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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In March 2017


  March 31:  I treated many models to a meal (lunch or dinner or both) as long as they wore seamed stockings. No model ever refused the free meal or complained about wearing the stockings. During one of Jennie's visits, she and her friend drove the 70 Valiant to TGI Friday's and I drove my Sequoia. After lunch, Jennie had quite a bit of trouble getting the Valiant started, and I captured her struggle on my camera.


  March 29:  My very first model in her very last movie. She pulls the choke out which makes the 63 Falcon very difficult to start, but she eventually gets the car started and you join her for a drive around my neighborhood. The car stalls and is very hard to get started again.

My neighborhood was a gated community in Martinez, GA by the name of West Lake. I was able to shoot undisturbed for over eight years until a property line dispute with a neighbor got the board involved. I had two master suites and a hot tub so it made for some very good company.


  March 27:  This to me is the ultimate tease video, and you may have seen four or five similar videos with Brianna being my favorite. If you share my taste, then enjoy the movie. Otherwise, there are hundreds of other movies for you to enjoy.


  March 25:  My favorite Gian model trying to start Gian's 1962 Buick Skylark. Unfortunately, the battery dies so she has to give up.


  March 23:  There are a few of us around who are old enough to remember pedal start vehicles. Spike is perhaps the most famous, but even a youngster like Charlie at CCL had several GM pedal start trucks. For many, pedal pumping is a foot focus event but not for me. I like to see more of the young lady, including a view through the windshield to see her experience the frustration of car trouble. So through the magic of movie editing software, I decided to make a movie featuring the facial expressions of young ladies trying to start my 39 DeSoto.


  March 20:  Hayley was one of my first models who managed the Wet Seal store at the Augusta Mall. I had two cameras mounted on tripods as she tried to start my newly acquired 66 Valiant. Most of the action was captured over her shoulder. The car would turn over and almost start, but the battery eventually died so she have to give up.

The model index is now online thru the letter M, and the featured movie of the week is proving to be a very popular addition. With well over 800 movies, it can be difficult to find the best of the bunch.


  March 17:  Sanny was originally from Cambodia who had recently had a boob job. She told me that she was going back to the boob doctor because one boob was bigger than the other. I couldn't tell but I am into legs so what do I know. For this shoot, I took Sanny to the storage yard and told her to aggressively pump the purple bug while trying to get it started. Hope you like it.


  March 15:  It was a very cold day in Augusta, and Courtney was on her way to an important business meeting but her 68 Opel just would not start. She lights up a cigarette and calls her friend Anna to tell her that the car won't start, and Anna needs to come pick her up. Courtney keeps trying to start her car until Anna arrives to pick her up. Courtney has some very nice boobs which are totally hers.


  March 13:  We begin the week with movie 851, which means we are opening our eighteenth theater. I currently have 29 unreleased movies so this will likely be our last theater. Today's movie is another of Gian's gems which was filmed on the farm in southern Illinois where he stores his cars. the 1970 LTD starts right up for Tonya but stalls soon after she begins her drive. Her frustration leads her to light up a cigarette.


  March 10:  Nicoll came over looking for some extra cash so I put her in a dress and stockings, and asked her to move the 51 Chevy out of the garage. The car was not tampered with in any way, but Nicoll and many of my other models learned that holding the gas to the floor in the 51 Chevy when the car was cold would keep the car from starting. This is our 850th movie which means that Theater Eighteen will be opening on Monday.


  March 8:  Some cranking with a bit of stocking tease followed by some smokey revving with the choke out in our 49 Ford. We ARE the vintage car cranking and revving web site with over 800 truly vintage movies. We do not disrespect our members by putting some of our clips on C4S where members are forced to pay more for things that should have been part of their $40 monthly fee.


  March 6:  The purple bug was a recent addition to our fleet when Brittany came for a shoot. I told her to pump the gas aggressively as she tried to start the Pussy Wagon. She eventually got the car started and did a bit of revving to recharge the battery.


  March 1:  For a relatively short period of time, Gian had a VW Vanagon. Stacey Leigh was a Tennessee model who first appeared on Classic Car Ladies. In today's movie, Stacey Leigh cranked the bus in Gian's trademark white thigh hi stockings until the beast finally started. She then did some rather hard revving. Gian kept his fleet of cars on a farm in Belleville, IL, and I believe that they are still there today with MsVeryShy being almost his sole model.



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