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Updates For March 2012

  March 30:   Spike is going to love this update.  Angel Tori is a very sweet 18 year old who caught on very quickly when it comes to making a video.  Tori knows how to drive a stick shift so once she gets the stubborn car started, she can work the pedals with the best of them.  Our dial up members get three clips while those with high speed Internet get a fast lane clip that is 14:43 minutes long (211 MB).  Some of you folks don't realize that I have been shooting videos since late 2001.  I actually paid a model $250 to get the hell out of my house because I did not want to shoot her.   It is a tough job but someone has to do it.


  March 28:   When the clips from Falcon Frenzy were originally posted, Morgan had two fast lane clips that totaled less than seven minutes (74.2 MB).  Today we have remade Morgan's Falcon clips into one awesome clip that is 10:43 minutes long and 153 MB in size.  We have come along way since 2004.


  March 27:   These are the second set of clips from our new model Riley.  This very cute petite young lady tries to start the 49 Ford for over eleven minutes before it finally comes to life.  The fast lane clip is 11:24 minutes in length (163 MB).  Riley's video will be in our huge video store shortly.


  March 26:   These are the very last of the clips from one of Spike's favorite models.  Kristy is taking the 62 Rambler for a spin but the car has stalled at a stop sign.  After pumping and cranking for over three minutes, the car comes to life only to stall again as she heads back home.  Kristy's fast lane clip is 8:38 minutes long (124 MB).


  March 23:   These are the first clips from a local model by the name of Tori, but since I already had a model by the name, I titled her video Angel Tori.  Tori is looking very sexy in a red dress and matching pumps as she tries to start the 39 DeSoto.  She pumps and cranks for over eleven minutes until the stubborn car finally comes to life, after which she does a bit of revving.  There are three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 12:07 minutes long (159 MB).


  March 21:   These are the first clips from the remake of Falcon Frenzy, and for some reason today's clip has disappeared from the fast lane page.  The model is Melissa T and we begin by watching her trying to start the Falcon at the storage lot.  Once it starts, she drives back to the house and when she pulls into the driveway, she teases you by pulling out the choke and flooding the engine.  Mel's fast lane clip if 8:29 minutes in length (121 MB).


  March 20:   Today's clips are a remake of Eva's Bikini & More and will feature longer and much sharper clips.  Eva is off to the pool to meet some friends but her 62 Rambler convertible will not start.  It finally starts and she is off to the pool.  The old fast lane clip was 9:00 minutes long and 96.8 MBs in size.  The new clip is 9:12 minutes long but 132 MB in size which is one third larger than the old clip.


  March 19:   Let's kick off the week with yet another new model.  Her name is Riley and she hails from North Carolina.  Riley loved the Opel and wanted to take it for a spin but she had trouble getting it started.  After pumping and cranking for almost twelve minutes, the car finally comes to life, and Riley is on her way.  The fast lane clip is 12:05 minutes long (173 MB).


  March 16:   These are the final clips from A Mary Rose Album.  Mary Rose had stockings on under her jeans.  We were going to lunch at Chili's and then to Wet Seal to buy some outfits.  The clip opens with Mary Rose trying to start the 74 Plymouth Scamp in her stocking foot.  The slippery stocking keeps sliding off the gas pedal.  The clip then skips to the Chili's parking lot as Mary Rose tries to get the Scamp started.  She flooded the engine and had to stop pumping.  Her fast lane clip is 8:54 minutes long (127 MB).


  March 14:   For the third time this week we are featuring the final clips from a video.  The model is Sorella and this hyper young lady with an awesome natural body spends almost twelve minutes trying to start the 39 DeSoto.  Her fast lane clips are 12:09 minutes in length (174 MB).


  March 13:   Back in 2003 Krista made a video entitled The Bug Boots & More.  These are Krista's final clips from this video and they feature something seen only once on this web site.  Nude heel stockings.  Krista loves to drive a stick shift and she especially loved to drive the 69 Beetle.  We have three small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 11:15 minutes long (156 MB).


  March 12:   These are the final clips from Isabella's first video.  Isabella has on a turquoise dress and matching shoes as she tries to start the 68 Opel.  After pumping and cranking for over ten minutes, the Opel finally springs into action and Isabella does some revving.  There are three clips for our members with dial up Internet service while those with high speed Internet service get a 12:46 minute fast lane clip (183 MB).



  March 9:   One of Spike's favorite models was Kristy, and these are the next to the last clips from Kristy's Encore.  It is a beautiful summer day and Kristy wants to go for a ride in the Rambler convertible, but she struggles to get the car started.  The car finally starts but keeps stalling on her as she drives.  Kristy's fast lane clip is 8:10 minutes long (117 MB).


  March 7:   Christal was totally comfortable doing a topless video so we put her in the 62 Tempest also with its top down and she spent over eleven minutes teasing you in her stocking feet as she pumped and cranked the stubborn car.  Her fast lane clip is 11:29 minutes long (164 MB).


  March 6:   These clips feature a model that I shot in 2005.  Her name was Tara Lyn and at the time she worked at the Hooters here in Augusta.  One of my favorite cars was the 1961 Pontiac Tempest, and I hope you will enjoy the remake of her clips.  Tara Lyn's fast lane clip is 9:21 minutes in length (133 MB), which means the quality is much better that the original clip.  If you look closely, you will see some unusual stuff.


  March 5:   We begin the week with the second video from our super cute model Sorella with the huge natural boobs.  Sorella aggressively pumps and cranks the 51 Chevy for over eleven minutes until it finally springs into action.  She then does some aggressive revving.  There are three clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is almost thirteen minutes long (185 MB).


  March 2:   Summer was a model we shot in 2004 and 2005.  The original fast lane clip of Summer in the Rambler was just over five minutes long (54.3 MB).  Today's fast lane clip of Summer cranking and driving the 62 Rambler is 14:44 minutes long and it is 211 MB in size.  This is a prime example of our program to remake the clips from some of the videos from our early years into clips that are not only longer but of significantly higher quality.  I might add that our dial up members also get three clips.

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