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Updates For September 2015

  September 30:  Augusta, GA is on the Savannah River and this river is the border between Georgia and South Carolina. Sweet Cheeks lived on a houseboat in downtown Augusta. This is actually a very nice movie that opens with Sweet Cheeks finishing her makeup at the bathroom mirror and then taking you on a cranking and driving trip in the 63 Falcon.


  September 29:  A recent PayPal renewal from a fan in Britain included the following statement: "Out of all your lovely ladies, I think Kimberley Ann oozes feminine sexyness, with her beautiful looks and the way she acts and talks." One can never have too much of a good thing so today we feature Kimberly Anne cranking and driving our 63 Valiant at the storage lot. Enjoy.


  September 28:  Jenna and Amy were two local Hooter's girls who came over one afternoon to make some easy money. The 51 Chevy, which was still relatively new, was sitting in the garage, so while the girls were getting dressed, I put two cameras on tripods and asked Amy to see if she could get the car started. Nothing was done to disable the car. Indeed, if you listen closely, you will hear the engine try to start several times. These girls were really trying to start this car.


  September 25:  Aubrey used the stage name Andrea for her pedal pumping movies. The tease movie starts off in black and white but switches to color as this awesome young lady teases you with her stockings and other assets. Theater Thirteen is right around the corner.


  September 24:  Many of our members in Europe love our 66 Volvo so today's movie features Allie cranking and driving another of our classic cars for over seventeen minutes. Allie traveled here from Hendersonville, NC and had trouble with the heat and humidity in the Augusta, GA area.


  September 23:  1961 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest and the station wagon was a very rare automobile. Gracie was another of our early models. I put three cameras on tripods and asked her to see if she could start the Tempest wagon. I was no where in sight. This movie features smoking and an eventual dead battery because the car simply would not start.


  September 22:  This young lady first appeared on the site as Jade. She bought her boobs in Tijuana and got the biggest that money could buy. Having said that, Tristen actually does a very nice job cranking and driving our classic 49 Ford. Her aggressive pumping flooded the car on several occasions so you are treated to some very nice "for real" cranking in black RH&T stockings.


  September 21:  Morgan Mania is a theater one movie with two parts. I doubt that very many members have watched the complete movie, which means many have never seen the last ten minutes. I happen to think that those folks have missed a good movie, so I have remade the theater one movie into HD and without the movie you are about to watch. Morgan talks to you as she first tries to start the Pussy Wagon in her stocking feet. She puts her shoes on to look under the hood, but the battery dies before she can start the car.


  September 18:  A cute young lady from western SC cranks and drives the 63 Valiant at the storage lot. It truly was a cold winter's day but cold is a relative term because Georgia winters are usually not too bad.


  September 17:  Aubrey was featured in several Playboy publications during 2006. I bought her some lingerie from Frederick's of Hollywood, and she wanted to show it to our members so I put her in the 62 Rambler convertible and she put on a cranking and revving show which I think most of you will enjoy. Even Praxis would like


  September 16:  Took Kelly to the storage lot on a cold winter day to see if she could get the 51 Chevy started. To learn more about this awesome young lady, go to She had a nine hour round trip drive to come shoot with us, and we shot her a bunch of times. Not everybody thinks pedal pumping is weird.


  September 15:  This movie will make a member in Sydney, Australia a very happy man. During one of her morning visits before going to work, I sent Cara into the garage to see if the 62 Tempest would start. After trying for a bit, she showed off her stockings and then went back into the house. When she came out to try a second time, she fried the starter and had to give up.


  September 14:  Some of my favorite movies were shot in the 68 Opel because with the small engine and 12 volt battery, the car would crank for quite a long time before the battery died. This movie features Samantha cranking and driving the Opel for almost twenty minutes. She gets particularly frustrated when her car stalls during her drive and is very hard to get started again.


  September 11:  This was the first of several models with the stage name Amanda, and this one grew up in Texas as you can tell by her accent. Amanda is in a hurry to get the gym but her purple 69 VW bug doesn't want to cooperate. She struggles to start her stubborn car for over thirteen minute, but she finally prevails and is off to her workout.


  September 10:  Cute young Asian/American young lady who worked at the local Hooter's store. 1961 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest, and we had one on our site. 1962 was the first year for the Tempest convertible, and we had one. Our collection of vintage cars is second to none in the pedal pumping community. We bought the convertible from Craig's List and repainted the car candy apple red. We also redid the front seats and door panels, and then replaced the carpet. The car was purchased by a classic car dealer in Lakeland, FL and listed for $16,999.


  September 9:  1979 was officially the last year for the Volkswagen beetle, and our car was a triple white anniversary model with a fuel injected engine. This movie features Kimberly Ann trying to start this stubborn car for over ten minutes until she finally gives up. This young lady and stockings look great together.


  September 8:  Two girls from Sleeperkidsworld, a mostly female fake wrestling site that has been around forever. In fact, these two girls are still on the site (Alex and Devon) yet this movie was shot back in 2005. The two cars are the Pussy Wagon and the 64 Bel Air which Devon honestly cannot get started. If you go through the roster of current and past models, you will see quite a few young ladies who have appeared on our site.


  September 7:  I'm sure that very few of you noticed but last Wednesday's movie pushed us over the 10,000 minute playback time for movies currently in the theaters. Our website is approaching 600 gigabytes of material. Today we feature our tall model Amy from Minnesota whom we filmed while she was stationed at Ft. Gordon with the US Navy. Amy tries to back the Falcon down the driveway with the choke out and then takes you for a ride. When she gets back home, she teases you by pulling out the choke and flooding the Falcon.


  September 4:  I believe that we are the only pedal pumping site to shoot topless models. This movie was shot in 2003 and features a young Kobe laying on the bed in panties, a girdle and brown RH&T stockings inviting you go join her in a trip to the garage to see if her 74 Plymouth Scamp will start. Kobe attended the 2015 Fetishcon in Tampa earlier this month so twelve years later, she is still doing her thing.


  September 3:  A model, a car and a dress that you have seen many times before. And the black RH&T stockings just might look familiar. Shish calls this regurgitated material. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Shish has his friends and I have mine. His members pay $40 per month and mine pay $24 per month.


  September 2:  This was my first of several Amandas, and this one was originally from Texas. Do I detect an accent? This was actually the second movie that Amanda shot in the 66 Volvo but I believe that it is the better of the two. Amanda was ms personality plus and could drive a stick shift with the best of them, so I think that you will enjoy the movie.


  September 1:  Danielle and Rachel were initially referred to us by a Charlotte area photographer. In a subsequent visit when she came alone, Danielle asked if I would shoot her 18 year old cousin Brooke. This movie features Brooke and Danielle cranking and driving our 49 Ford on a cold and rainy day. Shish claims to have no over-hyped material. Apparently he has never read one of Praxis's reviews.


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