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Updates For October 2013

  October 31:  The 1968 Opel is perhaps the best pedal pumping car I ever purchased.  One of my models (Maria) and her husband saw it sitting along side the road in Elberton, GA with a for sale sign on it.  The best $650 I ever spent.  We eventually did a mechanical overhaul, which included pulling the engine, reupholstering the front seats and repainting the car.  The best part was that a fully charged battery would allow a model to crank for quite a long time as you can see from Kerri's movie.


  October 30:  Angel and her husband came for the shoot and spent the night.  The hot tub got a workout.  They were both engineers who worked for a very large aerospace company during the day.  Very pretty and classy young lady who cranks, revs and floods the 1951 Chevrolet.


  October 29:  Of the models that Gian shot, Jamie is probably the all time favorite, with Sammi Sparks being a close second.  Short clips from this movie are all over YouTube but this is the real deal.


  October 28:  This makes one hundred movies in the Pedal Supreme Theater.  To celebrate, we are adding a new movie each day this week.  Kelly's Conquest was shot in November 2003 and was one of the few where you will not see her stocking tops, except at the very end.  Kelly's facial expressions show that she genuinely is puzzled when her car won't start.


  October 25:  I love two girl movies and this is a good one.


  October 23:  Becky is a fetish model who is not lacking for personality :)  If variety is the spice of life, Becky is a chili pepper.


  October 21:  I initially set a minimum length for theater movies to fifteen minutes but there are some of a lesser length that are simply too good to ignore.  Delila was one of my models with an awesome personality, and during one of her visits, it was raining.  So she turned lemons into lemonade.  The Pedal Supreme Theater showcases some of my very favorite models, and Delila is very close to the top of the list.  I might add that I accidently shot this movie in the wide screen mode (16 by 9).  Still pretty awesome stuff.


  October 18:  This movie features our beautiful Asian model Kelly cranking and driving the 1968 Opel in black RH&T stockings.  Her aggressive pumping actually flooded the Opel.  I think that this is a movie that many of you will love.  I sure did.


  October 16:  Leah is another of my favorite models, and when I stopped shooting, she asked and received the blue cocktail dress.  If you watch closely in the second half of the movie, Leah waits for the Chevy to turn over and then pumps the gas to make sure it doesn't start.


  October 14:  Although I didn't realize it at the time, the Rambler became a huge favorite with many of our members.  For those of you who like two girl videos, this is a very nice one.


  October 11:  I bought the MB on Craig's List for $800.  A difficult car to film in because the console made it hard to see the pedals.  Having said that, I loved working the Katlin, and I think you will enjoy this movie.


  October 9:  Isobel is a professional fetish model who was living in Richmond, VA when we shot her.  One of the things I really liked about Isobel was her acting.  Those skills are hard to find because many models are uncomfortable talking to a camera.  I enjoyed working with her and I think you will enjoy her work.


  October 7:  These are two models from Knoxville who travelled five hours each way on more than one occasion to shoot with me and my friend Robert Perry.  You can also find them at PTP as Mandie and Tinsley.  This is one of several very nice two girl movies from this pair.



  October 4:  This 40 year old centerfold queen looked awesome and had a great personality.  For the first fifteen plus minutes, Melissa cranked and drove the Pussy Wagon.  I also had some topless footage of Melissa cranking the 1962 Rambler which is too short for a separate theater movie so I added it as a bonus for those of you who like topless cranking.


  October 2:  In this 2006 movie, Sara can't get her Volvo started so she goes back into the house and asks Danielle to help her.  Danielle could not drive a stick so Sara does most of the driving.


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