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Updates For January 2015

  January 30:  In my opinion, this was one of Gian's best videos, much of which was shot from outside the 56 Ford. The background is farmland in southern Illinois, just east of St. Louis. Gian told me that he hid this "hobby" from his wife for seventeen years. While I don't know this for a fact, I believe she finally caught on, and when she divorced him, he hooked up with msveryshy.


  January 29:  This actually started out to be a revving video but Kelsey couldn't get the old Chevy started.  Once it started, she did some very nice revving and then decided to pull the choke all the way out so the car would flood.  FYI - the boobs are not fake and she has some of the most seductive eyes I have ever seen.  And her legs aren't half bad


  January 28:  This was a 2003 movie that followed a young lady from talking on the phone about meeting someone for lunch to shopping after lunch only to find that her car wouldn't start when she finished shopping. Callie was a very good actress who was not shy when it came to showing off her stockings.


  January 27:  This movie begins with Nicoll in the bathroom putting the finishing touches on her make-up before heading out to her car. Her garter comes undone as she comes down the stairs so you get your first of many views of the tops of her stockings. Once her 66 Volvo finally starts, she is totally comfortable driving the floor mounted stick shift. The car stalls as she gets almost home and refuses to start again.


  January 26:  My favorite redhead in one of my favorite cars. And both dressed in dark green. Katie wears gray RH&T stockings as she tries to start our 68 Opel. Her frustration makes her light a cigarette. When the stubborn car finally starts, Katie takes you on a ride through the woods where the Opel keeps stalling on her and is very hard to get started again. Katie puts on a very nice tease with her super legs and awesome stockings.


  January 23:  Like yesterday's movie with Kennedy, this is a movie that I forgot about when I opened the theater. Daisy was a huge hit when she first appeared on the site, and I doubt that anyone watching this movie will be disappointed.


  January 22:  I've said this before but it's worth repeating. We are the only active website with a pedal start car. And we have way more pedal start clips than anyone. Anyone seen the shy one in a pedal start car? This was the last shoot from Kennedy's second visit, and the difference is like night and day. Her shoots in the 51 Chevy and 63 Valiant in the same outfit are among my favorites. I absolute love the deep suntan stockings. This movie was shot with three tripod mounted cameras.


  January 21:  Today we feature another debut performance, this time with our 63 Ford Falcon. The car was purchased in 2002 and has probably seen more models than any other car. Kaya has a very outgoing personality, and she had no problem cranking topless at the end of the movie.


  January 20:  This was our very first shoot in the 61 Tempest wagon. I set three cameras on tripods and walked away while Kellie tried unsuccessfully to start the Tempest. After almost seventeen minutes of pumping and cranking, the starter gave up the ghost. I have no idea how many starters I replaced on our cars but I bet it was well over one hundred.


  January 19:  Andy Lynn came to us from the Charlotte, NC area. She was very comfortable driving a stick shift so we had her crank and drive our 49 Ford. This car was actually built in June of 1948 and was one of the first of the drastically remodeled Fords.


  January 16:  I have actually had several members ask what happened to the Volvo so here is the answer. Kerri is a well known fetish model who has appeared in quite a few pedal pumping clips. She was actually born in Russia. As you will see in this movie, the Volvo will crank for quite some time without draining the battery. The car also has a manual choke which makes it easy to flood. Enjoy.


  January 15:  This young lady was on a road trip from San Francisco and contacted me wanting to shoot. Kimberly and her huge natural tits tease you as she pumps and cranks the Rambler in a purple corset (hers) and black stockings (mine). Hard to believe that it is 2015 and even harder to believe that I will be 76 in May. We are about to move into a new house across the Savannah River in Aiken, SC. Many thanks to all of you who have supported us since 2003.


  January 13:  1962 was the first year for the Tempest convertible. We bought the car from Craig's list and added new paint (candy apple red), new carpet and recovered front seats and door panels. Anna's feet begin to hurt while she drives the Tempest so she takes her shoes off. Long blonde hair and very sexy legs cranking and driving a truly classic car.


  January 12:  Super cute young lady with awesome legs who puts on a great stocking show as she tries to start our stubborn 68 Opel. While doing more HD movies today, I found another new movie with Daisy teasing you in the 51 Chevy.


  January 9:  Amie was another local girl who was one of my early models. Cute young lady with a quiet personality. Great legs for stockings.


  January 8:  Another traditional Gian movie featuring an attractive blonde (Nan) wearing Gian's signature white thigh hi stockings. She first pumps and cranks Gian's 1962 Buick and then turns her attention to his 1967 Plymouth. She manages to eventually get both cars started.


  January 7:  Tori shot several movies in the 39 DeSoto, and this is one of the very times that a model actually drove the DeSoto. In fact, Tori was the only model to take this car for a drive through the woods. I was told by another photographer that at one time, Tori had a hair salon where she cut hair while topless. The haircut cost $50!


  January 6:  Welcome to the opening of Theater Nine. Amy Renee was one of our first models from the local Hooters restaurant. Great shots of Amy Renee driving the 49 Ford around the neighborhood, and when the car stalls in her driveway, she runs the battery down trying to restart the car. Her boyfriend puts in a new battery, but she quickly floods the car when she tries to start it again.


  January 5:  This is our 400th movie and many more are on the way. Marie is on her way to work but she can't get her Falcon started. Marissa comes out to the sound of the Falcon cranking so she tries to start her 69 VW bug. It won't start either, and she fries the starter in the process. Marie finally gets the Falcon started, and the girls are on their way.


  January 2:  Cameron is a very cute young lady who tries to sweet talk her 68 Opel into starting for her.  After thirteen minutes of pumping and cranking, including looking under the hood, the stubborn Opel finally comes to life.  Next Monday will feature our 400th movie which means that Theater Nine will open on Tuesday.  And we have well over 200 new movies waiting for our members.


  January 1:  Kara came for just one shoot but I managed to film her in four different cars. In today's movie, she is wearing black RH&T stockings as she tries in vain to start the 51 Chevy. The stubborn car actually turns over several times but the battery dies before Kara can get it started.


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