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Updates For June 2015

  June 30:  Roxanna gets in the Falcon not realizing that the choke is out so when she starts the car, the carb begins to overload and stalls as she backs down the driveway. When she finally manages to keep the engine running, she drives back up the driveway.



  June 29:  Emily was a very pretty and very sweet young lady from western South Carolina. She spent over ten minutes struggling to get the 51 Chevy started. One of my favorite models in one of my favorite cars.



  June 26:  Hazel tries to start the 49 Ford but the starter turns over very slowly. I think the starter was on it's last leg but Hazel manages to get the car started and does some revving for you. Hazel also did some very nice work in the 51 Chevy and the 39 DeSoto.



  June 25:  Kayla is on her way to the gym but her purple bug is being difficult this morning. She finally gets the car started, and you get to watch her gym shoes work the pedals as she drives.


  June 24:  Rikki was another of the many local Hooters girls that worked with us. Tripod mounted cameras capture Rikki from different angles as she tries to get the Volvo started for over twenty minutes. She even opens the hood to see why her car won't start. Very pretty young lady in a stunning turquoise outfit.


  June 23:  These two very attractive young ladies were a referral from a photographer friend of ours in Charlotte. Holly hears Marissa trying to start the Rambler convertible so she offers to try and start the stubborn car. It finally starts but keeps stalling as they ride around the neighborhood. Holly used the name Eva in a later shoot.


  June 22:  Adriana has shot with us quite a few times and this is one of my favorite movies. It takes her a bit of time to get the 68 Opel started, and she then goes for a ride. The car stalls and she floods it trying to get it started again. You can tell that she was uncomfortable because it was quite hot in eastern Georgia.


  June 19:  I took Melissa to the storage lot where the Falcon had been sitting with the choke pulled all the way out. The car started immediately but kept flooding out after Melissa had back out of the storage building. She eventually pushed the choke back in so she could drive the car back to my house. When she pulled in the driveway, she pulled out the choke to flood the engine and teased you as she tried to get the car started again. This is one of my favorite tease models.


  June 18:  This was actually filmed on a very cold morning. Jessi June was on her way to work but her Tempest wouldn't start so she had to call her boss. As some of you know, our movies are now in eleven theaters with over 9,000 minutes of cumulative viewing time.


  June 17:  When I first bought the 51 Chevy, it was very hard to start without any help from me. Staci Leigh was wearing black RH&T stockings as she tried to start the stubborn car. She pulled the choke out, pumped the gas and held it to the follow. Six minutes into her cranking, the car started to turn over, and she was eventually able to get it started. Staci Leigh then drives around the neighborhood. At the end, she pulls out the choke to flood the car and is unable to get it started again before the battery runs down.


  June 16:  A VERY sexy model who struggles to get the Pussy Wagon started in her black RH&T stockings. Once it starts, Heather does some very nice revving.


  June 15:  Another model from my early years who shot with us several times. The real lives of some of these models were quite interesting. Google Erin Crabill and check out this young lady's past history. Putting that aside, Isobel did some very nice work for us in our prior life, and I think that you will enjoy this movie. Isobel was a very good actress, and acting skills were probably the hardest thing to find when searching for a model to shoot a pedal pumping video.


  June 12:  This was Katlin's first visit, and she did not know how to drive a stick shift. She came back with her friend Morgan who taught Katlin how to drive the Opel. We have that on film. Katlin just had her second child so her modeling career is history. Today we watch Katlin crank and rev the 68 Opel in a Victorias Secret sweater dress.



  June 11:  I had a member ask me recently if I had any more movies in the white VW convertible. I found two so I am featuring Serena because she has only been in one other movie. Serena was a local Hooters girl. After shooting her in the Opel, I brought her back to the house and she spent ten minutes trying to start the 79 Volkswagen convertible, taking a short break to show off her stockings. As some of you know, I got a lot of mileage out of the dress especially with the bright pink sandals.


  June 10:  Krista was a local girl who needed some extra money so we not only shot a lot of video, she would frequently come over to help me with the site by moving cars around. I showed her one of the Kylie tease videos, and she asked if she could shoot a tease video. I taught her how to flood the 66 Valiant so we went out to film a tease video. Unlike Kylie, this movie also featured Krista smoking a cigarette. She did such a nice job that we filmed another one a week or two later.


  June 9:  Nickie Black was engaged and she loved the stockings so much that she was willing to wear a pair under her wedding dress if I would attend her wedding. Today we feature Nickie cranking and driving our 62 Rambler convertible. The car stalls several times and is very hard to get started again.


  June 8:  I had many models named Amanda but this was the first one I ever filmed. Amanda grew up in Texas and had the good old Texas drawl. Three tripod mounted cameras capture Amanda as she tries to start the 61 Tempest wagon. It takes her over eleven minutes to start the stubborn car, and she then does some revving to recharge the battery.


  June 5:  This was Cara's very first video, and she has a nervous smile on her face as she tries to get the 51 Chevy started. The car was not rigged at all. If you listen closely at the 3:05 mark, the engine actually turns over but goes back to straight cranking. The battery eventually dies so she has to give up.


  June 4:  I had a member who had requested many times for a model to wear loafers while she was trying to start the 39 DeSoto. So I bought a pair of loafers but I had the model wear stockings while she tried to start the stubborn car. It took her roughly ten minutes to get DeSoto started, and the member later told me that he liked the video very much.


  June 3:  Krista and Hayley were both local girls who worked with us frequently during 2003 and 2004. Krista also helped me with moving cars between locations and other stuff. If you ever see the name Luckie711, that was Krista's handle and later was used by Cara who helped me with the site in later years. Krista and Hayley have errands to run but Hayley's 69 VW won't start so they jump into Krista's 66 Valiant. Lots of cranking and driving by both girls as they travel about town.


  June 2:  Tori is a very attractive young lady who shot with us frequently and occasionally brought along a girlfriend. In this movie, we join Tori in the Falcon for a drive around the huge storage lot where we kept many of our cars. She has to work for over seven minutes to get the stubborn car started so she can show off very nice long legs encased in a pair of jet black stockings as she drives around the lot. The Falcon finally stalls, and it takes her quite a while to get the car started again.


  June 1:  This is the last of four videos that Kara shot during her one and only visit. Kara cranks the 49 Ford and when it finally starts, she does some smoky revving. She then asks you if you would like to see her flood the car by pulling out the choke. Some of you might have noticed that CCBill inadvertently dropped VISA from our JOIN page. VISA is now back on the site, and MasterCard was restored a month ago.


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