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Updates For March 2015

  March 31:  I was looking through the fast lane clips recently and came across a clip that I had totally forgotten about since it was too short for the DVD store. Taylor was a very early model that shot an awesome movie in the 63 Falcon which has been a member favorite over the years. Taylor was a very aggressive pumper and the Scamp was easy to flood, so I think you will like this movie.


  March 30:  This beautifully restored GTO belonged to the owner of the place that repaired my cars. During my last shoot with that car, I asked Tori to pump the gas before trying to start the car, which is why it took eight turns of the key before the car finally started. She then takes you for a ride and does a very nice stocking tease at the end.


  March 27:  Penny was a local Hooters girl who appeared in the bikini calendar and won titles at several regional Hooters events in Florida. Today Penny is dressed in black as she pumps and cranks our stubborn 51 Chevy for over eleven minutes until it finally starts. Very striking young lady with Korean ancestry.


  March 26:  The 74 Plymouth Scamp was my very first car, and Mary Rose was a very shy local Asian girl that I worked with several times. The movie is interesting because the car was rigged when I was filming from the passenger's side but I turned the switch off as I started to move to the driver's side. By that time, Mary Rose had flooded the car and never could get it started. I asked her later what she was thinking while she was cranking and she told me that she was wondering why she couldn't get the car started.


  March 25:  From almost day one, a favorite of mine has been watching a young lady struggle to back the Falcon down the driveway with the choke pulled all the way out. And Nicoll takes several breaks to show off her stockings while she smokes a cigarette.


  March 24:  I am not a huge fan of bare boobs but many of my members are. However, I love seeing a young lady starting a car and then turning off the key and intentionally flooding the car. The Pussy Wagon was not that hard to flood so I think that many of you will enjoy Nichol with her "top" down as she floods the VW in RH&T stockings.


  March 23:  Seline was the centerfold of the 2013 Hooters bikini calendar, an honor that hundreds of beautiful young ladies competed for. Not only is she beautiful but she has made some of the best pedal pumping movies ever seen. An added bonus is some very nice revving at the end of this movie.


  March 20:  Britt came to us from a photographer friend in the Charlotte area. While I used three tripod mounted cameras to shoot Britt as she tried to start the 39 DeSoto, my favorite camera was the one through the front windshield because I loved her facial expressions while she was trying to start the car.



  March 19:  Danielle was another of our very attractive models who could handle a four-on-the-floor stick shift. It takes her over four minutes to get the stubborn car started, and you then get to watch her feet work the pedals as she takes the Volvo for a spin.


  March 18:  Roxanna was the most popular of the local Hooters girls, and she was in the Hooters bikini calendar for several years. Some years ago, she was pictured on a Hooters billboard along I-20. In today's movie, Roxanna struggles a bit to get the 49 Ford started and then does quite a bit of driving. When she gets back home, she teases you by playing with the choke as she tries to start the car. Although a 1949 model, this Ford was built in June of 1948 making it one of the first of totally redesigned 49 models.


  March 17:  Welcome to theater ten and our 451st movie. Yasmine's family was from Iran and I know of only one other model of Iranian descent. Kobe had an Iranian father and an English mother. Yasmine cranks and drives the Opel and when it stalls in the woods, she has a very hard time getting it started again.


  March 16:  Nadia was a very striking model especially in black stockings and dress with her black hair. The 51 Chevy was relatively new and was very hard to start without using the choke. It almost started one time but otherwise it wouldn't turn over at all. The car was not rigged in any way. This is movie 450 which makes it the last movie in theater nine.


  March 13:  Our super cute pint sized Natasha cranks and drives our 82 Mercedes, including a trip through the woods. The Mercedes is a "gray market" car which means that it was purchased in Europe and shipped into the US with features not found on cars sold new in the US.


  March 12:  This is another classic from Gian. Heather's bare feet have bright red nail polish as she struggles to start Gian's 56 Ford for over ten minutes. She eventually gets the car started.


  March 11:  Wynter wants to go shopping in her 63 Falcon, but she doesn't realize that the choke is all the way out so as she backs down the driveway, the car stalls. She manages to get the Falcon started quite a few times, but the engine floods out almost immediately. After pumping and cranking for over eighteen minutes, she calls her friend Summer to come help her. Summer eventually gets the car to stay started and drives back up the driveway.


  March 10:  It was hot and sunny in Georgia when Tori and her friend Natasha decided to take the 79 Volkswagen convertible for a spin. After a bit of a struggle to start the car, the girls are on their way. When they go through the woods, the car stalls and is hard to get started again.


  March 9:  It was a cold day when Kelly decided to see if her old DeSoto would start. The stubborn car would turn over but wouldn't catch. The battery finally died and Kelly had to go back into the house.


  March 6:  Cute local young lady with a heavy foot on the gas pedal who spends quite a bit of time trying to start the 68 Opel. We recently moved across the Savannah River to Aiken, SC and are still unpacking boxes as we settle into our new house. Recently went back to our CCBill member list and saw two members who have been with us since 2003. Many thanks to each and every one of you who have supported the site since we opened in 2003.


  March 5:  Aubrey was a former Playboy model who shot with us on quite a few occasions. This was actually her very first performance. The 51 Chevy was still relatively new so I put two cameras on tripods and asked Aubrey to see if the Chevy would start. If the car started, she was to back it out of the garage and then put it back where she found it. She got the car started and managed to back out of the garage, but since the emergency brake was still on, she had a devil of a time getting the car to move forward.


  March 4:  Skylar (the daughter) was my very first model and quite frankly, I don't remember the name of the other woman. She was a waitress from Soddy Daisy, TN. While the clips are in the fast lane, I honestly debated as to whether to release this video as a movie in the theater. This movie actually has somewhat of a plot so here it is.


  March 3:  Andrea pulls up to her office for a meeting with her boss, but when she leaves, her car simply will not start. She finally gives up and goes back into the office to call AAA.


  March 2:  I can't believe that I waited this long to put this movie in the theater. Amanda is super cute with awesome natural boobs and a personality that is hard to come by in this business. This is movie 440 which means theater ten is not far away.


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