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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In October 2016

  October 31:  Katie was one of my cutest models, and she did a great job with her first shoot in the 39 DeSoto. Her last shoot took place on a cold and rainy day, and the 39 DeSoto was parked in the driveway so I put her in a pair of black RH&T stockings and asked her to see if the DeSoto would start. The lighting on the pedals was less than stellar, but I think that you will enjoy Katie's movie. We are working on a movie list indexed by model to improve the navigation experience.


  October 28:  When Megan and Jessi came to shoot Girls Day Out, they both fell in love with our 62 Rambler convertible and wanted to shoot in that car before they left my house. This movie featured these young ladies tooling around my neighborhood in this classic. I lived in a gated community called West Lake in Martinez, GA where I shot for over eight years with no opposition whatsoever. Eventually the Board challenged me so I took my shooting to a very large storage lot and a studio that a friend of mine and I rented. Unlike PTP, your membership at our site never required you to buy a clip at C4S to enjoy the fruits of your subscription.


  October 26:  Devon and Sabrina came from a female wrestling site called and I believe that ten years later, they are still wrestling. Their first movie for us was titled East Meets West which featured one of my favorite scenes in the 64 Bel Air. This movie showcased these young ladies in the 1970 Valiant with a great deal of dialogue for almost 27 minutes. During the initial cranking in the driveway, I had a tripod camera shooting through the driver's door but I accidently hit the back light button which rendered the footage from this camera useless.


  October 24:  The purple bug was either my second or third car, and I have literally gotten a lot of mileage out of the Pussy Wagon. Krista worked in a local mailbox store and shot frequently. She became a favorite of mine and also of many of my members over the years. This movie is unique in that Krista is the only model to ever wear nude heel stockings when doing a shoot. When you listen to her talk, you can tell that she enjoyed making videos for us. December 2nd will be our last new movie. Sixteen theaters with 800 movies. Pedal Supreme will continue to provide the only source of vintage car pedal pumping as long as the community continues to support us. Stay tuned.


  October 21:  Brooke was Danielle's cousin, and she had just turned 18 a few days before her first shoot. When it first arrived, the Chevy was very hard to start during cold weather. The first time out, Brooke ran down the battery with the engine giving no hint of starting. I replaced the battery so Brooke gave it one more try, and while the engine would occasionally turn over, it still wouldn't start for Brooke. I particularly liked her stockings which came from England.


  October 19:  If you go to, you will see Lindsey doing commercials for Jud Kuhn Chevrolet in coastal SC. This movie was shot during Lindsey's first visit when it was quite cold outside. She had earlier struggled to get the 51 Chevy started, so I set up some lights and tripod mounted cameras in the garage and asked her to see if the 49 Ford would start. She flooded the car and took a break to show off her stockings, but the stubborn Ford finally started.


  October 17:  When Hayley shot with us back in 2002, she was a very thin blonde with a boyfriend. When she returned for another shoot in 2009, she was no longer thin, and her hair was brunette. She also had a girl friend. This movie has a bit of a different twist because after Hayley flooded the Opel, she showed off her stockings while pushing the starter button with her legs sticking out of the car. The Opel eventually started and Hayley did some revving. This is our 780th movie so we have twenty more to put in theater sixteen.


  October 14:  When this movie was made, Melissa Wolf was billed as America's Number One centerfold model, having appeared in many Penthouse magazines. I put two cameras on tripods and asked Melissa to see if she could start the 66 Valiant. I had a guy from Europe today ask if I could do a custom. For those few who don't know, I am 77 years old and stopped shooting in early 2012. On a more serious note, we are the ONLY source of beautiful models (sorry Scarlett) cranking and driving vintage cars. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you who has supported my efforts since 2001.


  October 12:  Over the years I have gotten some of my best videos from the 63 Ford Falcon with the choke pulled all the way out. Many a model has struggled to back that car down the driveway. Karrine was not the most beautiful model I ever filmed, but she made a very nice movie that began with the struggle down the driveway and continued with a drive around my neighborhood after the choke was pushed back in. There are many awesome movies featuring the Falcon with the choke pulled out but my personal favorite model in the Falcon is Joy.


  October 10:  Some of you may remember Christi, who was one of our first models. Michelle was Christi's boss at a local finance company. Michelle's mother was Korean, and Michelle's Asian heritage is readily apparent. Michelle struggled to get the purple VW bug started and once it started, she backed down the driveway only to have the Pussy Wagen stall when she got to the street. Michelle flooded the poor bug and ran the battery down, so she had to give up and go back into the house. This is our 777th pedal pumping movie, and we will soon reach our goal of 800 movies in sixteen theaters.


  October 7:  I remember back in the late 1990s seeing some clips from someone named Spike. Many featured pedal start cars and you never saw anything about the waist. Back around 2007 or so, I received an e-mail from Spike offering to let me showcase his clips on Pedal Supreme. He sent me 88 clips, and we kept them on the site for several years until some of them started appearing on YouTube. This was a custom that I did for Spike in which Mary Cameron, wearing jeans, heels and no hose, tried to start the 39 DeSoto. Spike is a legend in this business so it was quite an honor for him to choose us to showcase his clips.


  October 5:  Leah came for a shoot shortly after we had purchased the 68 Opel. I put a camera on a tripod and had Leah to into the garage on five occasions to see if the opel would start. I really didn't think that it would. She wore three different outfits. The fourth and fifth tries are already in Theater Seven, so this movie features her first three tries. Leah finally got the Opel to start on the fifth try.


  October 3:  This very cute redhead came to us from a photographer friend of mine in Charlotte. I loved Mary's facial expressions as she tried to start the stubborn 51 Chevy. She had the choke out so when the car finally started, Mary did some revving which created quite a bit of gray smoke coming from the tailpipe.


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