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Updates For November 2014

  November 28:  Sophia is a very cute young lady with jet black hair and huge boobs.  As you can see from her clothing, it is quite cold which is why is takes Sophia over thirteen minutes to get the stubborn DeSoto started.


  November 27:  Our 1964 Bel Air was a very sweet car in extremely good shape. Unfortunately, cranking the powerful engine was very hard on batteries so the car did not stay around very long. There are lots of fans of the full sized mid 60's GM cars so I decided to put this movie in the theater even though it's just over seven minutes in length. It takes Morgan Blair almost four minutes to get the car started, and she then does some revving which produces an awesome sound from the tailpipe. Hope our US members have a very nice Thanksgiving.


  November 26:  This was the very first movie that Kristy shot with us, and I think she did an outstanding job. She was an aggressive pumper which made sure the Pussy Wagon was flooded, and I loved her facial expressions which to me, are the best indication that a model is really into the theme of the movie. This is from my early years, yet it is one of my favorites.


  November 25:  This is actually a very interesting movie because it shows you the farm where Gian hid his cars from his wife for many years. I think she finally caught on which is why Gian works with the Shy one. This is a trademark Gian movie with the white nylons and a variety of footwear. At the end, the battery dies because Gian did not have access to electrical outlets to charge the batteries of his cars.


  November 24:  Another classic from one of the cutest redheads on the Internet. In this movie, Katie wears gray RH&T stockings as she tries to start a very stubborn 49 Ford. Our 49 Ford was actually built in June of 1948 so it was one of the first of the new models with the "new look." Katie almost drains the battery but the car finally starts so she revs the engine to recharge the battery.


  November 21:  1962 was the first year for the Tempest convertible. And we bought and restored one. Amanda K is one of many models that we filmed cranking and driving this beautiful car. We sold this car to a classic car dealer in Lakeland, FL for $3,995, and it was listed shortly thereafter for $16,999. Doubt that he got anywhere near that but the car sold very quickly. We got our money's worth and that is what counts.


  November 20:  In my opinion, cute is way better than beautiful. Delila Darling is the classic example. I absolutely loved this young lady's shoot in the VW Van, and I like this one as well. Well done Gian.


  November 19:  In Theater One there is a movie featuring one of our members' favorite models. The name is April's Triple Play, and the movie is over 38 minutes long. The movie is essentially two movies combined into one, so I have separated them. While April's Triple Play remains in Theater One, the length has been shortened from 38:38 minutes to 17:39 minutes. This movie is part one with April cranking and driving solely the 63 Falcon, and in HD I might add.


  November 18:  Although there are two other movies in the theater featuring Delila in our very popular 68 Opel, this movie was her first shoot in this car. How can you tell? The paint, or lack thereof. This was obviously before we had the car repainted in British racing green, and the other movies were shot in the dark green Opel. This is actually a very nice tease movie featuring one of the cutest models around. If you want to see "way more" of Delila, go to C4S and do a search for Delila Darling. A very interesting young lady.


  November 17:  Adriana is a very cute South Carolina who shot with us on several occasions. Today's movie features this cutie struggling to start a very stubborn 51 Chevy. She drives around the storage lot until the car dies and is very hard to get started again. This is movie number 366 and we will be well over 600 when the dust settles.


  November 14:  I believe that this is the first movie featuring our 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible. I traded the 82 Mercedes wagon even up for the Cutlass. I didn't do a lot of filming in either car because each had a rather large console that made it difficult to see the models' feet. I loved working with Elizabeth, and she absolutely adored the stockings. There's a topless movie of her cranking the 39 DeSoto in an earlier theater. Even though you can't see much of her feet, I think that this is a very nice movie in (for us) a very unusual car.


  November 13:  During Karla's first visit, she wanted to use the name Jade. During her second visit, she became Tristen. Jade was of Korean/American heritage, which can be seen from her facial features. In this movie, Jade wears black RH&T stockings as she cranks, drives and stalls our 62 Rambler convertible.


  November 12:  The 51 Chevy has always been the hardest car of our fleet to get started, especially during cold weather. Even with the choke out, Brianna struggles to start the stubborn car, and it keeps stalling on her as she drives. Two of the best cold weather movies with this car featured Claire and Delila.



  November 11:  As you might have guessed, Tara Lyn worked at Hooters when I shot her. And those huge boobs are hers! 1961 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest except for the convertible which debuted in 1962. And we had both years. The wagon stalls on Tara Lyn at a stop sign and is hard to get started again. When she gets back home, Tara Lyn purposely floods the car for you.


  November 10:  In this movie you get to watch a very cute young lady struggle to start her 68 Opel. After more than thirteen minutes of pumping and cranking, the stubborn car comes to life, and Andrea is on her way.


  November 7:  I bought this car for $3,000 from a neighbor who desperately needed some cash and sold it several years later for over $10,000. In all my years of shooting pp videos, this is the only car where I actually made money on the car itself. This was the last official year for the Beetle and our triple white edition was designated as the anniversary model. Very pretty model in a totally classic Volkswagen.


  November 6:  This was Cami's second shoot and although I preferred her first one, she did a very nice job in our classic 1949 Ford. I particularly liked the end where she is trying to start a car that has not been tampered with in any way.


  November 5: Another Gian classic that is a bit unusual in that it opens with Tonya driving the LTD, and with no hose on to boot. She then appears in Gian's trademark white hose and pumps, but the pumps don't stick around too long. There is more driving than cranking but this is still a very nice Gian creation.


  November 4: This was actually from Kristy's first shoot that I totally overlooked when setting up the theater. The principle difference between the two shoots is footwear. Kristy wears pumps in this movie and hh sandals in the second. If I ever thought about writing a book on my experiences with models, Kristy and Christi would be in chapter one.


  November 3:  Anna came to a shoot with Cassandra because they were both going to the same cosmetology school. I was not impressed with Anna until I saw this movie. Her facial expressions are priceless (for everything else there's MasterCard :))


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