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Updates For February 2015

  February 27:  The only pedal start car on any active pedal pumping web site. Sorella was a local model with very nice natural boobs who loved wearing the stockings. Theater ten is right around the corner and we are far from done. I have heard folks complain about the lack of new pedal pumping web sites. Models don't work for free and cars don't repair themselves.


  February 26:  This was not intentional by any means, but this is the third movie in a row with RH&T stockings. The best part of this movie is the reaction of Shellie while she is trying to start the Opel. She honestly believes that the car won't start, and she is pissed.


  February 25:  If my math is correct, this movie should take us past the 8,000 minute mark for pedal pumping material. We will soon surpass 450 movies which will mean the opening of theater ten. And I have over 200 movies waiting their turn. Today's movie features Rachel and our 66 Volvo with twenty six minutes of awesome cranking and driving this classic Swedish car.


  February 24:  Shea was in nursing school on the many occasions that I worked with her, and she was a pleasure to work with. In this movie, she wears black RH&T stockings and she cranks and drives our 1962 Pontiac Tempest convertible. The car had been repainted and the front seats and door panels had been replaced but the new carpet was just a good idea at that point.


  February 23:  After almost 15 years of living in the great state of Georgia, I am moving this week to a house that we have built in Aiken, South Carolina. So if you want to join or buy DVDs through the mail, PLEASE use the new address. This is a very nice way to start the week with Richelle cranking and driving the Pussy Wagen.


  February 20:  Aubrey was the first of several Playboy models that we worked with over the years. She always wanted to come back to shoot again so you will see quite a bit of her work on the site. I might add that at the time, she lived in the Raleigh, NC area so she had a very lengthy drive. Aubrey was actually quite shy so this tease video was not that easy to shoot. We are moving to Aiken, SC next week so there might be a delay of a day or two in setting up PayPal subscriptions. We are closing in on 700 pedal pumping movies when the theaters are completed. We don't have to ask who paid for our model's clothing because we paid for almost every piece of clothing that our models wore.


  February 19:  The 51 Chevy was relatively new when Holly came for her first shoot. I put two cameras on tripods in the garage and told Holly to move the car from the garage. The car was not tampered with in any way. After cranking for quite a few minutes, the car begins to turn over and then starts, only die. The car keeps starting and dying as Holly tries to back out of the garage with the battery giving out before she makes it to the driveway. This is one of my favorite movies.


  February 18:  In 2003 I was damned glad to find models who would shoot with me. I actually thought that Lana did a very nice movie but I have to say that in my humble opinion, my model selection significantly improved over the years. As some of you know, my last shoot in 2012 was the centerfold in the Hooters 2013 bikini calendar.


  February 17:  Not much I can say that will add anything to this awesome movie beyond Daisy's awesome performance. So let me say this. While we have now over 400 movies in the theater, we expect the theater to be very close to 700 pedal pumping movies when the updating is complete.


  February 16:  What do you do with a model when it's raining? Here's your answer. This was one of my very early shoots with a model who, while a bit on the quiet side, was a very aggressive pumper. After the shoot, I asked her to put the Valiant in the garage but it wouldn't start because she had it severely flooded.


  February 13:  Brooke had just turned 18 when we shot this movie. Danielle was her cousin. Both were excellent stick shift drivers so we asked Brooke to drive Danielle around the neighborhood in the Pussy Wagon. I am 6'4" so it was no easy task getting into or out of the back seat of the Bug.


  February 12:  Katie was another model who loved to play to the camera, especially showing off her stockings. This very cute redhead lit up a cigarette as she tried to start this pedal start classic. I doubt that you will find one at the shy one's


  February 11:  This was Brandi Ann's very first shoot and she fell in love with the stockings. She also had more personality than most of our models, and she loved to interact with the camera. The Opel was overdue for a tune up as Brandi Ann tried to start the car. It eventually started but ran roughly as she drove to the street and back up the driveway.


  February 10:  Mira was a local Hooters girl with Asian American heritage. The 61 Tempest wagon was new to the site when I mounted two cameras on tripods and told Mira to see if the Tempest would start. The battery was beginning to die when she figured out that she had flooded the car, which makes the final minute so interesting.


  February 9:  Vintage cars and cold weather do not get along as Shea found out when she tried to start the 49 Ford. A winter day in Augusta, GA can be under 40 or over 60 degrees. She actually had to go back inside to warm up because the stubborn car refused to start.


  February 6:  I initially thought that this movie was too short for the theater but the 64 Bel Air has generated quite a bit of interest in the community, and of course, April has always been a favorite model. Her outfit is a skimpy bikini, and she cranks the Chevy until it starts, but the car stalls as she backs down the driveway.


  February 5: This is another classic from Gian but with a little different twist. Tonya is wearing white casual pants without hose, and the 67 Plymouth starts right up for her. While there is quite a bit of driving, the car stalls frequently, and the camera is never very far from her bright red toe nails.


  February 4:  You must be at least 18 years old to watch this movie. Kerri Taylor cranks and revs the 49 Ford in panties, garter belt and black stockings.


  February 3:  Charlotte is a very cute young lady who shot with us at our studio. 1979 was the last year for the Volkswagen in the US and our car is a triple white anniversary model with a fuel injected engine. When the car won't start, Charlotte takes a look at the engine, and you get a very nice stocking show.


  February 2:  Kimber Leigh and Claire were both very successful commercial models, and both had multiple shoots with us. Today's movie features Kimber Leigh struggling to start a very stubborn 68 Opel. Once it starts, she puts on a very nice revving show.


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