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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates For February 2016

  February 29  The car was Volkswagen's 50th anniversary model and was known as a triple white: body, top and interior. The is the only car I made money from when I sold it. Bought it for three grand, put less than two grand into it and sold it for $10,500. In the movie, Roxanne cranks the car for a bit and then takes you for a drive around my gated community in her stocking feet.


  February 26  Kobe Lee was one of our first models, and this is the second of three movies shot in the 66 Valiant. She's wearing a very pretty pair of dark red "loafers" as she leaves to run some errands. At the time Kobe was working for AmEx travel and modeling part time. Shortly thereafter, she became a full time fetish model and if you search the name Kobe on C4S, you will get well over five thousand clips.


  February 25:  This is the last of the stocking tease clips. Tiffany was a friend of Cassandra's and appeared in several movies with Cassandra and made several of her own as well.


  February 24:  This was our very first Amanda, and her Texas accent and bubbly personality made her a favorite at the site. This was the second of two movies that Amanda shot in the Volvo. The battery starts to die but the stubborn car finally starts, and you join this dark haired beauty for a drive around BV's gated community. The Volvo movies are very popular among our European members.


  February 22:  Sherri was also a local Hooters waitress who frequently shot with us. Like Penny from Friday's movie, Sherri also had some Asian blood. I set a camera on a tripod and sent Sherri out to put the 51 Chevy in the garage. The camera was some distance from the car because I wanted to film her backing the car up and driving into the garage. There was absolutely nothing done to the car so this is the real deal. Unfortunately, this was before the GoPro cameras so I couldn't hide a camera inside the car. I really like this movie.


  February 19:  Penny was a local Hooters waitress who shot with us many times. She was one of the first to shoot in the 68 Opel shortly after we acquired it and one of the last to shoot at the studio. In between shoots, the engine had been pulled for a mechanical restoration, the front seats had been recovered and the body had received a coat of British racing green. I loved the Opel because it could be cranked for quite a long time before draining the battery. Indeed, Penny cranks for over thirteen minutes for the car finally starts, and the battery was still strong when the Opel finally started. I might add that Penny lights a cigarette before touching the starter button.


  February 17:  This is the next to last stocking tease clip. Her real name was Alexis but her pedal pumping stage name was Anna, and she did a very nice movie in the 39 DeSoto.


  February 16:  This movie was shot in 2004 or 2005 and featured one of the first shot in the Falcon with the choke pulled all the way out. When the choke was all the way out, the car would start right away but stall as the model was backing down the driveway. Summer lit a cigarette with the Falcon's lighter as she tried to get the car to start again, but the battery died so she had to give up.


  February 15:  It's summer in Australia and it's about to get even hotter because Stuart loves Cara. This adorable young lady wears denim shorts as she gets into the 49 Ford. She removes her shoes revealing her hot pink nail polish as she first cranks and then revs this classic car.


  February 12:  Shandi was one of my favorite models. Very pretty with a wonderful personality and very nice natural boobs. The Pussy Wagon was in dire need of a tune-up when I took Shandi to the storage lot. It took forever to get the bug started and once started, it kept stalling on her. The last few minutes are spent with Shandi trying to flood the car, and succeeding.


  February 11:  My photographer friend was doing a photo shoot at our studio for Stocking Supreme, a site that no longer exists, so I put the photo shoot in motion and got some very sexy material. Some of you may recognize Veronica from several of our movies.


  February 10:  Tristen first appeared on the site as Jade. She then went to Tijuana for a boob job and came back as Tristen (aka Trysten). Two tripod mounted cameras capture Tristen as she tries for over twenty minutes to get the stubborn 51 Chevy started. She even takes a short break to smoke a cigarette. Tristen finally kills the battery and has to give up. Tristen has another movie where she actually gets the 51 started.


  February 8:  It's cold here in South Carolina and in many other parts of the world so I thought that I would remind everyone that warmer weather will be here before too long. Alison flew from Kansas City to shoot with us and she wants to go for a swim at my club. Her 63 Valiant is very hard to start and keeps stalling while she drives. It even conks out when she pulls into her driveway.


  February 5:  Amanda Knolle was a very cute model that came to us from a photographer friend in the Charlotte area. It takes her almost four minutes to get the Pussy Wagon started, and she then takes you on a ride through the woods. The Bug stalls on her several times and is hard to get started again. This is movie #671 on our way to over 800 before the end of this year.


  February 4:  Had several members ask me recently if I had any more stocking tease clips and the answer was yes, so here is a new one. Melissa Jean is a superstar model, having appeared in Playboy and a host of other publications.


  February 3:  This 2003 movie was one of the first we shot in the 63 Falcon and is one of our longest. It opens with Taylor finishing up her makeup before going down to the garage to start her stubborn Falcon. You get to watch Taylor cranking the car at the restaurant after lunch, at the supermarket parking lot and when it stalls on the way home. This movie features black RH&T stockings with a portion in her stocking feet, her stockings bagging around her ankles, getting a run in her stocking, and last but not least, lighting a cigarette in frustration when her car stalls. Between 2003 and 2008, we had many models who smoked while they cranked their car.  After 2008, it became more difficult to find models who smoked.


  February 1:  Isobel Wren was and still is a professional fetish model, and this movie was shot during a 2006 visit with us. It was a cold and rainy day when Isobel wanted to go to the market for some feminine stuff. The Volvo had been sitting for a couple of days so it took Isobel several minutes to get the car started. She drives to the market but when she returns to her car on the parking lot, it won't start. It takes her over twelve minutes to be the stubborn car started, and she calls a friend during her struggle. She was quite happy when the car finally started.


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