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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In September 2016

  September 30:  The purple 69 Volkswagen was the second of many cars that were featured on the site over the years, and this was one of the first videos made in this car. Jennie was a very aggressive pumper so the car flooded pretty quickly, and she had to hold the gas pedal to the floor to get it started. I filmed her backing down the driveway but filmed very little of her subsequent driving. I'm thinking that I accidently hit the on/off button, which was easy to do, so the camera was not filming the rest of her drive. This would not have been the only time this happened.


  September 28:  Holly was a local girl who worked at Hooters and other area bars. She was one of the sweetest young ladies that I ever had the pleasure of working with. This was her last shoot with us so I took her to the storage lot and filmed her cranking, driving and stalling the 63 Valiant. She also lit up a cigarette. We first had a 1966 Plymouth Valiant, then a 1970 and finally the 1963.


  September 26:  Aubrey is a former Playboy model who appeared in several publications back in 2006. Google Nikki Miller to get more information. I had just returned from vacation when Nikki came for this shoot, and the 51 Chevy had been sitting for several weeks. The weather was chilly so I asked Aubrey to see if she could get the car started. There were no pulled wires or switches. Aubrey tried for the better part of fifteen minutes but the engine wouldn't even turn over, and the battery finally died.


  September 23:  Louise was wearing black RH&T stockings and was about to leave for work. Unfortunately her 69 purple bug was not in in the mood to cooperate but she was eventually able to get her car started. However, it stalled just as she was about to back into the street. Louise was not shy when it came to pumping the gas so she flooded her car and the battery died before she was able to get it started again.


  September 21:  Kerri was a Russian born fetish model who was living in Philadelphia when we shot her. She also appeared in other pedal pumping clips. The 70 Valiant was relatively new when she came for this shoot. I bought pretty much all of my models' clothing and had recently purchased some very pretty yellow pumps which just happened to be Kerri's size. Kerri cranked the Valiant for well over ten minutes until the stubborn car finally started. The balance of the movie featured Kerri and her yellow shoes driving and cranking the 70 Valiant.


  September 19:  Kelley was one of the most interesting models that I shot during my ten year career. Not a raving beauty but a wonderful personality and a very nice body. What made her interesting was the fact that she was born with part of her brain missing yet the only evidence was in her speech. I took her to the storage lot where she cranked the 49 Ford until it finally started. She then did some revving until she pulled the choke out to stall the car. I enjoyed working with her.


  September 16:  Krista was my first local "go to" model, and she shot a ton of stuff for us. Today she is trying to get to work but her 63 Falcon won't start so she calls her boss and then takes a break and lights up a cigarette. I should add that she is wearing stockings and patent loafers. The Falcon finally starts but stalls at a stop sign and is very hard to get started again. Krista finally makes it to work. When she gets home after work, she puts on a cranking show by pulling out the choke and stalling the Falcon. Our revving fans are also in for a treat. This is movie #767, and we are on our way to 800 pedal pumping movies.


  September 14:  This movie has two parts, although I originally intended it to be just one movie. Cara was a local model who came over often for a shoot. She wore stockings with flat shoes as she got in the Opel and struggled to get it started. Once it started, Cara began to rev the engine until the engine unexpectedly died and would not start back up. So Cara gave up and got out of the car. Shortly thereafter, she came back out and was able to start the car and headed for the woods. I thought that I was filming but obviously wasn't. When the car stalled in the woods, I realized that the camera was not filming so I turned it back on and asked Cara to restart the car so I could continue filming. The Opel started up and then almost immediately died. Part Two began when Cara restarted the car. The engine very quickly died and would not start again.


  September 12:  Annabella was a Russian born model who came to us from Atlanta. This movie is a bit unusual because it is one of the few where the model wears pantyhose instead of stockings. The movie opens with Annabella finishing her makeup before she heads to work. Unfortunately her 69 VW bug is acting up that morning, and it takes her over ten minutes to get the stubborn car started. During her struggle, she calls her boss to say that she will be late.


  September 9:  This was shot in 2002 in my very first car and was Mary Rose's second shoot in the 74 Scamp. She had learned how to flood the car by constantly pumping the gas and turning the key for just a few seconds at a time. She starts out by really flooding the car and then getting it started by slowing her pumping. The Scamp stalls as she backs out of the parking spot and will only start again when she holds the gas to the floor. When we get back to the parking spot, she purposely floods the car again. She was very shy so it took a bit of effort for her to talk about not being able to start her car.


  September 7:  Not the prettiest model I ever shot but a nice movie nonetheless. Amaya also appeared as Selina Kyle on CCL although Charlie swore they were not the same person. Amaya is on her way to work but her 49 Ford refuses to start. She calls her boss several times but after struggling for more than fifteen minutes, she gives up and goes back into the house. The 1949 Ford and the 1951 Chevrolet were two of my favorite cars. You won't find anything close to these cars on any other pedal pumping web site.


  September 5:  Kobe shot with us during 2002 and 2003, and some fourteen years later, she is still a fetish model. Check out Kobe Lee on This was one of several shoots that Kobe did for us in the 66 Valiant. She pumps and cranks the stubborn Valiant for over six minutes until the engine comes to life, after which you join her for a drive. The Valiant stalls several times and she struggles to get it started again. When she gets back to the house, she does some revving as she shows you her stocking tops and garters.


  September 2:  What do you do when you have committed to a shoot and it's pouring down rain? You shoot anyway! Isobel was staying with me for a few days so I was searching for shoots on a rainy day. I took her to the storage yard where most of my spaces were under cover and asked her to see if the Rambler would start. No pulled wires or switches. The Rambler's gas pedal rod was off center so the gas pedal had to be pumped by moving the foot to the left while pumping. Isobel finally figured that out so she was able to start the car.


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