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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates For May 2016

  May 30:  Alise is on her way to work but her 51 Chevy won't start this morning. The engine keeps turning over but it just won't catch. Brianna can hear Alise having car trouble so she goes outside to help her. When Brianna pushes the starter button and Alise pumps the gas pedal, the stubborn car finally comes to life.


  May 27:  Belky was a local Hooters girl who was originally from Nicaragua. This was something I shot at the end of one of her shoots. The 68 Opel was a recent addition to our fleet and could be a bitch to start and keep running. Belky got the car started but kept stalling because she had to get adjusted to the clutch. When she finally got up to the grass and the car stalled, she kept pumping the gas but the car would not start again until she quit pumping. In hindsight, I wish that I had let her keep pumping the gas.


  May 25:  Charlie was one of my very early models, and she was tall with long legs that looked great in stockings. This is a twenty plus minute movie of Charlie cranking the 66 Valiant and driving around my neighborhood with several episodes of stalling and hard starting. Our fifteen theaters contain 717 movies with over 12,000 minutes of pure pedal pumping pleasure. Does anyone remember the late 1990's? Back then I thought that I was the ONLY one with this fetish?


  May 23:  One of the cool things in this business is having a model bring a friend with her for a subsequent shoot. During one of Cassandra's visits, she brought her friend Tiffany along. Tiffany's favorite was the 1949 Ford so I took her to the storage lot and asked her to see if she could get the car started. After pumping and cranking for over nine minutes, the stubborn car started so Tiffany did some hard revving to recharge the battery.


  May 20:  Bree was an African American young lady who was working at the local Hooters establishment at the time of our shoot. This movie features Bree cranking and driving the 62 Rambler convertible within my gated community. I recently had a new member ask me about the filming of linkage shots under the hood while a model was pumping the gas. This movie has just that, although perhaps not quite as long as the new member would like.


  May 18:  Shannon was one of two models that I got from Craig's List. The 51 Chevy was a recent addition to our fleet so I sent Shannon into my garage and asked her to see if she could get the stubborn car started. The car was not rigged in any way. Two tripod mounted cameras captured this very cute young lady trying for over twenty minutes to start this car, but the battery finally died and she had to give up. Our fifteen theaters showcase over 12,000 minutes of some of the best pedal pumping material around.


  May 16:  Erica came from Atlanta on a cold rainy day so I took her to the storage lot. She was wearing a Victoria's Secret sweater dress with black RH&T stockings. A cold Falcon was always hard to start and this was no exception. This is a very nice cranking, driving and stalling movie featuring a very pretty young lady in a truly classic car.


  May 13:  Kayla worked for one of the Hooters in the Columbia, SC area. Her long legs looked awesome in stockings. Kayla wants to take the 49 Ford for a spin. She walks out to the garage, and the car starts right up. After a few minutes of driving, the car stalls at a stop sign and is very hard to get started again. Kayla gets the car started again and is on her way until she gets almost home. The Ford stalls in her driveway and she floods it so the car won't start again.


  May 11:  Gracie is wearing off black pantyhose as she tries to start the Pussy Wagon. Two tripod mounted cameras capture Gracie's struggle with the engine turning over but refusing to catch. The battery begins to die, and the engine finally coughs and starts.


  May 9:  As many of you know, 1979 was the last year for the VW Beetle, and our triple white convertible was labeled the 50th anniversary model. Autumn was one of our favorite models, and we join her on the phone setting up a lunch date with a friend. Unfortunately, her car won't start so she has to call her friend and cancel the date. Autumn wears black RH&T stockings as she tries to start her car in her stocking feet.


  May 6:  I took Isabella to the studio on day when she wore a turquoise dress and matching shoes with suntan seamed stockings. This movie features Isabella cranking and pumping our very stubborn 68 Opel for almost ten minutes. When the car finally started, Isabella revved the engine to recharge the battery.


  May 4:  Skylar was my first model and the 74 Scamp was my first car. This was her second movie in the Scamp and featured Skylar cranking and then taking a trip to a local grocery store. When her car won't start on the parking lot, she lights up a cigarette and takes a break to show off her stockings. The movie was shot in 2002.


  May 2:  I love this movie because it features beautiful young lady trying to start a stubborn 51 Chevy on a very cold day. No pulled wires or switches. You can hear Lindsey getting a bit excited when the engine begins to turnover and once the car finally starts, she does some revving. Lindsey is now a spokesperson for a SC Chevy dealer. Check out Maegan Lindsey on Facebook. You won't be disappointed.


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