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Updates For November 2012

  November 29:  Today we feature the first set of remade clips from the 2006 video Isobel & The 49 Ford.  Isobel wants to meet a friend for lunch but her 1949 Ford just doesn't want to start.  She calls her friend to let her know that she is having car trouble.  After more than fifteen minutes of pumping and cranking, the stubborn car finally comes to life, and Isobel is on her way.  The fast lane clip is 15:43 minutes long (223 MB).


  November 28:  Our beautiful Asian model as gotten the 51 Chevy started and is driving around the neighborhood.  The stubborn Chevy stalls often and is very hard to get started again.  Our remade fast lane clip is significantly better than the original clips.  Today's fast lane clip is 12:14 minutes long (175 MB).


  November 27:  Today we bring back more clips from our Vintage Sherri video.  This beautiful Asian American young lady wants to go for a drive in the 1951 Chevy.  The camera opens with her putting the finishing touches on her makeup and heading downstairs to her car.  She pumps and cranks to stubborn Chevy for almost eight minutes before the engine springs to life.  The car stalls as she backs down the driveway, but she manages to get it started again, and you are treated to some awesome shots of her beautiful feet and stockings as she drives.  Sherri's fast lane clips are 15:01 minutes in length (215 MB).


  November 26:  These are the second set of clips from the remake of the 2005 video Nikki.  I ran into her a few years ago in Rack Room Shoes and she had gained quite a bit of weight.  What a shame.  Today's clips feature Nikki who wants to go for a drive in our 1962 Rambler convertible.  The car starts relatively quickly (just over three minutes), so Nikki is on her way.  You get to watch her stocking feet work the pedals, but the car keeps stalling on her and is very hard to get started again.  Nikki is a smoker which will please some and turn others off.  She has very nice natural boobs and great legs for stockings.  There are four clips for our dial up members plus an 18:44 minute fast lane clip (267 MB).


  November 23:  This is more of the "lost" footage that I found looking through my old tapes.  I was actually looking for another camera that I thought was shooting Courtney from the back seat in the 1951 Chevy.  Never found that footage.  As you can tell from Claire's outfit, this was a winter shoot where Claire tried to start the 1949 Ford, and once it started, it stalled when she put it into gear.  The fast lane clip is 13:09 minutes long (187 MB).


  November 21:  These are the remade clips from our 2005 video Tempest Tidbits featuring our 1961 Pontiac Tempest wagon.  These clips feature Andrea, a model that was one of several referred to us by April.  This young lady pumped and cranked the Tempest for almost ten minutes.  The car finally started but stalled at the very first stop sign and was very hard to get started again.  Andrea's fast lane clip is 16:51 minutes in length (226 MB).


  November 20:  Yesterday's update featured Sherri struggling to start the 1949 Ford.  Today we join her as she drives around the neighborhood.  The car stalls twice and is very difficult to get started again.  Today's fast lane clip is 10:41 minutes in length (153 MB).  As some of you already know, we have made it easier to join Pedal Supreme by reducing the initial subscription cost to $39.95.


  November 19:  Sherri was a very pretty Asian American girl who worked at the Augusta Hooters.  Her first video was Vintage Sherri.  Today and tomorrow we are posting her remade clips in the 1949 Ford.  Two tripod mounted cameras capture Sherri as she pumps and cranks the old Ford for almost ten minutes before it finally starts, lighting up two cigarettes in the process.  Sherri's fast lane clip is 12:38 minutes long (168 MB).


  November 16:  When I first shot Nikki back in 2005, she quickly became a favorite of mine.  Very nice hair, great legs and a wonderful personality.  This is one of my favorite clips of a model in the Falcon with the choke out.  She honestly looks puzzled when the car keeps dying on her.  Nikki has four small format clips for our dial up members, and her fast lane clip is 22.11 minutes long (313 MB).  There are members who bitch about the remakes and want to cancel their memberships, but I continue to be amazed by the new subscribers.  The apparent demise of the shy one has certainly not hurt us.  Like many others, Michelle promised the moon but her space ship ran out of fuel.


  November 14:  This model first appeared some years before as Jade and even during her second shoot, her name was spelled Tristen and Trysten.   In any event, these clips feature Tristen as she tries to start the 1951 Chevy for over twenty minutes only to have the battery die so she has to give up.  Tristen's fast lane clip is 21:24 minutes long (282 MB).


  November 13:  These are the first of the remade clips from the video Amazing Rambler.  It's a warm summer day and Brianna wants to go for a ride in the 1962 Rambler convertible with her friend Elise.  Brianna can't get the stubborn car started so Elise gives it a shot while Brianna opens the hood.  The car eventually starts, and the girls are on their way.  The car stalls several times, but when it stalls in the driveway after they get back home, the Rambler just will not start again.  There are four clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 21:15 minutes in length.


  November 12:  In going through my old tapes, I found footage with several models that for some reason never made it to the web site.  This is the last of that footage.  Courtney came for a shoot and spent the night.  The next morning it was like 30 degrees so Courtney came out without hair or makeup done to see if she could start the 1951 Chevy.  No pulled coil wires or switches.  The car wouldn't even turn over until I told Courtney about the choke.  Once it started, she backed down the driveway and when she came back, she pulled the choke out which stalled the car and made it impossible to get started again.  The fast lane clip is 14:32 minutes long (208 MB).


  November 9:  Roxy has just gotten the 1961 Tempest started and backs down the driveway.  After a few minutes of driving, the Tempest stalls, and it takes her over six minutes to get it started again, only to stall again when she gets back home.  Roxy actually her stockings while she was trying to start the Tempest.  Roxanna's fast lane clip is 11:40 minutes in length (167 MB).


  November 7:  Nichol has finally gotten the Falcon started and backs down the driveway only to stall when she gets to the street.  It takes but a few turns of the key to get the Falcon started again, but the car stalls again a few minutes later and is very hard to get started again.  When she gets back home, she pulls the choke out to stall the car and then teases you as she tries to start the car.  The fast lane clip is 9:26 minutes long (135 MB).


  November 6:  The clips for the next two days feature a Florida model by the name of Nichol in our 1963 Falcon.  In today's clips, Nichol smokes a cigarette and plays with the choke as she tries to get the Falcon started.  She pumps and cranks for almost nineteen minutes before the stubborn car finally starts.  Our dial up members get four clips while those with high speed internet get a fast lane clip that is 19:25 minutes in length (269 MB).


  November 5:  These are the second set of clips from the video Tease For Two, which are not necessarily main stream but BV and some of our members really enjoy this kind of tease. Kelly was a model who came to shoot with us several times and really seemed to enjoy both the vintage stockings and old cars. Today we feature her pushing the starter on the 51 Chevy with her toe so that the seams in her stockings are clearly visible. This young lady is very good at talking to the camera. Kelly's fast lane clip is 10:23 minutes long (149 MB).


  November 2:  These clips bring back  two of my favorites, Roxanna and the 1961 Pontiac Tempest wagon.  Roxy was a local Hooters girl who's picture has been on a Hooters billboard and in many calendars.  Roxy wanted to run some errands in the Tempest but it took her over fifteen minutes to get the stubborn car started.  Her fast lane clip is 15:30 minutes long (220 MB), and the quality is significantly better than those posted back in 2005.


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