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Updates For May 2015

  May 29:  This is Brandi Ann's second movie in the 68 Opel.  She had so much fun doing the first one that she changed her stockings and put her hair up for the second shoot.  She loved the Victoria's Secret dress so much that she refused to take it off, so she wore it home.  As in her first shoot, she smokes a cigarette through much of the second shoot.  We have far more smoking videos than any other site but there are jerks that complain that we haven't done enough of them.  Too bad that I can't photo shop the cigarettes from the


  May 28:  Several members have told me how much they enjoy the tease clips, and I especially like to see the seams of her stockings while a model is trying to start the 51 Chevy. Remi is very cute and has tons of personality so this was a perfect role for her. She also does some left foot revving at the end. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


  May 27:  At one time, Claire and Kimber Leigh were very well known commercial models. Claire had a baby so I'm sure her modeling days are over. In this movie, you will see lots of legs and stockings as Claire struggles to start our Pussy Wagon for almost ten minutes. Once it starts, you get to watch her feet work the pedals as she drives. When she gets back home, she purposely floods the engine for you.


  May 26:  Mira came back for another shoot and brought her friend Kay with her. Both worked at the local Hooters. There is a big sale at the mall but Mira's 63 Falcon keeps stalling as she backs down the driveway and is very hard to get started again. Eventually Kay gives it a shot but the battery starts to give out. Very nice dialogue between these two.


  May 25:  Today we open Theater Eleven with our 501st movie.  We have a member from Sydney, Australia who has been with us continuously since 2003, and he loves Cara.  So today we feature Cara in a green dress and gray RH&T stockings trying to start the 49 Ford.  She takes a break to show off her stockings and does some revving when the car finally starts.  Also, I found a Rachel/66 Volvo movie in theaters one and nine so the theater nine movie has been replaced by a Volvo movie featuring a new model Brandi.


  May 22:  This is the 500th movie in the Pedal Supreme theaters, and we are featuring a treat for our bare leg members. The Opel had recently been purchased in Elberton, GA and was in need of mechanical and cosmetic repairs so we asked Kerri to see if she could get the car started. She tried it twice but had to give up when the battery died.


  May 21:  Today is my 76th birthday, and our model Tina also has a birthday on May 21st. Delila is one of our cutest models and today you get to play with her in the Falcon. She cranks and drives the stubborn car and then teases you by playing with the choke. You can see a lot more of this cute young lady by searching for Delila Darling at c4S. 




  May 20:  I recently went back through some of my 2003 and 2004 movies and found what I think is good stuff. Today we feature Krista, one of our most productive models, as she cranks and drives the 66 Valiant. Toward the end of the movie, Krista purposely floods the car while sitting in her driveway.



  May 19:  Danielle was a friend of Rachel's who came to shoot on several occasions. This was actually her first shoot where she struggled to start the 49 Ford only to have the car stall once she backed it into the street. Lots of dialogue from the very pretty young lady.


  May 18:  One of my earlier models with very nice legs who did a very nice shoot in the Pussy Wagon. I got a call from her several years later when she was in LA doing porn which sort of surprised me because she had very small boobs. Still, a very nice young lady that I enjoyed working with. All part of building the web site.


  May 15:  This is Delila's second movie where she is on her way to school but her car won't start. She has a plaid skirt, long black RH&T stockings and flat shoes. When the battery dies, she calls her friend to say that her car won't start so she won't be coming to school. Delila was a very cute young lady with a great personality.


  May 14:  This young lady drove from Alabama to shoot with us in 2005. Her name was Christy and she struggled for almost ten minutes to get the 64 Bel Air started. It kept turning over and almost catching but it really didn't want to start which frustrated Christy to no end.


  May 13:  Aubrey was my former Playboy model who came with Lisa for her first shoot. Neither had done a pedal pumping shoot so both were somewhat reserved during this shoot. The two young ladies took turns cranking and driving the 63 Falcon. Aubrey came back quite a few times, but Lisa came back only once.


  May 12:  This beautiful young lady told me that she and her husband were both engineers who worked for one of the largest aero space companies. I got the 95 Olds Cutlass T-top convertible in a straight swap for the 82 Mercedes wagon. This movie features Angel cranking and driving the Olds at the storage lot where most of my cars were kept.


  May 11:  Corie was a local Hooters girl who has some Asian blood in her genes. Corie is not shy about talking as she tries to get her 39 DeSoto started so she can go on a date. After more than ten minutes of pushing the starter and pumping the gas with her stocking clad foot, the engine finally comes to life, and Corie is a very happy camper.


  May 08:  Kay is on her way to meet a friend for lunch but her 49 Ford refuses to cooperate. Kay looks under the hood but she doesn't see anything wrong so she tries to start her car again. She finally goes back into the house to ask Irish Rose to help her. They both try to get the car started. Eventually Irish Rose pushes the starter button while Kay pumps the gas, and the old Ford comes to life.


  May 07:  I posted a Roxanna movie two weeks ago, and several members told me how much they liked this young lady. At the time of this shoot, Roxy worked at Hooters in Augusta. It's a warm summer day so Roxy has the top down on her classic Rambler convertible. She struggles to start the car but finally gets on her way, only the have the stubborn car stall on her several times.


  May 06:  When Quin showed up for this shoot, we thought she just had a cold. It turned out to be pneumonia. Her 66 Valiant refused to start so Quin decided to take her 74 Scamp. This car was a bit difficult to get started and kept stalling during her drive around the neighborhood. Even though she wasn't feeling well, Quin did a very nice job in this movie.


  May 05:  Joy made some awesome movies during her two trips to Augusta. I set three cameras on tripods and asked Joy to see if the 51 Chevy would start. She pumped and cranked for over seventeen minutes, even calling her friend to say that her car wouldn't start. This is a very nice movie notwithstanding the squeaky gas pedal.


  May 04:  Adriana drove from Columbia, SC to shoot with us on numerous occasions. The Valiant was parked outside of our studio, and I told Adriana to pump the gas aggressively while she tried to start the car. She flooded the engine very quickly and even when she stopped pumping, the car wouldn't start. Only when she held the gas pedal to the floor would the Valiant finally start.


  May 01:  Megan Briana, aka Megbri, was one of the nicest models that I ever had the pleasure to work with. Her movie in the 68 Opel is one of my all-time favorites. This movie was shot on a cold winter day and opens with Megbri struggling to start a very stubborn 49 Ford. The car finally starts but stalls in the driveway when she returns home and is very hard to get started again.


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