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Updates For October 2012

  October 31:  Kayla was a Hooters girl from Columbia, SC that we shot back in 2006.  Not the prettiest girl we have ever shot but she sure looked good in stockings.  Kayla started out trying to start our 1949 Ford in her stocking feet.  Fourteen minutes later, she has flooded the car and decides to come back and try it later.  At the end of the day she runs down the battery.  Our dial up members get four clips while those with a high speed connection get a 18:28 minute fast lane clip (233 MB).


  October 30:  Hang on to your hats for a ride on the topless tease rollercoaster.  Nichol is lounging on the bed in her brown RH&T stockings when she invites you to accompany her to the garage where she will try to flood the Pussy Wagon for you.  The fast lane ride is 14:50 minutes of pure fun (212 MB).  Our topless fans will really enjoy this update.


  October 29:  We begin a new week with more clips from another fantastic Gian video.  The model is Dawn and part one features this cute model pumping and cranking Gian's 1967 Plymouth for almost nine minutes.  She starts off with white thigh hi stockings and black sandals, then dumps the sandals and finally the stockings come off revealing some very nice red toenails.  The second part is some the same except Dawn wears while Capri pants as she tries to start the Plymouth.  Smoking fans will enjoy this update.  The fast lane clip is 13:04 minutes long (187 MB).


  October 26:  Today's clips are a bit unusual in that they feature a model in two different cars.  They begin by rejoining Irish Rose who has finally gotten the 1949 Ford started, and you get to watch her feet work the pedals as she drives.   When she gets home, she teases you by pulling out the choke and stalling the car.  Part two is a relatively short but very sweet clip as Irish Rose pumps, cranks and stalls the 1951 Chevy wearing black RH&T stockings.  The combined fast lane clip is 16:08 minutes long (226 MB).


  October 24:  One of my favorite models from the earlier years was Irish Rose.  Cute as a button with a great personality.  She was also a local Hooters girl.  These were her first solo clips and we started her off with three tripod mounted cameras that captured her full body, face through the windshield and foot pumping the gas as she tried in vain to start the 1949 Ford.  We have four clips for our dial up members plus a 21:13 minute fast lane clip (269 MB).


  October 23:  One of our models who really got into pedal pumping was Kelly.  She would actually sneak into the garage on more than one occasion to see if she could start the 1949 Ford.  In today's clips, she wears the same outfit as she tries to take the 1970 Valiant for a drive.  Kelly aggressively pumps the gas for over nine minutes until the stubborn car finally starts, and she is on her way.  The Valiant stalls on her three times and is very hard to get started again.  Kelly's fast lane clip is 20:51 minutes in length (280 MB).


  October 22:  We kick off the week with another set of clips from Sexi Lexi Leigh, our Penthouse pet.  We formerly featured bare leg Tuesday, and these clips were featured some years ago.  Lexi is wearing a very sexy cocktail dress, and she wants to go for a drive in the 1962 Rambler.  After pumping and cranking for almost three minutes, the Rambler springs into action, and Lexi is on her way.  You get to admire her beautiful bare legs (and the rest of her body as well) as she drives, but unfortunately the car stalls and is very hard to get started again.  The Rambler stalls again when she gets to her driveway, and she opens the hood to see why the car won't start.  The fast lane clip is 15:30 minutes long (222 MB).


  October 19:  The is a remake of the video Tease For Two.  Brianna reenacts something that one of my teenage g/fs used to do for me.  I had a beat up brown 1949 Chevy and she would get on her knees and try to start the car with her stocking feet, her seams clearly visible.   The 51 Chevy was not rigged but Brianna knew how to keep the car from starting by holding the gas to the floor or not pumping at all.  There are four small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 15:24 minutes long (220 MB).


  October 17:  This is more of the "lost" footage that I found when I went through all of my old tapes.  Claire came to visit on several occasions, and this footage was shot during one of her cold weather visits.  I originally didn't use it because the shawl covered too much of the stocking tops, but I just couldn't waste twenty minutes from this beautiful lady.  Claire is truly one of the top commercial models in the US.  In today's clips, Claire tries to start the 49 Ford for almost sixteen minutes.  When it finally starts, she does some very nice revving.  Claire's fast lane clip is 20:30 minutes in length (254 MB).


