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Updates For November 2015


  November 30:  Heather wears a very sexy summer dress that many other models have worn along with black RH&T stockings and pink mules. Heather's aggressive pumping floods the 68 Opel, but the car eventually starts and Heather does some very nice revving.


  November 27:  Brandi is probably the best tease model I ever shot, in part because she absolutely loved the stockings. Brandi tries to start the 51 Chevy by pushing the starter button with her stocking clad toe. The battery dies before she can get the car started.


  November 26:  Not the prettiest model I ever shot but one of my favorites. The Falcon with the choke all the way out has always been one of my favorites, and this was one of the first. Nineteen minutes of awesome footage that you won't find on any other web site.


  November 25:  Courtney Taylor was on the cover of the March 2002 Penthouse magazine, and I filmed her in 2003. Courtney first tried to start the 66 Valiant but the car wouldn't start so she hopped in the 74 Scamp. When she got back home, she changed her stockings and tried to start the Valiant again.


  November 24:  Tiffany was a local Hooters girl and a friend of Roxy's. She struggled to start a stubborn 49 Ford and then went for a drive around the neighborhood. There is a very nice scene at the end where she flooded the Ford. I also love her shoes which are straight out of the 1950's.


  November 23:  This young lady came just once and shot in two cars. She did a very nice job in both cars. In this movie, Andy Lynn cranks and drives the Pussy Wagen, our 1969 purple VW bug. The are two scenes in the woods where the car honestly breaks down. The first time it took her quite some time to get the car started but after stalling a second time, the Bug refused to start again.


  November 20:  Although a bit on the quit and shy side, Autumn has quite a few fans at the site. You've seen the dress many times before as well as the black RH&T stockings, but I have to believe that many of you are going to thoroughly enjoy this awesome young lady as she cranks and drives our 63 Valiant at the storage lot. She finally runs down the battery and has to give up.


  November 19:  Kerri traveled from Philadelphia to shoot with us and unfortunately it was cold and raining when she arrived. The 51 Chevy was a recent acquisition so I set up some lights in my garage and asked her to see if she could get the car started. Nothing whatsoever was rigged. As the battery was running down, I asked Kerri to tease with her stockings so she decided to push the starter button with her stocking foot. I enjoyed that!


  November 18:  When I filmed her, Sherri was a local Hooters girl. This Asian/American young lady was a stick shift pro, so we joined her in the 66 Volvo for a drive around my neighborhood. Lots of cranking and a pair of legs that were made to wear stockings.


  November 17:  Claire was a model with an incredible reputation in the commercial modeling industry. Her face could be seen on products in many well known retail stores, and she was one of the nicest young ladies that I met in my ten plus years of shooting video. This movie was shot during her first visit and features Claire cranking and driving our 1962 Rambler convertible.


  November 16:  Most of you know that Gian sent us his material from the day we opened the site in April 2003 until he jumped ship (behind my back) and hooked up with Michelle Schly.  This is one of the few remaining Gian movies not in the theater.  This movie features Val cranking and driving Gian's 1956 Ford on a farm in Belleville, Illinois.


  November 13:  Real name was Brittany Murray. She was a local Hooters girl and a friend of Penny's. I kept battery chargers on my cars at the storage lot so I was a bit disappointed when Bemurr tried to start the 39 DeSoto and the battery was somewhat weak from the beginning. Having said that, this movie was too good to throw away. I hope you agree.


  November 12:  The 1974 Plymouth Scamp was my very first car which I bought back in 2001. This movie was shot at the storage lot and features Hayley trying to start the Scamp. At the end of the day, the Scamp simply would not start so she moved on the the 66 Valiant. That became another movie.


  November 11:  Shandi was one of my favorite models who loved wearing stockings. She also had a super personality as you can see in the twenty minute movie of her cranking and driving one of my favorite cars, the 68 Opel. This car kept going and going and going.


  November 10:  Another of the rare models that could drive a stick shift so I took Angel to the storage lot where she cranked the Pussy Wagon until it finally started and then took us for a ride.  Her somewhat chunky legs looked awesome in black stockings.


  November 9:  This was Isobel's second cranking/driving movie in the 49 Ford. This movie was shot at least ten years ago but this fetish queen is still going strong. I just went to and she is just as hot as she was ten years ago.


  November 6:  This was the only model who was actually under contract to Playboy when I shot her. Her name is Amanda Hanshaw and she is worth a Google search. Amanda came to shoot when it was a bit chilly in Augusta so I put her in a Victoria's Secret sweater dress and told her to see if she could start the 51 Chevy. No switches and no gimmicks. Much to my surprise, she knew how to use a choke so she was able to get the car started fairly quickly. After a bit of hard revving with the choke out, she turned the key off but when she turned it back on, the Chevy would not start.


  November 5:  If you like topless pedal pumping, this is the place to be. We were shooting Christal at the studio, and she agreed to crank the 62 Tempest convertible in her bare breasts and bare feet. She decided to show off her stockings only to discover that she had a run. This is a very sexy movie.


  November 4:  Kellie was the first to crank our 61 Tempest station wagon and after the shoot, she asked if she could drive the 62 Rambler convertible so she could see more of my neighborhood. The Rambler was not an easy car to flood but Kellie managed to do it twice. We we got back in my driveway, I wasn't sure that she was going to get the car started again so she could drive it up to my garage.


  November 3:  Andrea was one of many models referred to us by April, and this was the first of two visits. She wants to go to the store to get some cigarettes, but she has a very hard time getting her 63 Falcon started. Once it finally starts, the Falcon stalls several times and is quite difficult to start on the shopping center parking lot.


  November 2:  A member who has been with me since 2003 asked if I had any more Cara movies to go in the theater." My reply was four and since he is partial to black stockings, today's movie features Cara wearing black RH&T stockings as she cranks and revs our 66 Volvo.


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