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Updates For September 2012

  September 28:  When our striking model Christi debuted the 1951 Chevy in 2006, she also did a very nice shoot in our 1970 Plymouth Valiant.  This car was well suited to her super long legs.  These clips can best be described as a very nice combination of low battery cranking, stalling and revving.  When my other Kristy got a divorce, she and her kids moved in with Christi, her husband and kids.  Seems like Kristy started fooling around with Christi's husband.  Somebody ought to rename this town Peyton Place.  Who said my life wasn't interesting.  Christi's fast lane clip is 14:13 minutes long (202 MB).


  September 26:  These clips continue where we left off yesterday.  Rachel has gotten the 51 Chevy started and is back on the road.  Unfortunately, the car soon stalls again.  The battery begins to weaken but the engine comes back to life.  When she gets back home, Rachel floods the Chevy not once but twice.  Her fast lane clip is 10:51 minutes in length (155 MB).  Spike and many other members have told me how much they enjoy the remade clips.


  September 25:  Today we continue with the remake of clips from the video Rachel & Danielle.  Rachel wants to get the 51 Chevy started so she can meet a girlfriend for lunch, but the stubborn car always gives her trouble.  And today is no exception.  She pumps and cranks in her stocking feet for over six minutes before the engine finally starts to turn over and then starts.  Rachel starts on her way but the car stalls shortly thereafter and is hard to get started again.  The fast lane clip is 12:18 minutes long (173 MB).


  September 24:  While today's clips are the first clips of autumn, they might as well be the 4th of July.  Seline is one of our most beautiful models, and today's clips feature her as she tries to start our 1968 Opel Kadett.  It is incredible that a car would crank for over nineteen minutes before the battery died.  During that time, Seline got out of the car to check under the hood and did a great job of showing off her stockings.  We have four clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 19:22 minutes long (264 MB).


  September 21:  We end the last week of summer with the final clips from April's Encore which was shot in 2005.  April was one of our members' favorite models back in our early years.  She also ran a model referral agency and sent quite a few models our way.  We asked her to see if she could start our 1970 Plymouth Valiant.  From the minute she turned the key, it was obviously that the starter was on it's last legs.  April bounced in the seat as she aggressively pumped the gas for over ten minutes until the starter gave up the ghost.  We have three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 10:29 minutes long (150 MB).  Boy are we ready for some cooler weather.


  September 19:  Back in 2005 I shot a model by the name of Morgan Blair.  She was so pretty that I named her first video Pretty As A Picture.  In these clips, Morgan Blair starts the Pussy Wagon, turns off the key and tells you that she is going to flood the car.  After it finally starts, she does some very sexy revving in her black RH&T stockings.  The fast lane clip is 7:56 minutes long (114 MB).


  September 18:  We are the only site that does tease clips, and many of our members absolutely love them.  While Kylie was the first to do tease, Isobel is generally regarded as the queen of pedal pumping tease.  Even Neil, the dinosaur of pedal pumping, told me as much.  We have four clips for our dial up members, plus a fast lane clip that is almost twenty-one minutes in length (250 MB).


  September 17:  One of the things that makes up somewhat unique is that many of our models enjoy working with us so they tell their friends to come shoot with us.  Penny has sent several of her friends about us, and the latest to come shoot with us is Bemurr (aka Brittany M.)   It's a hot summer day, and Bemurr wants to go for a ride in the 1962 Tempest convertible.  She pumps and cranks for seven minutes until the car finally comes to life.  Her fast lane clip is 7:04 minutes long (96.8 MB).


  September 14:  We end the week with more clips from April's Encore.  It is a hot summer day and April wants to take the 62 Rambler for a drive.  She takes her shoes off and the car actually starts fairly quickly.  You then get to watch her stocking feet work the pedals as she drives around town.  The Rambler stalls several times, and when she gets back in her driveway, it will not start at all.  April's fast lane clip is 10:59 minutes long (157 MB).


  September 12:  These clips represent the very first that we shot with the 1951 Chevy.  The model was Christi, 5' 11" with legs that seem to go on forever.  We debuted the 51 Chevy in 2006 with two 9+ minute clips that were 199 MB.  Today we have combined those two clips into a 19:10 minute fast lane clip that is 272 MB, a significant improvement in both length and quality.


  September 11:  Good dialogue is very hard to find in a model, and like Penny from yesterday's update, Danielle is a pro.  These are the final remade clips from the video Danielle & Rachel.  Danielle wants to take the 1949 Ford for a drive and she pleads for it to start while she pumps the gas.  It eventually starts but stalls when she gets back to her driveway.  Danielle's fast lane clip is 11:49 minutes long (169 MB).


  September 10:  These clips were shot on a cold day this past winter.  Penny is wearing a Victoria's Secret sweater dress as she tries to start the 1939 DeSoto.  Penny is a nationally known Hooters girl who brought one of her friends to shoot with us.  After pumping and pushing the starter pedal for almost fifteen minutes, the stubborn DeSoto finally comes to life.  The fast lane clip is 15:11 minutes in length (198 MB).  I know that you will enjoy Penny's dialogue.


  September 7:  April was the model who triggered the explosion in the popularity of our site, and these clips are from her second shoot.  These first clips are very interesting because they feature April cranking our 1964 Bel Air followed by a very nice cranking and revving shoot in the Pussy Wagon, which was April's favorite car.  Her footage in the Bel Air seems to have disappeared from the site which is unfortunate because she cranks the Bel Air in a bikini with bare feet.  I simply cannot imagine any member not enjoying this update.  April's fast lane clip is 14:28 minutes in length (207 MB).


  September 5:  Many of you know by now that Gian is now part of the MsVeryShy web site.  He was working with her behind my back while he was asking me to find him models on the Internet.  Tonya was one of the models that I found for him.  Today we feature Tonya in Gian's LTD in a huge clip that is over twenty minutes long (295 MB).


  September 4:  This update is a remake of the 2006 video entitled Kayla's Encore.  Today's clips feature Kayla on her way to the gym but her 1969 VW Beetle is hard to start.  Once it starts, the camera is glued to her bare legs and sneakers as she works the pedals.  Kayla's fast lane clip in the Bug was originally 98 MB.  This fast lane clip is significantly larger at 161 MB (11:16 minutes in length).


  September 3:  Emily is one of my favorite models.  She is a single parent and both an awesome person and an awesome parent.  She is one of my few model Facebook friends.  This is the second set of clips from her third shoot which was shot at our studio.  The 1949 Ford cranks very slowly which I thought might be a battery problem (all of my cars have heavy duty batteries), but now I'm thinking it might have been the cables.  In any event, this beautiful young lady pumps and cranks the Ford for over seven minutes.  Just when you think the car is dead, it comes to life, and Emily does some revving.  Her fast lane clip is 10:05 minutes long (141 MB).

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