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Updates For January 2014

•  January 31:  Here is one of our very pretty models from western South Carolina cranking and driving the 49 Ford.


•  January 30:  Many of you know that Seline (aka JBrook) was the centerfold model in the 2013 Hooters calendar. Today's movie features the beautiful Seline cranking and driving our 1963 Valiant. Over the years we also had a 1966 and a 1970 Valiant.


•  January 29:  With all due respect to Jaime and Sammy Sparks, this has to be just about the prettiest model that Gian ever shot. This is a very pretty young lady cranking and driving Gian's classic 1956 Ford.


•  January 28:  I have quite a few De Soto movies, and Hazel has become one of my favorites. This young lady acts like she is really trying to start the car and getting frustrated in the process.


•  January 27:  Maria was one of our few 40+ models. A member in Australia loved Maria's movie in the Opel and asked for another so today's movie features her cranking and revving the 51 Chevy in brown RH&T stockings. Future attractions will feature Maria in the 1966 Volvo and the 1969 Volkswagen.


•  January 24:  This is our Asian Kelly, originally from Laos but lived in France and speaks fluent French. We bought the Benz on Craig's List and shot quite a few videos before we traded it for a 1995 Olds T-top convertible. This movie features Kelly cranking and driving in a very pretty blue summer dress and pale gray seamed stockings.


•  January 23:  Corie was a local Hooters girl with a bit of Korean heritage. She looks very sexy as she tries to start the Opel, and puts on a great stocking show when she opens the hood. The Opel finally starts, and Corie gets to meet her friend for lunch.


•  January 22:  Summer and Wynter are meeting for lunch but Wynter's Bug won't start so she calls Summer to come pick her up. There is some very nice cranking and driving in Summer's 1964 Bel Air, including Summer's 80+ mph driving on I-20.


•  January 21:  Natasha cranks and drives the Tempest in her stocking feet as Tori lounges in passenger's seat. Both girls show lots of their stockings.


•  January 20:  Kelsey tries to back the Falcon down the driveway, but the choke is out so the car keeps stalling and is very hard to get started again. Her frustration leads her to light up a cigarette. Our theater now contains 152 movies, and we expect the total to eventually exceed 450 movies.


•  January 17:  Staci Leigh and Brandi Ann actually drove from Fayetteville, NC which is almost as far as Raleigh. And they came to shoot more than once so they must have loved the experience, and the money :) Staci Leigh actually loved the Volvo so much that she asked me to film a clip for her father. This is a very nice cranking and driving movie.


•  January 16:  Whereas Aubrey had a five hour drive, Cara was a mere ten minutes from my house, and she came over frequently before she went to work.  Cara was also a bit of an introvert but a very cute and sweet young lady.  She looks stunning dressed in black as she tries her best to start the 1939 DeSoto.


•  January 15:  Aubrey (aka Nikki Miller) had quite a Playboy resume when we shot her. And we filmed her quite a few times. Somewhat of an introvert, her beauty, long legs and beautiful blonde hair more than made up for her lack of personality. Aubrey was unusual in that she could drive a stick shift which makes this a very nice cranking and driving movie. She lived in the Raleigh, NC area so a shoot meant a five hour drive ONE way.


•  January 14:  There are two very risquι stocking tease clips that will say far more than I could ever say about this amazing young lady. Our site is much more than the Pedal Supreme Theater.



•  January 13:  Jamie was one of Gian's favorite models and this movie features her cranking and driving Gian's 1956 Ford in a variety of outfits, with and without shoes. When I opened PS, Gian very quickly sent me an e-mail offering his material to my site. When PE Ron found out, he couldn't contact Gian because he did not have Gian's e-mail address. How strange not to have the e-mail address of a significant contributor.


•  January 10:  This movie features something not seen in any other PS video - SNOW.  Danielle is literally freezing her buns off as she tries to get the 49 Ford started.  I was quite surprised that she was able to eventually get the car started.  Unfortunately, it died at the end of the driveway and refused to start again.


•  January 9:  This is a very early Falcon movie.  When Kat got in the car, she had no clue what a choke was so when she started the car and began backing down the driveway, she was clueless as to why the car stalled and would not start again.  At some point I had to tell her to push the choke in or we would have had no driving whatsoever.  Kat was one of the many models that April referred to me.  I have another movie of Kat wearing black pantyhose in the Falcon which will include some relatively fast driving on I-20.


•  January 8:  Her real name is Stephanie and she is in the Pedal Supreme Hall of Fame for aggressive pumpers, along with Shannon and Daisy.  She has created quite a fan base here at PS, and I think you folks will enjoy her.


•  January 7:  This young lady is a local bartender and is the main reason her bar is quite popular.  She became so aggressive pumping the gas pedal that the Opel really would not start.  Her boobs appear to me to be totally natural.  One of my favorite Opel movies!


•  January 6:  Back in 2009, I was contacted by a guy in Kentucky who had started making amateur videos of young ladies cranking and driving pedal start cars and trucks.  I bought two tapes from him.  This young ladies' name is Katie and I believe the vehicle to be an early 1940's Chevy car, not a truck as stated on the marquee.  After buying the second tape, I did not hear from Steve again, and his stuff started appearing on YouTube and C4S.  Pedal start material is hard to come by, so I think you will enjoy Katie cranking and driving the old car.  I also have a shorter movie with Katie in different shoes as well as another with a model in a 1948 Chevy truck.


•  January 3:  If I ever write a book about my experiences, Penny will definitely get a chapter.  She was a friend of Kelsey's, and she refused to sign a model release because Kelsey and I had a falling over something that had nothing to do with Pedal Supreme.  Four years later, Penny contacts me and wants to shoot so not only did I get some great new material, I got a model release for the old stuff.  We had recently purchased the 68 Opel when Penny did her shoot so the car was truly a bitch to start.


•  January 2:  Amy Renee was a local Hooters girl which was not surprising given her God given boobs.  She also had a very nice personality and made some very nice videos.  I recently went through all of my old mini DV tapes and found some "lost" footage of the newest Marie, Kay and Krista as well.  So we will be adding four new DVDs to our store.


•  January 1:  Happy New Year one and all.  This is the 139th movie in our theater and we have over 300 more yet to come.  Her real name is Teagen and she was adorable as you will see after spending almost 32 minutes with her.  When I was growing up, 49/51 Fords and 49/52 Chevys were often involved in my hard starting memories.  My mother's 41 Plymouth was cranked by many a babysitter which is why I bought the 39 DeSoto.  Not to mention that 1939 was the year I was born.


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