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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In July 2016

  July 29:  Anyone who has filmed cranking videos knows that dead batteries and fried starters seem to happen on a regular basis. 1961 was the first year for the Pontiac Tempest (the convertible debuted in 1962). Isobel was a traveling fetish model whom we shot several times and is still doing somewhat the same thing ten years later. The intention was to do a cranking and driving video but just a few minutes into the shoot, it became apparent that the starter was heading south. I then asked Isobel to start the car because the starter would still turn the engine but the Tempest refused to start and the starter finally gave up the ghost.


  July 27:  This was Sophia's second shoot, and one where I totally misjudged the stockings I had her wear. They were much too long but she still shot a very nice video. I took her to the studio, and asked her to see if she could start the 68 Opel. Sophia's aggressive pumping flooded the engine but almost fifteen minutes later, the car came to life and she was on her way.


  July 25:  Bri was a very cute young lady who loved both the vintage cars and the vintage stockings. She also had an outgoing personality. It was cold outside so I asked Bri to see if she could get the 49 Ford started. She pumped so much gas that she flooded the car so she finally decided to stop pumping and the car started. Bri then did some aggressive revving with lots of gray smoke coming out of the tailpipe.


  July 22:  Kathy was a very reserved young lady who came with her husband for the shoot. When PE Ron attacked me, Kathy was very supportive. The 62 Rambler convertible was an early addition to our fleet, and I think that you will enjoy watching Kathy crank and drive this truly vintage car. It even has the original Florida tag on the front bumper.


  July 20:  Her real name was Teagan, definitely an Irish name. At the time we shot, Rose was a local Hooter's waitress, and she had a very outgoing personality. The black RH&T stockings could have been a size larger but Rose had a way of making you forget what she was wearing. There is lots of cranking our very stubborn 51 Chevy and a bit of tease at the end. My favorite Teagan movies are in the 61 Tempest wagon.


  July 18:  This movie is from one of Gian's last shoots for my site and it fell through the cracks. The model is Leslie and the movie features her cranking and driving Gian's 56 Ford which was my favorite car in his fleet. For those of you who don't know the Gian story, when I opened my site in March 2003, Gian e-mailed me asking if he could become a contributor. We had a very good relationship until 2008 when he somehow hooked up with Ms Very Shy and failed to tell me until I saw one of her first clips on YouTube in Gian's cars. I was told early on that Gian had been filming behind his wife's back for over fifteen years, and I suspect that wife finding out may have led him to the shy one. Let's just say that this web site has been a very interesting journey over the past thirteen years. Wouldn't trade it for anything.


  July 15:  When the homeowners' association forced me to stop shooting within my gated community which I had done for eight years, I rented a studio not far away and also moved more of my shoots to River Watch Self Storage. Penny was a local Hooters girl who shot with me in all three locations. This particular shoot was done at the studio. The 68 Opel was sitting in front waiting to be towed to my repair shop. It was quite chilly for Augusta so I asked Penny to see if she could get the Opel started. No gimmicks whatsoever. The car simply would not start, and a tripod mounted camera captured everything. This is movie #740 and we are on our way to 800.


  July 13:  One of my early models who moved to LA shortly after our shoot and began to make porn films. Faith was wearing black RH&T stockings when I took her to the storage lot and asked her to take the 63 Falcon for a drive. I had pulled the choke all the way out before our visit so she doesn't get the car very far from it's parking spot and eventually decides to try to get back to the covered parking. Note that the surface outside the covered parking was stone. That was covered in asphalt shortly thereafter as you can see in many of my subsequent movies.


  July 11:  This young lady first appears on the site as Jade and then decided that she wanted to change her name. Her boobs are huge and were bought in Tijuana. Tristen could drive a stick so I put her in the Pussy Wagon. It took her almost ten minutes to get the bug started after which she drove around my neighborhood. To me, the best part was at the end when the car stalled in the driveway and wouldn't start because she kept flooding it.


  July 8:  Tori was a licensed cosmetologist in both New York and North Carolina. She had a hair salon for males where she cut hair in the nude. The cost was $50. For this movie, I took Tori to the storage lot and told her to crank the 63 Valiant while pumping the gas very aggressively. She managed to flood the car but eventually get it started only to flood the car again when it stalled. For the record, this is movie 737 and we are on our way to 800. Our sincere thanks to those who continue to support our efforts.


  July 6:  Amanda was the first of several Amandas that we shot, and the 51 Chevy was a recent addition to our fleet. This young lady with her Texas accent and great personality was a pleasure to work with. During the first part of this movie, Amanda's difficulties with cranking and stalling the car were the fault of the car itself. No gimmicks. She treats you to a ride around my neighborhood and when she gets back to my driveway, she teases you by pulling the choke out and trying to start the car. Good stuff.


  July 4:  Angelique was one of many traveling fetish models who got in her car and traveled from shoot to shoot for weeks or months at a time. She had long legs and could drive a stick shift so I put her in the 49 Ford and 51 Chevy. This is her shoot in the 49 Ford. The car started after perhaps five or six tries and then stalled a few times in the driveway. Angelique then drove the car around my neighborhood until it stalled in the driveway when she got back home. Happy 4th of July to all of our American members. Our British are about to celebrate their own version of independence day, and I'm sure that many are not happy campers.


  July 1:  Jessi June was and still is a traveling fetish model who calls Ft. Lauderdale home. She also shot with PTP after shooting with us. Jessi was the September 2014 Penthouse Pet and is featured at It was quite cold in Augusta when Jessi came to shoot with us and for this shoot, I took her to the storage lot to see if she could get our 49 Ford started. After pumping and cranking for over ten minutes, the old Ford finally came to life and Jessi did some revving to recharge the battery.


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