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Updates For May 2014

  May 30  Jessie drove up from Tampa for a shoot back in 2004 with her friend Neil. Jessie owns and Neil was just launching a new site that some of you may have heard of. Clips4Sale. I declined his offer to put my clips on the new site. When Jessie can't start the Pussy Wagon, she lights up a cigarette and accuses you of fixing the car so she can't start it. Next week we will open Theater Six with our 251st movie.


  May 29  Another model who came just once but did a very nice shoot. Her pumping was aggressive to the point where she actually flooded the Opel. Memo to jfred65, Roxanne smokes in this movie, but you will obviously will never be satisfied until every video clip has a model smoking a cigarette.


  May 28  I simply do not understand how anyone can complain about our lack of smoking videos over the years. This was one of our early videos and featured our 63 Ford Falcon with a model smoking big-time. Almost half an hour cranking and driving an early sixties Ford car. What more could you ask for unless you are jfred65.


  May 27  I never once saw Renee smile but she knew her job and she did it well. One of the early models who contributed to our success. I might add that the 1962 Rambler made a huge contribution to our success.


  May 26  The only model that I am aware of that shares my birthday, May 21st. I was 75 and Christina was 29. I absolutely love this movie because Tina is so good at including the stockings in her frustration when the stubborn car would not start.


  May 23  Beth is on her way to school but she struggles to get her 68 Opel started. It finally starts but dies in the driveway and simply will not start again. It seems like just a few weeks ago that we opened Theater Five but we are actually just a few weeks from opening Theater Six. Our goal is ten theaters to showcase the material that we have provided to the pedal pumping community over the past eleven plus years.


  May 22  A very cute young lady cranking and driving one of the stars of our classic car fleet, partly in her stocking feet. Our oldest car was a 1939 DeSoto while the newest was a 1995 Olds Cutlass T-top convertible. Our cars were licensed, insured and drivable. The big issue was finding a model who could drive a stick shift.


  May 21  This very pretty young lady visited us only once but we got to shoot her in four different cars. I loved Kara's aggressive pumping while she was trying to start the Pussy Wagon. Several times the engine started but Kara kept on pumping to the point where the engine died. Today is my 75th birthday. We had a video store for a year or so back in 2002 but couldn't take Ron's abusive treatment of his PE members so we opened "Supreme" back in March 2003. NOBODY can touch us when it comes to original content.


  May 20  Veronica wears a very sexy coral cocktail dress with matching shoes as she cranks the 49 Ford. The battery is just about gone when the engine comes alive, and this stunning young lady does some very nice revving.


  May 19  Christi was one of our models from 2003/2004 who at 5'11", had some of the longest legs of any model on the site. Christi was very comfortable driving a stick shift so you get to watch her pump, crank and drive our 1966 Volvo. Lot's of fun to work with.


  May 16  We opened our site in March 2003 and the 1962 Rambler convertible was one of our early cars. A great car to film a model pumping the pedals, especially with the top down. Brittany smokes as she pumps, cranks and drives this awesome car. Memo to Shish and fat friend; my fans don't give a rat's ass what you think. And I'm sure your fans don't think too much of me. As we both well know, the only thing that sells in this community is content.


  May 15  I shot two models who were nationally renown fashion and commercial models. This movie features the beautiful Kimber Leigh wearing black RH&T stockings as she cranks and revs our 1949 Ford. This car was actually built in June 1948 and was one of the first to feature the "new" Ford look of 1949.


  May 14  When I shot this movie, Roxy worked at the Hooters here in Augusta, and she really had one hell of a time getting this stubborn car to start. Roxy's picture was featured on a Hooter's billboard. You actually get to hear her call her boss telling me that she will be late because her car won't start.


  May 13  I was born in 1939 (75 on May 21st) and the very first car I remember was my mother's 1941 Plymouth. My parents were actually very well off so lots of babysitters got to take my brother and me for a ride if the Plymouth would start. I can't believe that I waited so long to buy a pedal start car but watching beautiful young ladies like Emily trying to start the DeSoto is a dream (fantasy) come true. And yes, back then the young ladies wore stockings with seams.


  May 12  This was one of our very first videos in the Falcon with the choke pulled all the out.  And Amy was one of the few models who managed to make it down the driveway and into the street.  I might add that this is one of the many videos we shot for our members who were into smoking.  Twitkabob recently called me a douchebag which means we are kicking his ass.  Hell, I'd break my foot trying to kick the ass of his fat girlfriend.  When Scarlett dangles her shoe, she can't even see her fricking foot.


  May 9:  A very beautiful young lady who can drive a stick shift, and her Victoria's Secret dress can barely contain those huge natural boobs. What a way to end the week!


  May 8:  This is the shortest movie in our theater but I have had numerous requests for movies in this classic car, and I absolutely love every movie that Katlin has ever shot. I know that you will like this one.


  May 7:  This was probably the first movie we shot after we purchased the Opel. Aubrey was my first Playboy model, having appeared in numerous 2006 Playboy publications. While we were determined to send the Opel to the scrap yard after we killed the engine, our members convinced us to keep this car on the site, so we not only pulled the engine to have the necessary repairs made, we painted the car in British racing green and had the seat covers replaced.


  May 6:  We flew Alison and her husband from Kansas City and she spent two days shooting with us. Today we feature this very cute young lady as she cranks the 1949 Ford for almost fifteen minutes before it finally starts. Her frustration leads her to light a cigarette while she tries to start the car.


  May 5:  Today we feature the color red. The model is Katie Danger, one very cute redhead, and the car is our 1962 Pontiac Tempest convertible. Katie smokes as she cranks and drives this candy apple red classic. No other pp web site can even come close to the number of cars in our fleet over the years.


  May 2:  Shelli was one of my "redneck southern girls" who was fun to work with. She could drive a stick shift so I put her in the 51 Chevy, and she made a very nice movie. The sound is a bit low on this movie so you might want to turn the volume up a bit.


  May 1:  While short and a wee bit on the chunky side, Hailey had a very pretty face and very nice natural boobs. And this young lady could pump with the best of them. The Opel was not rigged in any way and at first, Hailey could get the engine to turn over but her aggressive finally resulted in just cranking. The car was towed to the repair shop the next day. I have shot over 400 videos and this one is in the top ten percent.


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