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Updates For February 2014

  February 28:  Kimber Leigh was a very well known commercial model as you can see from this ad for Miller Lite.  She came to shoot with us several times and was always a pleasure to work with.  In this movie, Kimber Leigh cranks the 51 Chevy and then does some very nice revving.


  February 27:  Cami's first video in the Opel was, hands down, one of the best I ever shot.  Cami is a natural blonde with God given boobs so I seriously doubt that she could ever disappoint us.


  February 26:  Remi was very comfortable driving a stick shift as you will see in this movie. Clearly a type A personality but that can be a positive in this business. I personally think that a twenty five minute movie is a rarity in any pedal pumping web site, and I hope you enjoy Remi and the vintage Ford.


  February 25:  Ashleigh was one of many models who came to shoot only once, but I have to say that I enjoyed working with her and she actually did a very nice job. Good looking young ladies with some halfway decent acting skills are hard to come by. This is a smoking movie in more ways than one, and Ashleigh cranks and drives in her stocking feet. I have more smoking videos than anyone by far, yet there are assholes like jfred who are never satisfied. This is the same guy who put Aubrey Ambrosia on food stamps :_)


  February 24:  This movie is from our very last shoot in January 2012, and is one of two that Seline shot in the 1939 DeSoto. As most of you already know, Seline was the centerfold picture in the 2013 Hooters calendar. That is quite an honor. She was a great actress and loved to show off her stockings. We are the only active site to have a pedal start vehicle.


  February 21:  1962 was the first year for Pontiac's Tempest convertible. We bought ours off of Craig's list and had it repainted in a bright red with new upholstery, door panels and carpet. We had three models named Heather, including one of Gian's. This Heather was a South Carolina girl whose husband worked for one of the NASCAR teams. Beautiful blonde in a beautiful car. Nuff said.


  February 20:  Lindsey was one of our taller models and a very beautiful young lady. She was getting a college degree in broadcast journalism. The 1962 was a favorite of many of our members, and Lindsey is stunning as she cranks and drives this classic convertible.


  February 19:  This movie was shot on a very cold day during the winter of 2003/2004. The movie opens with Susan putting the finishing touches on her makeup. She then goes down to her 69 Beetle and spends the next 20+ minutes pumping, cranking and driving the Bug wearing black RH&T stockings.


  February 18:  Krystal came to us from a photographer friend of ours in Charlotte. She is very cute and loves to pump the gas pedal so we put her in the 63 Valiant to see if she could get it started. Unfortunately, she was one of many models who could not drive a stick shift.


  February 17:  This is a very pretty young lady from Athens, GA who can drive a stick shift very well. She cranks a very stubborn Opel until it starts. She then takes you for a ride where the car stalls several times and is very hard to get started again.


  February 14:  Tawnie did a shoot at my house with Robert Perry (MM 13666). Robert loves huge boobs, and Tawnie's were right up there :) I heard from her not that long ago. She moved to LA a few years ago and is doing quite well. I enjoyed working with her but she moved to Ohio after the shoot so this was her one and only appearance. She was a very aggressive pumper and easily flooded the Valiant.


  February 13:  Most of our cars were kept at a very large storage lot. I had three covered RV spaces with electricity so I was able to keep the batteries charged. One morning Cara and I took a trip to the lot where she tried to start the Falcon, which had been sitting for several weeks. Half of this movie shows Cara cranking the Falcon and half shows her driving around the lot.


  February 12:  1961 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest, and we got some awesome video in this car. We also had a 1962 Tempest convertible which was the first year for the Tempest convertible. Roxanna was a local Hooters girl whose face was on a Hooters billboard. The knock on the 61 was the mechanical fuel pump which clattered loudly at times. Roxy does a nice job in the wagon.


  February 11:  Shea was a very nice young lady who was going to nursing school. Of all of the cars I have had over the years, the Opel has to be the best pure pedal pumping car I have owned. Small engine that would crank forever without draining the battery and sometimes, but not always, easy to flood. Cami's and Austin's first videos in this car are my favorites, but Shea also does a very nice job. And I just love the shine on her black stockings.


  February 10:  Back in 2009, I was contacted by a guy in Kentucky who had started making amateur videos of young ladies cranking and driving pedal start cars and trucks. I bought two tapes from him. This young ladies' name is Katie and I believe the vehicle to be an early 1940's Chevy car, not a truck as stated on the marquee. This is the second and last tape that I purchased. He told me that his wife didn't know he was filming, and he has fallen off the radar so I guess all of his money went to a divorce.


  February 7:  The 64 Bel Air was a car that we didn't keep for very long because the big engine tended to drain the battery fairly quickly. This Marie was an earlier model who came with Marissa, and we had to opportunity to shoot her in several cars. This is another example of the wide variety of cars and models that we have had the pleasure to shoot over the years.


  February 6:  Penny was a local Hooters girl who was a friend of Kelsey's. One parent is Korean so she has the black hair and Asian features.  Penny actually shot two movies in the DeSoto.  She has lots of personality, and I think you will enjoy each of her movies.


  February 5:  Brianna was one of my earlier models and because she knew how to drive a stick, she got to drive many of our earlier cars. She was a local girl, and at 2:30 one morning, I got a call from her to bail her out of the Richmond County jail. She was in for disorderly conduct. I bailed her out the next morning and eventually got my bail money back. This web site has been a very interesting adventure.


  February 4:  This Marie is a local young lady who quickly became one of my favorite people, and she is a damned good actress. Marie cranked and drove the Volvo and at the end, the car was so screwed up that it really would not start.


  February 3:  M's Daisy is a 1964 Pontiac Catalina. The owner's daughter Brittany is a realtor who is on her way to meet a client in rural South Carolina. When she arrives, the client is nowhere to be found, so she gets out to have a look around. She then returns to her car only to find out that it will not start. The client calls, and she tells him that her car won't start. The Pontiac eventually starts and Brittany is on her way. Brittany is not shy about showing off her tan RH&T stockings. This movie features more driving than cranking.


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