive around my neighborhood. My neighborhood was gated so there was very little traffic, and no one complained for over eight years. I then ended up in a lawsuit with the homeowners' association. A bit expensive but otherwise not a big deal.


•  January 11:  This was a very chilly day when I took Kelly to the storage lot to see if the Pussy Wagon would start. She is wearing brown RH&T stockings and flat shoes. The bug eventually starts so she takes you for a ride around the lot. When the car stalls, Kelly takes off her right shoe and pumps the gas in her stocking feet. Kelly is the picture you see as you enter the members' area. A stunning and very sweet young lady.


•  January 8:  A very pretty model from Myrtle Beach who made the long drive to shoot with us twice. This was her second shoot in the 49 Ford and there is a bit of cranking, revving and stocking tease in this movie. The car was towed to the shop after this shoot. I really enjoy finding out where my former models are today. Check out Maegan Lindsey on Facebook. I was impressed and I think you will be also.


•  January 6:  This is Krista's second tease movie in the 66 Valiant. There are two differences. First she is wearing RH&T stockings instead of stockings with seams. The second is Krista cranking her red Jeep before and after she takes you for a ride in the Valiant. Krista has a lot fans at Pedal Supreme.


•  January 4:  Welcome to the first full week of 2016. We are now adding three new movies each week so we can keep adding movies for most of this year. Today we are adding another Cara movie in honor of our member in Sydney, Australia who has been a member since 2003. This was one of several attempts by Cara to start a 51 Chevy that has not been tampered with at all. The battery eventually ran down so she had to give up.


•  January 1:  Happy 2016. I was born in 1939 so each and every New Year is special to me.  Next week we will be updating three times per week so we can continue to update until perhaps October.  After that, our site will continue to offer 800+ movies to our members.  Thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years, and we hope you will continue to do so.  This movie is actually a very cute interaction between two local Hooters girls as they play in our 1962 Rambler convertible.



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