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Help and Support

If you have difficulty logging in to the members area, it is usually caused by either having an expired membership, entering your log-in details incorrectly, by multiple people using your membership account, a corrupted browser cache or a problem within the Temporary Files folder on your PC.  Before contacting us to assist you, please try the steps below to correct the problem yourself.

Please Follow The 4 Steps Below To Correct An Access Problem:

1.  Clear / Empty your web browser's "Cache" and its Temporary Files Folder .  This process will fix a corrupted cache on your computer and will clean out the Temporary Files folder.  Over time, both of these folders often become corrupted and in turn interfere with accessing web sites and causing page viewing problems.


***   To empty these folders, use your web browser's Tools / Internet Options controls.  Once the Internet Options Controls are located, click on the appropriate buttons that will empty / delete the files within these folders.

***   Typically and on a regular basis, a user should empty / delete the web browser's "cache", empty the Temporary Files Folder, Delete the Browser History delete the "Cookies", delete Saved Passwords and delete all Web Form Data. 

***   Also, there is an Internet setting that allows you to have these things done automatically for you each time you close down your web browser.  You may choose individual folders to be automatically emptied / deleted (such as the Cache and Temporary Files Folder) or all of the mentioned things to be emptied / deleted.   We highly recommend that you choose that setting.  Doing so also helps to improve your computer's browser security. 


2.  Reboot your PC. 

3.  Go back to the website and try to log in again.

4. If you feel your account has been blocked by the website's internal security program by mistake or have tried the steps above and still cannot access the Members Area, please send e-mail to us by clicking here.  When you write, include your full name, your User ID and Password.


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