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Updates For March 2014

  March 31:  Hailey was another referral from our friend James Lane in Charlotte. Most of our models have come to us through referrals from photographers or other models. We feature Hailey first aggressively pumping and cranking the 1949 Ford followed by this super cute young lady trying to start our 1966 Volvo. Stay tuned for Hailey's awesome movie in our 1968 Opel.


  March 28:  This is our 201st movie which means we open theater five. We got Victoria from a photographer friend in Charlotte and when she walked through the door, I had no idea what kind of video I was going to get. The more I look at what she shot, the more I like it, and I hope you do also.


  March 27:  I met Tina when she worked Saturdays at the facility where I stored many of my cars.  And she is the only model that I know of that shares the same birthday - May 21st.  This is our 200th movie so tomorrow's movie will open theater number five.  We should be damned close to 500 movies when our theater project is complete.


  March 26:  This was Kat's second shoot with us, and we loved her first shoot in the Falcon that we decided to shoot her again in this awesome car but this time with a twist. While we shoot mostly stockings, we have done quite a few bare leg and also some bare feet but damned few with pantyhose. So we put Kat in some black pantyhose and let her play in the Falcon. This movie also includes some relatively fast driving on I-20.


  March 25:  Katie is a very cute redhead who looks awesome in stockings. While she sometimes pays a bit too much attention to the camera, she actually makes a very nice movie. This movie has some great revving footage at the end.


  March 24:  This is the last of the three pedal start movies that I purchased from a guy named Steve in Kentucky. The quality is not up to my standards but pedal start footage is hard to come by which is why I bought his videos. Our four theaters now have over 4,000 minutes of pedal pumping action, and later this week we will open our fifth theater with our 201st movie.


  March 21:  The Rambler was our first convertible and we got a lot of "mileage" out of this car. When Marissa came for the first time, she brought her friend Eva with her. Our site has thrived on models bringing their friends with them or telling others about their experience at Pedal Supreme so their friends send e-mails wanting to shoot. Hope warmer weather is coming your way unless of course you are in Australia :)


  March 20:  Today is the first day of spring so after a very cold winter, we are delighted to feature our beautiful Asian model Kelly who sure knows how to fill out a bikini. The second star is our candy apple red 1962 Pontiac Tempest convertible. 1962 was the first year for the Tempest convertible, and the Tempest was just one of our truly classic cars (not rust buckets) that made our site unique.


  March 19:  A hot model wearing a red dress in a red 66 Volvo makes for one very hot movie. As you can readily see, this young lady is very comfortable driving a stick shift. This movie features cranking and driving for the main course with some revving for desert.


  March 18:  Whitney came as a blonde for her first shoot and a brunette for her second. Blondes definitely have more fun! We set up three tripod mounted cameras and left the garage as Whitney did her damnest to start the stubborn Chevy.


  March 17:  Although a few were made in 1980 from leftover parts, 1979 was the last year for the Beetle in America. Our car was one of the few in triple white (body, top and interior), and it was last car we acquired. Elizabeth was one of my favorite models, not a raving beauty but cute as hell with a great personality. AND she absolutely adored the stockings. I think this just might be the first movie with the 79 VW in the theater.


  March 14:  I believe that our 1939 DeSoto is the only pedal start car currently appearing on any pedal pumping web site. Today we feature Leah, one of our most popular models, as she cranks and revs the DeSoto wearing black RH&T stockings. By the end of this month, we will have over 200 movies in five theaters.


  March 13:  Claire is one tall and stunning young lady who looked simply awesome in stockings. In today's movie, Claire cranks, pumps and drives our 1963 Valiant. Claire also has featured movies in many of our other cars.


  March 12:  Holly was another of the local Hooters girls who shot with us. Great personality and she could drive a stick shift so we had her crank the Opel and then take us for a ride around the neighborhood. As we were heading back home, the car stalled at a stop sign so two workmen pushed us around the corner where Holly kept trying to start the Opel until the battery ran down. We put another battery in the car, and Holly was finally able to get it started.


  March 11:  I have heard quite a few members say how much they like to see a topless girl cranking a car, so today's movie feature a topless Isobel pumping and cranking the Pussy Wagon. The young lady has very nice natural breasts unlike many of the "Silicon Sallys" that I have shot.


  March 10:  This was our very first preview clip, and many of you having been begging for the full clip. So here it is. This was Kelly's first visit and she liked what we did so she returned to shoot several more times. A very beautiful and sweet young lady.


  March 7:  The model is a bit on the thin site but she is a very good actress so I think you will enjoy this movie. The 1949-1952 Chevy's were a huge influence on the development of this fantasy in my brain.


  March 6:  I still have a huge set of Lionel trains, and Morgan's two year old son loved trains so when she came to shoot, I would set up my trains to run over much of the downstairs.  The smile on her son's face was priceless.  This tease clip is just below my minimum time for a movie, but a model playing with the choke on a 63 Falcon is something you will not see anywhere else.  Sometime next year, this theater will contain almost 500 movies.  For those who choose to bad mouth me, I have one question.  Just what have you done for our community?


  March 5:  You have seen Maria's movies before so most of you know that she is a 40+ model, who I think looks damned good.  She can handle a stick shift with the best of them so this is a simply awesome example of a very sexy older lady cranking and driving a very sexy car.  As I mentioned before, Maria and her husband saw the 1968 Opel for sale in a yard on GA-17. They called me and I bought the car sight unseen for $650.  One of the best pedal pumping cars ever.


  March 4:  Morgan Blair and her husband drove from western North Carolina and spent the night on several occasions. She was a model during our earlier years and was a huge contributor to our site. This movie was one of my very first experiments with the use of tripod mounted cameras. I was no where in site while she was trying to start the Valiant which to me makes this a very good movie.


  March 3:  Our beautiful and quite famous commercial model Claire had a shoot with Gian when she was traveling to the St. Louis area. Quite honestly, the one vehicle I regret never being able to find at a reasonable price was a VW bus. Claire wears Gian's signature white thigh-hi stockings as she cranks his VW bus. Our VW lovers will enjoy this movie.


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