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Updates For October 2014

  October 31:  I will admit that Leah has done a ton of movies in the Opel but has to be my favorite. And she actually tore her stocking trying to start this car. This week we have stepped up our 500 GB server to a one terabyte cloud server to accommodate what will eventually be over 600 pedal pumping movies, many in HD. The Goodyear blimp has never been in our fleet, or one of our models for that matter. And no one has ever had to go to C4S to get our material :)


  October 30:  Most folks don't realize that it can get downright chilly here in Georgia, and Claire was definitely dressed for cold weather when she tried to start the 51 Chevy. And this car does not like cold weather. The engine turned over several times but the battery ran down before Claire could get it started. I forgot to mention that Claire was wearing boots!



  October 29:  Although never a Playmate, Aubrey was in several Playboy publications back in 2006. She was a frequent visitor to our site and can be found in most of our classic cars. Aubrey can drive a stick shift quite well so this movie features her cranking and driving our classic 66 Volvo, a car that many of our European members have raved about.



  October 28:  Another Gian classic. Mandy cranks the 67 Plymouth in Gian's rented garage in a variety of outfits and shoes. The first outfit came from me. There are quite a few changes of shoes as well as a bit of pumping in her stocking foot.


  October 27:  This is one of my all time favorite movies in the 51 Chevy, and I was shocked when I saw that it had been overlooked for inclusion in our theater. To me, Hazel's facial expressions tell the whole story. She simply cannot figure out why her car will not start. By the way, this is movie 351 means the opening of theater eight.


  October 24:  Christi is a 5'11" young lady in a bikini that covers very little of her body. There is quite a bit of driving in this movie so the camera gets many very nice views of her bare feet working the pedals. This is our 350th movie which fills theater seven. Theater eight opens on Monday with another HD movie. We just increased the capacity of our server from 500 GB to 750 GB because the HD movies are significantly larger than our other movies.


  October 23:  I flew Alison to Atlanta from Kansas City for a two day video session back in 2007, and this was one of the shoots. Very cute young lady with nice natural boobs cranking and driving the 63 Valiant. When the car won't start, she opens the hood and shows off her stockings.


  October 22:  The Falcon with the choke pulled all the way out has always been a member favorite, and this is one of the longer clips with that scenerio. Indeed, Claire is one of the few models that managed to get the Falcon out of my driveway and into the street. Claire was an internationally known commercial model (I once saw her picture on a box at BB&B).


  October 21:  This is our second HD movie and one of my personal favorites. I took Cami and Heather to the storage lot to play in the purple Bug. Once Cami got the stubborn car started, they drove around the lot with me filming them from my car. The Pussy Wagon stalls twice and an oncoming freight train signals the end of the movie.


  October 20:  Today we're changing gears a bit to add five "new" fast lane clips. Brake failure clips were always very small parts of full length videos, usually at the end of a video. I made two collections of brake failure clips and put them in the video store. We are now putting these collections in the members' area as fast lane clips for members who want to download only brake failure clips. There are 19 individual clips on the two fast lane clips. We are also adding three fast lane clips that were found in the Bonus Clips section when we deleted the small format clips to make room for more movies.


  October 17:  This is one of the few remaining bare leg clips. Cara was a local model who could shoot on weekday mornings before she went to work so I managed to shoot her in almost every car I had. Cara is dressed for summer in a tank top, knee length skirt and peep toe low heels as she struggles to start the 68 Opel. Her efforts are rewarded as the stubborn car finally starts.


  October 16:  This is another Gian classic. Two girls, Nan and Demi, trying to start three different cars; a 70 Ford LTD, a 56 Ford and a 67 Plymouth.


  October 15:  This movie features a very cute young lady with a great personality and the ability to drive a stick shift cranking, driving and stalling our 66 Volvo 122S. Like most of our cars, the Volvo had a new paint job during it's time at Pedal Supreme.


  October 14:  Daisy is a very cute Filapina with a very aggressive pumping style, and she is quite a tease as the Pussy Wagen tries to overcome her pumping. The VW finally manages to crank up at the very end of the movie.


  October 13:  This is our first "HD" movie update, and I hope you will see a significant difference in the quality of this movie. In terms of past updates, this movie would have been encoded at 2,641 kbps (192 MB). Today's update was encoded at 5,000 kbps (455 MB). As for the movie itself, Delila and the 49 Ford have both been favorites of our members for quite some time so I think you will enjoy this movie.


  October 10:  I didn't do a lot bare leg stuff so I apologize for the length.  But not for the content.  Kelsey Ann was a huge hit when we first shot her.  She was a local model so we managed to do quite a few shoots.  This was actually intended to be a promo clip, but it ran longer than I intended so it became a full length video.  Two weeks from today we will open theater number eight with our 351st movie.  As things stand right now, I expect the Pedal Supreme Theaters to ultimately showcase almost six hundred pedal pumping movies, and I personally shot well over 95% of them.  I sincerely appreciate those who have supported us since we opened in 2003.


  October 9:  Another Gian classic. His 68 Impala convertible was a truly classic car, and Heather made the car even better. Gian left to join MsVeryShy. They are ancient history, and we are still going strong.


  October 8:  Another one of my early models who shot with us several times and brought several of her female friends along for a shoot. Whoever said good things come in small packages sure knew what they were talking about. This young lady put a hurt on the gas pedal as she tried to get the Valiant started. Toward the end of the video, you can actually see smoke from the starter as the car finally starts, and Marissa does some revving to cool both herself and starter.


  October 7:  April was an early model who came with her mother during her first visit. She also bought the "Pussy Wagon" keychain for the 69 VW. April's Triple Play has been one of my best selling video store products. This movie features April cranking and driving our 62 Rambler convertible in her stocking feet. She enjoyed working with us to the point that she sent many of her friends to shoot with us.


  October 6:  Brittany drove 4 1/2 hours from Myrtle Beach to shoot with us. I gave her a choice of cars and she chose the 63 Falcon. Lots of driving footage but also some very nice cranking from a very cute young lady. When she gets back home, Brittany teases you by playing with the choke to the point of stalling the car and having it almost start. This kind of cranking and stalling is a Pedal Supreme exclusive.


  October 3:  I still have a few bare leg movies although this one does not feature a bikini. I had a member in Germany who loved to see models dressed as if they were going to the gym, and although I have never done customs per se, I have tried to listen to those members who were not aggressively pushing their thing. The smoking fans were the worst offenders (jfred65 etc). In any event, Remi is wearing her gym outfit as she struggles to start the Opel. It finally starts and she is off to her workout. As things stand right now, we should be very close to 600 movies in the theaters when we have completed our updates.


  October 2:  Kayla is planning to meet a friend for lunch but her 51 Chevy doesn't want to cooperate. She removes her shoes and the car finally starts, so you get to watch her stocking feet work the pedals as she drives. The Chevy keeps stalling on her so she heads back home. Unfortunately, the car stalls in the driveway and the battery begins to run down so she has to give up.


  October 1:  From a personality point of view, this is one of Gian's best models. Jennifer is a very cute blonde who tries to start Gian's 67 Plymouth in bare feet, stocking feet and a variety of footwear. Scarlett never looked this good :)


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