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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In May 2017


  May 24:  Tammy would not do topless so I did the next best thing. She talks to you while she tries to start the 49 Ford in a skimpy outfit and when it finally starts, Tammy revs the engine to recharge the battery.


  May 22:  Elena was born in Russia and adopted from an orphanage by an American family. The movie opens with Elena driving the 62 Rambler around my neighborhood until the car stalls, and we watch her struggle to get the car started again. The is also a very nice cranking scene when she gets back to the house.


  May 19:  I actually carved this out of Billie's shoot in the 66 Valiant. The car had stalled so I asked her to get out and show me her stockings. She then returned to the car but it wouldn't start so she opened the hood so we could get another look at her stockings. Billie was eventually able to get the Valiant started.


  May 17:  During one of Savannah's overnight stays, we went to the garage twice to see if the 66 Volvo would start. during her second attempt, I realized that she had the choke out but she had so screwed up the car that pushing the choke back in would not allow her to keep the car running. The Volvo soon found itself hooked to the back of a tow truck on its way for a tune up.


  May 15:  Our model Claire was a very well known commercial model who traveled extensively. When she told me that she was going to St. Louis, I hooked her up with Gian who's cars were kept on a farm about fifteen minutes east of St. Louis in Belleville, IL. Today we watch Claire try to start Gian's 62 Buick Skylark. The engine would turn over but just wouldn't catch.


  May 12:  This is kind of a mystery clip because this was not Sherri's first time in the 51 Chevy, and I thought that she should have been able to start this car. She must have been having a stupid moment because she knew damned well that the car had a push button starter, yet she first tried to start the car with the ignition switch. I then realized that she left the switch pointed to the right when she discovered the starter button which meant that the ignition switch was in the off position. I still like this clip because Sherri was genuinely puzzled as to why the car wouldn't start.


  May 10:  The 66 Valiant was the second car I purchased and saw quite a bit of action until I sold it. This movie features Angelina wearing black RH&T stockings as she tries to start the Valiant for over five minutes. She then takes you for a ride around my neighborhood where the car stalls and is very hard to get started again. The filming stopped on the way home because I accidently turned the camera off. That happened more than once in my early days.


  May 8:  For the first shoot of the day, I asked Kat to see if she could start the 69 Volkswagen without touching the gas pedal. She almost ran the battery down but the bug finally started. I then put the battery on a charger, and we did a very nice shoot in the 63 Falcon. When that was over, I asked Kat to aggressively pump the gas and try to flood the Bug. It started a couple of times at the beginning but she finally got the Pussy Wagon flooded.

We didn't update last week because our webmaster was in the hospital due to back problems.  We're glad to report he is fine and we're back to regular updates once again.



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