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Updates For May 2013

  May 31:  Addie Juniper is a fetish model who has appeared on numerous fetish websites.  Her claim to fame when I shot her was a site where she kicked her b/f in the balls as hard as she could.  Last I heard her new site was lol.  I liked Addie but she had a problem not just showing up on time,  but showing up at all.  So this is her one and only claim to fame on Pedalsupreme.  This is actually not bad at all.  I put her in the 51 Chevy which is my favorite car, and she managed to shoot for over 26 minutes (354 MB).  When is the last time you saw a 26 minute update?  Scarlett munching on a bale of hay perhaps?


  May 30:  I opened the site in 2003 and shot Jessie in 2004.  Not the most attractive model I ever shot but a great tease model.  She ran then and still runs  Her b/f who came with her was Neil, the founder of Clips4Sale.  This is actually some very nice video in the Pussy Wagon, especially if you are into smoking.  The fast lane clip is 16:50 minutes in length (241 MB).


  May 29:  Today we feature another set of updated clips from our Russian model Elena.  These clips showcase her struggle to start our 1963 Falcon and back it down the driveway with the choke out.  When she finally makes it to the end of the driveway, she decides to forgo her drive and heads back to where she started.  Elena's fast lane clip is 16:29 minutes long (234 MB).  Hey Shish, you do have regurgitated content because that is what Scarlett does after every meal.


  May 28:  Cassandra has to be just about the sexiest model I have ever shot.  Having said that, she looks totally different when she gets out of her car and heads to the bathroom for hair and makeup.  She actually wore glasses.  This young lady has shot with us numerous times and has either brought or referred her friends to shoot with us.  I have no doubt that you will enjoy this 7:35 minute clip.


  May 24:  Stuart down under is going to think he has gone to heaven.  Cara was his favorite model and back in 2009 when I shot Cara's Encore, I did some fun stuff at the end that I didn't think was worthy of an update because it wasn't long enough.  Cara was a local model who would readily give me an hour of her time for $100.  One day I asked her to go into the garage to see if the 49 Ford would start.  She pumped the gas and played with the choke and the car started after just a few tries.  The next day was an entirely different story as you will be in the first of the three videos.  The Ford refused to start and Cara was clearly puzzled.  I also shot two clips of her trying to start the 66 Volvo.  The fast lane clip encompasses all three scenes and is 12:57 minutes long (148 MB).  Note:  Next week's updates will be posted on Tuesday through Friday so our webmaster can have a well deserved vacation.


  May 22:  Today we bring you clips from Amanda's 2006 video Texas Tease.  The clips begin by joining Amanda as she is driving the Falcon around the storage lot with the choke pulled out.  she starts the car but the engine runs roughly as she drives.  When it stalls, the Falcon is very hard to get started again.  You will love Amanda's personality and Texas accent.  Amanda's fast lane clip is seventeen minutes in length (238 MB).


  May 21:  These clips feature our beautiful Russian model Elena in one of my all time favorite cars.  Tripod mounted cameras capture Elena as she tries to start our 1961 Pontiac Tempest station wagon.  She pumps and cranks in her brown RH&T stockings for over nine minutes before the Tempest springs into action.  The car stalls at the first stop sign and is very hard to get started again.  Elena ends these clips by flooding the car when she gets back into her driveway.  There are four small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 22:15 minutes long (309 MB).  For what it's worth, today is my 74th birthday.  We opened a video store on PE in 2002 and the site in March 2003.


  May 20:  This is a 9:46 minute clip of Jane, a well known porn star who is just about a cute as they come.  You get to see a bit of everything.


  May 17:  Today we rejoin Louise as she takes the Volvo for a spin.  Unfortunately, shortly after leaving her house, the Volvo stalls and is very hard to get started again.  Her frustration leads her to light a cigarette.  The car eventually starts, so Louise heads back to her house.  She knows that you enjoy watching her as she struggles to start the car, so she pulls the choke all the way out and the engine dies.  Louise then teases you as she tries to get the Volvo started again.  At the very end of the video, she does some revving.  Her fast lane clip is 14:15 minutes in length (203 MB).


  May 15:  The next two updates represent clips from a very nice video, Louise & The Volvo.  Louise wants to go for a drive in the 66 Volvo, but the stubborn car refuses to start.  She lights a cigarette and plays with the choke while she pumps and cranks the car.  After trying for almost fourteen minutes, the Volvo finally comes to life.  The fast lane clip is 15:35 minutes long (222 MB).


  May 14:  These are the final set of remade clips from our 2003 video Double Feature starring the first of several models named Tori.  This super cute young lady cranks, drives and floods the 63 Falcon.  Tori's fast lane clip is 9:57 minutes long (143 MB).


  May 13:  This happens to be my favorite stocking tease clip from one of the cutest models ever to grace the pages of this site.


  May 10:  We end the week with Tasha anxious to go for a drive on a warm summer day in the 1962 Rambler convertible.  These clips feature a lot of aggressive cranking and pumping in a very stubborn car.  This video was shot in 2004, and we have come a long way since then.  Tasha's fast lane clip is just over eight minutes long (115 MB).


  May 8:  Today we feature more clips from Beetle Mania with one of our early Asian models.  Kimberly is wearing black stockings and a very nice red suit as she tries to start the 1969 Beetle.  After pumping and cranking for over five minutes, the Pussy Wagon comes to life, only to stall when she reaches the end of the driveway.  Unfortunately, the car refuses to start again and the battery runs down so Kimberly has to give up and go back into the house.  The fast lane clip is 12:41 minutes in length (182 MB).


  May 7:  These are the second set of clips from the video Volvo's Debut.  The model is our very cute Elena, who was born in Russia.  She pumps and cranks the 66 Volvo for almost seven minutes before the engine springs into action.  Elena then does a bit of revving.  Her fast lane clip is 8:28 minutes long (121 MB).


  May 6:  Darcy is a local bartender who has not only shot a pedal pumping video, she also did a stocking tease clip.  Her clip is just over nine minutes long and in my humble opinion, very sexy.


  May 3:  These clips are the "More" from the video Czech Mate & More.  Nickie Black was one of our cutest early models.  She invited me to her wedding and promised that she would wear a pair of my stockings under her wedding dress if I would come.  Unfortunately, I was to be in California for my birthday on the day of her wedding.  She is now divorced with a son to show for her adventure.  Google Nickie Black Dennard to learn more.  These clips feature almost twenty minutes of Nickie wearing RH&T stocking cranking, driving and stalling our 1966 Valiant.  We have come a long way since 2004.  Ron K wishes he could say the same.


  May 1:  Today we continue with more clips from our very popular video Beetle Mania.  Roxanna is a local Hooter's girl whose image has appeared on Hooters billboards in Myrtle Beach and along I-20.  Part One of the update features Roxanna as she pumps and cranks the Pussy Wagon until it finally starts.  She then does some revving and then tries to put the Bug in the garage.  Part Two features Louise who wears some very sexy black RH&T stockings while she aggressively pumps the purple VW bug.  The car finally starts but stalls when she backs down the driveway.  The battery dies so she has to give up.  The fast lane clip is 19:36 minutes in length (279 MB).

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