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Updates For January 2012

  January 31:   These are the final clips from Andrea's one and only video.  This awesome young lady tries to start the 63 Falcon for over six minutes until the starter finally gives out.  Both the small format and fast lane clips are 6:27 minutes in length. (92.5 MB).


  January 30:   Summer Pumping Fun is another of our early videos that we have remade in order to increase the length of the clip and the quality as well.  Summer is wearing as bikini and flip flops as she tries to start the Pussy Wagon.  She finally gets it started only to have it stall out at a stop sign.  Summer's new fast lane clip is seven minutes long (100 MB) whereas the original fast lane clip was only 62.6 MB.


  January 27:   Today we feature a very pretty African American model by the name of Monica.  This young lady pumps and cranks the 68 Opel for over eleven minutes until it finally roars into action.  We have three small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 11:48 minutes long (150 MB).


  January 25:   Dixie's first clips were a huge favorite with many of our members so today we bring this popular young lady back to Pedal Supreme.  We gave Dixie the task of trying to start the 39 DeSoto, and after more than ten minutes of pushing the floor starter and pumping the gas, the stubborn old car finally came to life.  There are three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 11:28 minutes in length.


  January 24:   These are remade clips from Gian's only two girl video entitled M & M.  The girls want to go shopping but the 56 Ford will not start so they try to start the 67 Plymouth.  The original fast lane clips were 99 MB while the clips for this update are 133 MB.  Today's clips are a vast improvement over the ones originally posted on the site.


  January 23:   Andrea wants to run an errand, and she gets into Snow White only to find that it will not start.  After pumping and cranking for almost nine minutes, she has to give up and go back inside.  Andrea's fast lane clip is 9:01 minutes long (125 MB).


  January 20:   These are the final set of clips from Gian's very popular video Sammi Sparks.  The first two sets were in the 56 Ford, but this last set is in the 67 Plymouth.  Sammi pumps and cranks the Plymouth for over seven minutes in both heels and stocking feet until the battery finally dies.  There are two clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 7:27 minutes long (107 MB).


  January 18:   These are the last clips from Hazel's first video here at PS.  This very pretty young lady cranks the 49 Ford until it finally starts and then proceeds to do some revving. Her fast lane clip is 9:07 minutes long (130 MB).


  January 17:   In her video Schoolgirl & More, Renee's fast lane Falcon clip as originally posted on the site was only 5:15 minutes long (56.3 MB).   Today's clips of Renee in the Falcon are 11:33 minutes in length (165 MB) so not only is the clip substantially longer but the quality is significant better.  Plus there are three small format clips for our dial up members. We hope you will enjoy these enhanced clips.


  January 16:   Dixie was a Pittsburgh model who was traveling throughout the southeast and contacted us wanting to see if she could shoot with us.  We agreed to shoot her, and she was awesome.  Dixie tries to start the 51 Chevy, taking a break to do some very sexy stocking tease.  Once the car starts, she does some revving.  There are three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 13:52 minutes long (199 MB).


  January 13:   This is another of Gian's clips that we have improved both the quality and the length of the clips.  The video is M & M, and the fast lane clip originally posted on the site was 6:22 minutes in length (68.6 MB).  Today, not only do we have three clips for our dial up members but we also have a fast lane clip that is 13:48 minutes long (198 MB).


  January 11:   This is actually one of the more interesting aspects of car trouble.  Several years ago when Penny's car was in the shop, I lent her the Valiant.  When she came out of the tanning bed, the Valiant refused to start.  So today is she faced with the same problem and my mechanic, who just purchased a new fuel pump, now thinks it might be the timing belt.  Bottom line is that the Valiant really would not start, and still  will not start.  Penny's fast lane clip is 7:34 minutes long (99 MB).


  January 10:   Hazel returns to Pedal Supreme.  This time she tries to start the 51 Chevy for over nine minute in a very cute dress and some very hot pink sandals.  Hazel has a fast lane clip that is 9:18 minutes long (133 MB).


  January 9:   One of my very favorite models from the early days of the site was Mary Rose.  I was totally blown away when Spike told me that she was also one of his favorites.  These clips feature Mary Rose in our very first car, a 1974 Plymouth Scamp.  Some years later I asked her what she remembered about the shoot and she said that she was puzzled as to why the car would not start.  The fact that I taught her how to flood the car might have had something to do with it.  We are pleased to offer a fast lane clip that is just over ten minutes in length (144 MB).  Also, today, we released 5 new DVD videos at our massive video store.  Browse and Order them today at BV Videos.Com.


  January 6:   Here is another new model, and her name is Andrea.  This beautiful young lady tries to start our 68 Opel for over thirteen minutes before the engine finally decides to cooperate.  There are three small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 13:24 minutes long.  Yesterday, we released several new DVD videos at our massive video store.  Browse and Order them today at BV Videos.Com.


  January 4:   These are the last of the clips from Kristy's first video.  Kristy's original fast lane clip in the Rambler was 6:13 minutes long and was encoded at 1500 kbps.  Her new fast lane clip is 14:25 minutes in length and was encoded at 2000 kbps (226 MB).  Plus our dial up members get three clips.


  January 3:   Emily has very quickly become a favorite among our members.  She has not only done an encore performance but she is coming back for yet another shoot on 1/9.  These clips feature Emily as she pumps and cranks the 51 Chevy for over twelve minutes until it finally starts.  There are three clips for our dial up members plus a 12:21 minute fast lane clip.  Emily's clip will be in our video store soon.


  January 2:   Spike is an icon in our fetish and we are so very pleased that he has chosen us to showcase his priceless jewels.  It is only fitting that we kick off 2012 with the first clips from Spike's most recent contribution to our site.

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