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Updates For June 2013


  June 28:  This is my third video out of close to 400, and I was not intending to remake it because it's far from the best I ever shot.  However, a member from the U.K. who has supported the site since 2004 specifically asked if I could remake and post Quin's Car Trouble.  So here is Quin from 2003 pumping and cranking our very first car, a 1974 Plymouth Scamp.  We have four small format clips plus a fast lane clip that is 21:05 minutes long (294 MB).


  June 26:  Here is more of Jennie Numero Uno shot on a day when it was not raining.  She pulls the choke out to get the Falcon started, but it keeps stalling when she tries to back down the driveway.  You get to watch her stocking feet as she works the pedals.  Jennie finally decides to forgo her drive and attempts to get the Falcon back up the driveway.  Her fast lane clip is 12:25 minutes in length (178 MB).


  June 25:  These are the first set of remade clips from the video Jennie Numero Uno.  It is a rainy day so I set up three cameras on tripods and asked Jennie if she could get the Pussy Wagon started.  She actually got quite frustrated because the engine would turn over, but it wouldn't catch.  After pumping and cranking for over eighteen minutes, the battery finally died.  The fast lane clip is 18:52 minutes long (270 MB).


  June 24:  Annabella just started a new job as a secretary and her boss is coming in late so she is on the phone with a friend.   She gets turned on by her stockings so after the call, she strips down to her garter belt and stockings.  This is a very nice fourteen minute tease clip.


  June 21:  Cassandra is hands down the most beautiful model I have ever shot, and I get frequent requests from members asking for more of her.  Unfortunately, I do not any more pedal pumping clips of her, but I do have one more stocking tease clip so I know that this 6:15 minute clip is going to make some of my members very happy campers.


  June 19:  These are the final clips from the 2005 video Rambler Magic.  This is one of the very few pantyhose clips I have shot in my ten year history.  The model is Sweetcheeks, a local girl with the personality of a cigar store Indian.  Of course, Indians don't have legs like hers.  It takes Sweetcheeks almost three minutes to get the 62 Rambler convertible started.  As she rides around the neighborhood, the Rambler keeps stalling and is very hard to get started again.  Her fast lane clip is 12:53 minutes long (185 MB).


  June 18:  The video is Rambler Magic, and these clips feature two models.  The first is Amie who you may remember from the Pussy Wagon.  The Rambler is somewhat hard for her to start, but it keeps stalling on Amie as she takes the car for a drive.  Amie's fast lane clip from the 2005 shoot was just under seven minutes long.  Today we get to watch her for over twelve and a half minutes.  The second model is Sanny, a very cute Asian model with huge boobs.  Sanny pumps, cranks and drives the Rambler for more than five minutes.  The entire fast lane clip is 17:55 minutes in length.


  June 17:  This is a very sexy stocking tease clip from our very popular model Tori.  She starts off in boots and a very sexy VS dress, both of which soon come off as does her bra.  Tori has a very nice set of natural boobs.  Her clip is 8:28 minutes long.

Over the years our ISPs have been very reliable.  Unfortunately, our FTP server crashed last Friday and we lost the entire theater as well as some recent fast lane and stocking tease clips.  We've been busy re-uploading the affected clips and hope to have the affected material replaced shortly.


  June 14:  Nikki's stocking tease clip in the pool was a huge hit, and more than one member asked if I had more material from this young lady so I have decided to post this clip which was Nikki's very first one.  She does not leave a whole lot to the imagination.


  June 12:  The two girls have come back after lunch and have managed to get Kimmie's car started, and Kimmie needs to run some errands so you get treated to some very nice dialogue as the girls go on their ride.  This is very nice stuff.  The fast lane clip is 15:47 minutes in length (226 MB).

Note:  We are pleased to announce the opening of the Pedal Supreme Theater.  We have well over 250 GB of material so these movies are ones that I have chosen to be among the best that we have shot.  There are other enhancements.  Lengthy clips used to be made into two or more Fast Lane clips.  These movies feature a model in a particular car from beginning to end.  Furthermore, these movies are 720 by 480 whereas Fast Lane clips are 640 by 480.  The movies have also been encoded at a much higher rate using Adobe Premier Pro so the quality should be better.  These files are very large and not easily downloaded.  The intent of the theater is to provide our members with a forum to watch a quality pedal pumping movie whenever they so desire.  There are currently ten movies in the theater but we will be adding new movies each week.  We hope you enjoy the experience.  We are working on Internet popcorn :)


  June 11:  This was my second two girl video which was shot in 2003.  Kimmie and Callie are meeting for lunch but Kimmie's 66 Valiant won't start so she has to call Callie to come pick her up.  These two young ladies really enjoyed working with each other as you can tell from the clips.  Our dial up members receive four clips while those with high speed internet get a fast lane clip that is over twenty minutes long (281 MB).  For some reason, the fast lane clips from this video have disappeared so this will be a real treat for many of you.


  June 10:  Leah has been on the site for quite a few years.  When I first met her, she was very shy.  This stocking tease clip will show you just how far she has come.  Last I heard she was working in Hooters so she is clearly no longer the quiet and shy type.


  June 7:  This is another 2006 video entitled Texas Tease.  Amanda was one of our early models with a strong Texas accent and a ton of personality.  These clips feature two of our members' favorite cars, the 1961 Tempest wagon and the 1966 Volvo 122S.  Most of you don't know that I bought 99% of the clothing models wore in my shoots, and the Victoria's Secret suit that Amanda wore in the first part was the most expensive outfit I bought in over ten years.   I absolutely loved the 61 Tempest so I dressed Amanda in the VS suit and asked her to see if she could start the Tempest.  She pumped and cranked the stubborn car for over eleven minutes, but it finally came to life and Amanda did some revving.  There is also a very short clip that I filmed because the 66 Volvo was very hard to start on a cold winter day.  I took Amanda just over two minutes to get the Volvo started, but she had NO idea whether it was going to start or not.  There are four small format clips as well as a fast lane clip that is 16:38 minutes long (224 MB).


  June 5:  Today we rejoin Savannah in the 1970 Valiant.  She has made it to work and is now on her way home but to no ones surprise, the car stalls on her.  Savannah aggressively pumps the gas until the Valiant finally starts up again, only to have it stall just as she pulls into her driveway.  Her fast lane clip is 16:55 minutes long (242 MB).  As noted in yesterday's update, these clips were originally shot almost seven years ago so they are new to many of our members and a significant improvement over the 2006 clips.


  June 4:  Savannah is a very well known fetish model who first shot with us in 2006.  This video opens in the bathroom with Savannah getting ready for work.  She finishes getting dressed in her black RH&T stockings and heads for her 1970 Valiant.  She pumps and cranks the stubborn car for over nine minutes.  Just as the battery begins to die, the car comes to life, and Savannah is on her way.  Unfortunately, the car stalls on her way to work and is very hard to get started again.  There are four clips for our dial up members plus a fast lane clip that is 18:09 minutes in length (260 MB).


  June 3:  Nikki was a young lady from Connecticut who shot several stocking tease videos.  This clip features Nikki wearing nothing but stockings and a girdle as she undresses and enters the pool.  The water makes the stockings look really sexy, and at the end of the clip, Nikki removes both the stockings and the girdle.  The clip is 6:34 minutes long.


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