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Updates For September 2014


  September 30:  Kelsey was a local model who created quite a stir when she first appeared on the site. Natural boobs, natural blonde hair and a pair of very nice legs that look totally awesome in a pair of black RH&T stockings. Our 66 Volvo 122S was also very popular, and today's movie features Kelsey cranking the car until it finally starts and then doing some very nice revving.


  September 29:  We shot Autumn in quite a few of our cars. A VERY cute young lady but a bit on the shy side. This movie features Autumn trying to start our 39 DeSoto with three tripod mounted cameras capturing all of the action. Her stockings are very rare 12 denier (60 gauge) which I personally dyed black, and I love the lights reflecting off her very sheer nylons. You can also see a very nice stocking tease in that section of our site (under Summer which is her real name).


  September 26:  Bare leg Friday is being stretched somewhat because as you can tell from Claire's reaction, it was fricking cold, even for Georgia. So while her legs are bare, she is wearing boots. The Opel was new to the site so it should be no surprise that the cold weather got the better of Claire and this piece of shit car.


  September 25:  The 49 Ford was smiling for days after we shot this video. Two young ladies sitting in a classic car trying to figure out why the damned thing won't start. Although the car finally started, neither could drive a stick shift so that was the end of the movie.


  September 24:  Way before the beginning of my website, I met Kylie. I was trying to order a custom on a long gone website called Stacy's Place. Stacy and Kylie both lived near Buffalo, NY, but Stacy was in Florida so Kylie and I began a friendship that has lasted until now. I have never met this young lady but I helped her financially when she was having some marital issues, including sending a train set for her son's Xmas present. In return, I received two video tapes, both apparently shot by her now ex-husband. Kylie's Christmas video was amazing. I have also posted a tease video, but when I recently reviewed the tape, I discovered even more material that has never been seen. Kylie has remarried and has two young children yet she recently sent me an e-mail telling me that she thinks about me often. I am 75 years old so that was very special. This movie was shot many years ago with an off the shelf video camera so while the quality might be lacking, Kylie's heart shines strong.


  September 23:  The 69 Volkswagen was painted purple with purple and white seats and a purple headliner. Kerriana (April) loved that car to the point where she ordered me a keychain with two words - PUSSY WAGON. This movie features some cranking and quite a bit of driving in stocking feet followed by some very nice revving. Some have asked me why I didn't ask the models to rev the engines harder. Those that asked never had to pay to replace an engine in a vintage car.


  September 22:  This had to be if not the first, one of the first videos I shot of a model trying to get the Falcon out of the driveway with the choke pulled all the way out. The car starts immediately but you can tell from the smoke pouring from the exhaust that the carburetor was not happy. The Falcon obviously stalls and was a bitch to get started again. At 5' 11" Christi had legs that looked simply awesome in stockings. Christi and another model Kristy were Peyton Place material.


  September 19:  Summer is just about over and I am almost out of bare leg clips but our Playboy model Aubrey keeps bare leg Friday going just a bit longer. We got lots of mileage out of both the model and the car. Aubrey had a five hour drive to shoot with us but she was always ready to return for another shoot.


  September 18:  I put three cameras on tripods and sent this young lady into the garage and asked her to see if she could start the stubborn 51 Chevy. The car eventually started and you will love the smile on her face as she thanks you for helping her to start her car.


  September 17:  Our members fell in love with Kelsey, a beautiful blonde with natural boobs and a very aggressive pumping style. This was Kelsey's second shoot in the 68 Opel so for this one we dressed her in brown RH&T stockings. After trying to start this stubborn car for over thirty minutes, the battery begins to die so she gives up. Her frustration leads her to light up a cigarette shortly after she begins to crank the car.


  September 16:  This is another movie from Gian featuring a very cute model, Liz, in his classic 56 Ford. There is quite a bit of driving in this movie, and you will see pumping and cranking in heels, stocking feet and bare feet with some bright red toenail polish.


  September 15:  Shea shot two movies in the 39 DeSoto. In this one she wears black RH&T stockings as she tries to start this stubborn car. When the car finally starts, Shea does some revving. Don't think you will see a pedal start vehicle on any other active pedal pumping website.


  September 12:  A photographer friend of mine brought Cami and Heather for a weekend shoot, and we got tons of really great material. The shoot cost me $1,200 but it was worth every penny! These two awesome young ladies are wearing bikinis as they take turns trying to start our classic 49 Ford. Here in Georgia, we are ready for some cooler weather, but our members will continue to enjoy some very hot movies.


  September 11:  1962 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest convertible so I jumped at the chance to acquire one when I saw this car on Craig's List. This car had new paint, new carpet, front seats and door panels when Kennedy arrived on the scene. She looks very sexy in her Victoria's Secret dress as she cranks and drives this truly classic car.


  September 10:  This is a 2003 movie that features two models, Angelina and Kelly, and two cars, the 1963 Falcon and 1964 Scamp. Kelly is leaving a local grocery store when she encounters Angelina having trouble starting the Falcon. They end up going to lunch together, and thereafter spending quite a bit of time trying to start the two cars. This is one of the very few movies where you will see a model (Angelina) wearing thigh hi stockings.


  September 9:  Jessie owns so you might want to go there and check out her NEW pictures before you watch the movie. Miracles do happen, and I might add that the models on her site are much better than they were back in 2004. The guy she came with was just beginning a new web site, lol. Back then, Jessie had a great tease personality and the two shoots she did in the Rambler and the Pussy Wagon were very entertaining.


  September 8:  Although never a Playmate, Aubrey (aka Nikki Miller) was in quite a few Playboy publications back in 2006. The 63 Falcon with the choke pulled all the way out was a bitch to back down the driveway, and this movie with Aubrey is one of my favorites.

Our server is almost full, and we have many more movies so we will be deleting the small format clips and many of the bonus clips. Is there anyone out there still using a dial up connection?


  September 5:  Bare leg Friday continues with Kara in a schoolgirl outfit with flat shoes and NO hose trying her best to get the 68 Opel started. As you can tell from the faded paint and crappy seats, this was before we started the mechanical and cosmetic restoration.


  September 4:  Tori and Tori Paige are the same model. The very last car I purchased was a 1979 triple white anniversary model Volkswagen convertible. Didn't shoot a lot of material in the car because the car itself was worth more than twice what I paid for it and I didn't want to screw it up. This is a very nice movie of a very attractive young lady cranking and driving a truly classic car in her stocking feet.


  September 3:  Sammi Sparks is probably Gian's signature video with many very short clips appearing many times on YouTube. This movie contains all of Gian's material with Sammi Sparks cranking his 56 Ford, first in a yellow dress and then in a business outfit.


  September 2:  Claire was a very well known commercial model who shot with us on several occasions. This movie was her very first shoot and featured this 5'9" beauty in our classic 51 Chevy. Stocking lovers will adore this young lady's legs. Claire was very comfortable driving a stick shift so you will see quite a bit of pedal action.


  September 1:  Many of you are familiar with the long running TV series Big Brother. Today's model Laura was a contestant during season eleven. This movie features Laura cranking and driving our 1982 Mercedes wagon. This MB was a gray market car with features not available on similar cars sold in the US.



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