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Updates For December 2012

  December 31:  We kick off the week with the final clips from the remake of one of my very favorite two girl videos, Cranking Companions 2.  The girls are leaving the movie theatre and heading to the car.  Unfortunately, Ashton can't get the Scamp started to Angie gets behind the wheel, and the stubborn car finally comes to life.  The car stalls once more on the way home, and Angie looks under the hood as Ashton tries to start the car.  We have four clips for our dial up members, plus a fast lane clip that is 17:08 minutes long (246 MB).  Today is New Years Eve so we would urge everyone to stay safe and make 2013 the best year ever.


  December 28:  Brianna was referred by Roxy, and she became one of my favorite models.  These are the first of the remade clips from Brianna & The Volvo.  It takes Brianna over three minutes to get the Volvo started, and once it started, this talented young lady shows you how to drive a stick shift.  The fast lane clip is 11:43 minutes in length (168 MB).


  December 26:  This is the final piece of the Kylie Xmas Video.  Between yesterday's and today's clips, there is over thirty minutes of some of the best pedal pumping video ever shot.  This has been an amazing ride since I first started filming in late 2001 (Robin Gwen Hodge and the 1974 Plymouth Scamp) but it will end sometime in 2013.  Many thanks to those of you who have joined us on this fantastic journey.


  December 25:  First let me wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.  Back in the late 1990s I befriended a model by the name of Kylie from  When she was having marital problems, I sent her son a train set.  She made videos for me which, interestingly enough, were filmed by her husband (now her ex).  Kylie lived near Buffalo, NY, and this is part one of what has to be the most amazing pedal pumping video ever shot.  This lady froze her butt off to make this video.  And to this day, I have never actually met her.  The video was shot with an inexpensive home movie camera, so while the quality may be lacking, the heart and soul is second to none.  Forget the numbers and enjoy this piece of art.


  December 24:  Tis the season to be jolly and we hope that these clips will bring you even more Christmas spirit.  Our original Nikki returns this time in the 51 Chevy.  This young lady can easily drive a stick shift, but she first has to get the car started.  Once it starts, you get the watch her feet work the pedals as she drives around the neighborhood.  The car stalls at a stop sign and is very hard to get started again.  It stalls again in the driveway when she gets back home.  Nikki's fast lane clip is 12:54 minutes long (184 MB).


  December 21:  This is the second of three sets of clips from Cranking Companions 2. The clips open with Angie and Ashton arriving at TGI Fridays for lunch. They actually wore those outfits into the restaurant :) When they get back to the car, Ashton can't get the Scamp started so they switch places. Eventually, Angie gets the stubborn car started, and the clips end with the two girls arriving at the movie theatre. Their fast lane clip is 11:40 minutes in length (167 MB).


  December 19:  This is one of my early videos (2003) that never made it to the fast lane.  Quite honestly, it is not a half bad video, and it was one of my first two girl videos.  The models are Angelina who shot several times and Ashton who shot only once.  The video is called Cranking Companions 2.  The girls are going to lunch and a movie but Ashton's Falcon won't start so they are forced to take Angie's 1974 Scamp.  These clips open in the bedroom with the girls getting dressed and end with Angie driving the Scamp to lunch.  The fast lane clip is 13:49 minutes long (198 MB).  The next set of clips is Friday and the finale is on New Year's Eve.  How appropriate.


  December 18:  Tristen, our Native American model, returns for another shoot this time wearing black RH&T stockings as she cranks, pumps and drives the 1949 Ford.  Lots of action as her feet work the pedals while she tries to start the car, and again when she drives.  Tristen has a very nice fast lane clip that is 17:11 minutes in length (245 MB).  You will love her aggressive pumping style.


  December 17:   Nikki's Encore was one of our 2006 videos that featured one of our most popular models.  Nikki had great legs, beautiful natural blonde hair and very nice natural boobs.  Today, we feature Nikki smoking a cigarette as she tries to start the 1966 Volvo 122S.  She pumps and cranks for over nine minutes before the stubborn car finally comes to life.  The car keeps stalling on her and she struggles to get it started again.  Our dial up members get four small format clips while our members with broadband get a fast lane clip that is almost twenty minutes long (280 MB).


  December 14:   On Crissy's board, there were several folks, including the moderator, who said what a great cranking car our 1962 Rambler was.  We close out the week with the Rambler and Isobel as the featured model.  This is the epic struggle between a stubborn car and a beautiful woman.  Isobel takes her shoe off and pumps with her stocking foot.  She puts her shoe back on to look under the hood.  After pumping and cranking for over fourteen minutes, the battery dies, and she has to give up.  Isobel gives you a 14:32 minute fast lane clip (208 MB), which is actually the shortest of any of this week's updates.


  December 12:   Today we rejoin Shan and Helena on their drive in the 63 Falcon.  Helena is behind the wheel and the girls engage in some lively conversation.  Shan does a great job showing off her magnificent legs and stockings.  The car stalls on Helena twice frustrating Helena to the point where she jumps out and tells Shan to give it a try.  Helena eventually opens the hood but the starter is giving up the ghost so they give up.  We have a fast lane clip that is 14:49 minutes long (212 MB), bring the two day fast lane total to over twenty-nine minutes of pedal pumping pleasure.


  December 11:   Shan Holleman is a well known model and actress out of Atlanta who has appeared on our site several times.  These clips are remakes of her very first shoot with us and also feature her friend Helena.  Shan is all dressed up to go for a drive but she can't get her 63 Falcon out of the driveway.  Helena comes to offer assistance and sees the problem right away.  The car has flooded because the choke is out.  When the Falcon starts, Helena joins Shan for the drive.  Unfortunately, the car stalls several times which frustrates Shan to the point where she gives up.  Helena then gets behind the wheel and starts the Falcon.  The fast lane clip is 14:48 minutes in length (212 MB).

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