  October 16:  Today we feature the remake of another of Gian's classic videos.  The model's name is Dawn and she is trying to start the 1970 LTD in white hose and black hh sandals.  She removes her shoes and continues to crank the stubborn car.  The battery begins to wear down so she puts on a pair of black low heel pumps for the finale.  We have combined the two old fast lane clips into one 14:08 minute fast lane clip (202 MB), and the quality is significantly improved.


  October 15:  We begin the week with the first clips from the remake of the 2007 video Sexy Lexi Leigh.  Shortly after her shoot with us, Lexi was a featured model in the Girls Of My Space feature in Penthouse.  Lexi is on her way to meet a friend for lunch, but she has to call her friend because she can't get her 51 Chevy started,  After pumping and cranking for over twenty minutes, the Chevy finally starts. and Lexi called her friend to let her know that she is on her way.  There are four clips for our dial up members plus a 22:05 minute fast lane clip (265 MB).


  October 12:  The 63 Falcon with the choke all the way out has been a favorite of mine for years.  And these clips are among my favorites.  The model is Kelly who was not the brightest bulb on the block but she sure knew how to pump and crank a car.  We combined her two old fast lane clips into one clip that is 21:12 minutes long (303 MB).  This clip is in my personal archives as one of my best.


  October 10:  These clips are a prime example of why we are a cut about many of the other sites.  When a model cranks a car, the engine actually turns over and eventually starts.  DUH.  the title of this video is Pretty As A Picture.  Morgan Blair wants to go for a ride in our 1970 Valiant but is very difficult to get it started.  After pumping and cranking for over seven minutes, the stubborn car finally starts.  It stalls several times as she drives and at the very end, she does some revving.  We have four clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is almost twenty minutes long (286 MB).


  October 9:  These are the second set of clips from the remake of Classic Chassidy.  This beautiful young lady tries to start the Pussy Wagon for almost nine minutes, even taking time to check under the hood.  Chassidy's fast lane clip is 9:14 minutes in length (132 MB).


  October 8:  Let's kick off another week with one of our favorite models, Seline, in one of our favorite cars.  Seline is wearing a very sexy cocktail dress with some back stockings and sandals as she tries to start the 39 DeSoto.  After pumping and cranking for almost eleven minutes, Seline takes a break to tease you with her awesome stockings and legs.  The stubborn car eventually starts, and this beautiful model thanks you for your help.  There is a fast lane clip that is 14:23 minutes long (202 MB).


  October 5:  These are the last clips from the very first visit of Rachel and Danielle, two of our favorite models who returned to shoot with us numerous times.  The two girls want to do for a ride in the 1962 Rambler but Danielle can't get the car to start.    Rachel checks under the hood, and the stubborn car finally starts.  There is one awesome show of stockings tops as the girls go on their drive.   The car stalls several times but somehow they make it back home.  The fast lane clip is 16:34 minutes in length (237 MB).


  October 3:  These clips are a remake of our 2006 video Classic Chassidy.  Chassidy is working on the computer when a friend calls and wants to have lunch.  She goes down to her 1963 Falcon to see if it will start.  She has to pull the choke out to get the car started but it stalls as she backs down the driveway, and it takes her quite a while to get it started again.  She smokes a cigarette while she tries to start the car.  When the car eventually starts, you join Chassidy as she drives.  The car stalls several times and is very hard to get started again.  Chassidy's Falcon update was originally posted as two but we are now giving it to you in a single update.  Her fast lane clip is 19:18 minutes long (276 MB) and the quality is much better than in 2006.


  October 2:  Two of our lesser known themes are tease and topless.  Today's clips give you a taste of both.  Isobel is wearing some very sexy stockings and not much else as she teases you while purposely floods the Pussy Wagon for almost fifteen minutes.  Isobel's fast lane clip is 15:14 minutes in length (218 MB).


  October 1:  We kick off the month of October with Bemurr trying to start our 1939 DeSoto. She pumps and cranks, and when the car will not start, she checks under the hood. Eventually, the battery dies and Bemurr has to give up. The fast lane clip is 7:11 minutes long (100 MB).

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