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Updates For May 2012

  May 30:  Today we introduce the remake of another of Gian's videos>  When Gian first shot Emilee, we put three clips on the fast lane page.  Today we are replacing the first of those clips with a clip that is significantly longer and of much higher quality.  Emilee is wearing Gian's trademark white thigh-hi stockings as she pumps and cranks the LTD for almost twelve minutes until the battery dies.  There are three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 11:52 minutes long.  The old clip was 88 MB while today's clip is 170 MB.


  May 29:  Many of our members fell in love with pretty Penny, and she could not wait to come back for another shoot.   Penny specifically asked if she could shoot in the 39 Desoto, and I simply could not resist her request.  Her foot worked the gas pedal and the pedal starter for over fourteen minutes before the stubborn DeSoto finally sprung into action.  There are three small format clips as well as a 14:30 minute fast lane clip (206 MB).


  May 28:  Let's celebrate Memorial Day with an update that is almost twenty minutes long.  Hey shy one, are you up to the task?  Summer and Wynter have just finished having lunch (at TGI Fridays I might add) and they walk out to Summer's 64 Bel Air only to find that it will not start right away.  Once it starts, Summer takes the car for a high speed drive on I-20 into South Carolina and back.  When they get back home, Wynter tries to start her 69 Bug again but without success.  Summer tries the Bug while Wynter tries to start the Bel Air.  We have four clips for our dial up members plus a huge fast lane clip that is 19:41 minutes long (282 MB).


  May 25:  Tara was a model from the Philadelphia area who came to shoot with us in 2005.  Beautiful dark brown eyes and huge boobs.  These clips are the first of two sets featuring Tara as she tries to take the 62 Rambler for a ride.  She pumps and cranks for almost six minutes only to have the car stall at the end of the driveway.  Tara lights up a cigarette while she tries to start the car.  The Rambler keeps stalling so she takes off her shoes while she tries to start the car.  We have three small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 16:52 minutes in length (241 MB).


  May 23:  Adriana finally got the 63 Falcon started, so we get to join her for a drive around the storage yard.  The car keeps stalling on her as she drives and is very hard to get started again.  At the very end, she teases you by pulling out the choke and flooding the car.  There are three clips for our dial up members as well as a fast lane clip that is just over twelve minutes long (174 MB).


  May 22:  During 2005, we made a very nice two girl video entitled Summer and Wynter.  We originally posted this video in six fast lane clips encoded at 1368 kbps.  This video has been remade into three fast lane videos at the 1868 kbps rate.  Furthermore, the entire video was over 31 minutes long yet only 24 minutes were posted.  Wynter wants to meet Summer for lunch but she can't get her 69 VW to start so Summer comes to pick her up in the 64 Bel Air.  These first clips open with Wynter getting ready for lunch and end with the girls arriving at the restaurant.  The fast lane clip is 11:24 minutes in length (163 MB).


  May 21:  Jennifer was one of Gian's favorite models, and today we feature Jennifer in his favorite car and perhaps yours also, the red Impala convertible.  This beautiful young lady pumps and cranks the Impala in a variety of hosiery and footwear, as well in her stocking feet.  The fast lane clip is 9:41 minutes long (139 MB).  Just a reminder to the shy one that Pedal Supreme owns the copyright to all of Gian's material since 2003, and checks were sent to Jeb Santen on a regular basis.  Unicamp??


  May 18:  When Adriana came back to shoot for a third time, we took her to the storage lot and asked her to try to start the 63 Falcon.  She pumped and cranked the stubborn car for almost seven minutes until it finally started, only to have it keep stalling as she put it into gear.  Adriana's fast lane clip is 10:26 minutes long (149 MB).


  May 16:  Today we feature the final remade clips from Melissa Wolf's video.  Melissa is North America's most published centerfold having been in Penthouse more than sixty times.  Melissa wears a beautiful turquoise outfit with matching shoes as she pumps and cranks our former 1964 Valiant for almost ten minutes before the engine comes to life.  Her much improved fast lane clip is 10:39 minutes in length (151 MB).  The old one was just under six minutes long and 64 MBs in size.


  May 15:  I just returned from a 21 day cruise and wish to apologize to those who's e-mails were not answered in a timely fashion.  Unlike the Shy one who's updates stop when she travels, our updates did not miss a beat.  These clips are the second and last from Amelia's one and only video.  This very cute young lady wears black RH&T stockings as she tries to start our 1968 Opel.  After almost twelve minutes of cranking, pumping and looking under the hood, the stubborn Opel finally comes to life and Amelia is on her way.  We have three clips for our dial up members as well as a 12:22 minute fast lane clip (159 MB).


  May 14:  These are the final set of clips from our 2003 video Two Girls/Two Cars.  The girls have just finished lunch and are struggling to start the 1974 Scamp on the restaurant's parking lot.  It finally starts so they return to where the girls met to see if they can get Angie's 1963 Falcon started.  Toward the end of the clips, you watch the girls each trying to start their cars at the same time.  There are three small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 17:44 minutes long (254 MB).


  May 11:  In my opinion, this is the very best of Marie and Marissa.  Marissa tries to start the 69 Beetle while Marie tries to start the 61 Tempest wagon.  In the end, the Tempest starts only to stall when Marie backs it down the driveway and into the street.  The old clip was 9:25 minutes long and 101 MB in size.  Today's fast lane clip is 13:34 minutes long and 194 MB in size.


  May 9:  These clips feature Emily as she tries to start the 62 Tempest convertible.  Once it starts, you get to join her for a drive.  When she returns, she treats you to a stocking tease with those gorgeous legs.  Emily's awesome fast lane clip is 15:12 minutes in length (214 MB).


  May 8:  Today we bring back Bobby Jo in Gian's 1968 Impala convertible.  These are mostly driving clips but I don't think they appear anywhere on the site.   There are three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 14:21 minutes long.


  May 7:  These clips totally illustrate the difference between the old and new PS.  The clips feature Melissa Wolf and our purple 1969 VW Beetle.  The old fast lane clip was just under four minutes long and was 41.8 MB in size.  The NEW fast lane clip is just over sixteen minutes long and is 230 MB in size.


  May 4:  Although we are remaking some of our older clips, we will continue to feature new models.  Our latest is Amelia.  This stunning young lady wears black RH&T stockings as she tries to start our very popular 1951 Chevy.  She pumps and cranks for over nine minutes until the Chevy finally starts.  She then does some revving.  Amelia's fast lane clip is 12:15 minutes in length (175 MB).


  May 2:  These clips date back to 2003, our first year.  The video is entitled Two Girls/Two Cars and there are NO fast lane clips on the site.  Quite frankly, I don't even remember the names of the models but I think these are pretty good clips considering I was still cutting my teeth.  The fast lane clip is almost fourteen minutes long (199 MB) and the quality is one hell of a lot better than it would have been had I posted it back in 2003.


  May 1:  Many of our members have fond memories of our 1964 Bel Air.  Marie is on her way to work but she has a hard time getting the Chevy started.  It finally starts, and she is on her way to work.  When she gets back to her driveway, this beautiful young lady does some revving.  Once again, we have three small format clips for our dial up members, and those with high speed Internet get a 12:12 minute fast lane clip (174 MB).  Marie's old clip in the Bel Air was 8:20 minutes long and 89.7 MB in size.


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