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Updates For September 2013

  September 30:  When Morgan Blair came back for her second shoot, she made a very nice movie cranking and driving our 1963 Falcon.  She loved the dice on the window cranks and the skulls on some of the dash handles.


  September 27:  Amy was stationed at Ft. Gordon and I found her from Craig's List.  Shannon was my other Craig's List model.  Amy's long legs look awesome in stockings, and she knows how to pump a gas pedal.  When she flooded the Opel, I didn't think that it was going to start again.


  September 25:  This is a very nice cranking and driving movie from a very cute model with a great personality.  She loves to tease you, and she's good at it.


  September 23:  Joy was a very pretty and very sweet young lady that we worked with twice back in 2006.  The Falcon with the choke out has been a favorite of many members over the years, and Joy does a great job with this stubborn car.


  September 20:  I have had several members ask me why there have been no movies featuring our candy apply red 62 Pontiac Tempest convertible.  So today we feature this beautiful car with one of our most beautiful and successful models, Kimber Leigh.  And yes I misspelled her name in the title.  Click here to see her in a Miller Lite commercial.  She was also one of the nicest young ladies I had the pleasure to work with in more than ten years in this business.  She loved the coral dress so much that I sent it to her when I stopped shooting.


  September 18:  One of my favorite models with one of my favorite cars.  Jennie pumped the gas like there was a black widow spider under the pedal.  She got married and divorced and wanted to come back for another shoot, but somehow it just never happened.


  September 16:  Isobel was a well known fetish model who shot with us on several occasions.  This young lady was cute with some very good acting skills as you will see from this tease movie.  Kylie was the queen of tease but Isobel was not far behind.


  September 13:  This is another classic that was filmed back in 2005.  Two beautiful girls in a 1962 Rambler convertible with the top down.  What could be better?


  September 11:  This is simply a stunning model cranking an awesome car.  This is also the 80th movie in the theater, and I have over 120 more for your viewing pleasure.



  September 9:  This movie was filmed in 2004 when Melissa Wolf was 40 years old. At that time, she was known as America's most published centerfold, having been in Penthouse over 60 times. This movie contains topless material, so you must at least 18 years old to watch it.


  September 6:  A very shy but beautiful young lady who made some awesome videos.  One of the treasures from my ten plus years in the business which is why you see so many of her videos on our site.


  September 4:  One of the things I like about the theater is that it showcases movies and models that many of our members from recent years have never seen.  Not surprising given the huge amount of material that we have accumulated since 2003.  I think you will like Roxy's "treasure chest."  Had a recent experience with Aubrey Ambrosia.  Not something I would like to repeat.


  September 2:  Today we are totally into the theater mode. From this day forward, we will be adding three movies per week to the theater.  Today's movie is our very first Roxy whom we shot in 2003 as she cranked our 1974 Scamp.  We have a new e-mail address for those who wish to comment on any aspect of our theater -

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