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Updates For July 2015

  July 31:  I had a request from a long-time member to shoot a model in casual shoes trying to start the 39 DeSoto. This was one of three that Shandi shot in this pedal start car. She pumped the gas with her left foot while pushing the starter pedal with her right foot, and she was eventually able to get the stubborn car started.


  July 30:  Kayla worked at one of the Hooters stores in the Columbia, SC area, and she came to shoot with us several times. Three tripod mounted cameras capture Kayla as she tries to start the 49 Ford in her stocking feet. She finally gives up and decides to come out later to see if the car will start. The battery runs down during her second attempt to she has to give up.


  July 29:  When Lexi came to shoot with us, she had just been featured in Hustler as one of the girls from MySpace. I was still new to the filming scene so the sunlight was a bit of a distraction but I still think that this is a very good movie.


  July 28:  Almost every model that I have ever shot has had her fans, and Brooke is no exception. Not the standard for models in my later years but beauty is often not the gold standard for pedal pumping. Like her movie in the 74 Scamp, I think that this is a very nice movie which is why I am including it in the theater. And I have some members that totally agree with my assessment.


  July 27:  An early model that I shot just once, but both of her videos were actually quite good. So I will admit to having a kill switch that I could operate from inside or outside the car. In this movie, I was standing behind the bush to the right of the car which was completely out of her site. Each time she finally got the 66 Valiant started, I would make it die when she put it into reverse. The facial expressions are priceless.


  July 24:  Autumn has been one of our more popular models, and this clip features this sweetheart doing a very sexy tease with some black RH&T stockings, a girdle and a dress that has been worn by many of our models.


  July 23:  This movie features a very pretty young lady cranking and driving a very stubborn 51 Chevy mostly in her stocking feet. Towards the end, Rachel puts her shoes back on and teases you while she purposely floods the car. Not once, but twice.


  July 22:  Very cute young lady who drove with Lindsey from Myrtle Beach and spent the night in my house. Many models spent the night. They slept in the upstairs master and I slept in the downstairs master. The Opel was quite new and had not undergone a mechanical overhaul so as Brittany found out, there were times when the Opel just refused to start. After more than thirteen minutes of pumping and cranking, Brittany gave up.


  July 21:  Aubrey had a six hour drive each way so she always spent at least one night at my house and sometimes two nights. One day we went to dinner at The French Market Grill. Aubrey drove the Volvo and I drove my Sequoia. Today's movie features Aubrey sitting in the parking lot trying to get the Volvo started. She tried for almost thirteen minutes before the engine finally came to life.


  July 20:  Very cute and petite young lady who treats the 49 Ford to some aggressive pumping to the point where she badly floods the car. As the battery begins to die, she takes a break to show you her stockings. The car is still floods when she tries to start it again so she stops pumping and the stubborn Ford finally starts.


  July 17:  I had a model who used the name Summer so when she brought a friend to shoot with us, her friend's stage name was easy, Wynter. In this movie, Wynter cranks and drives the Pussy Wagon in her stocking feet, showing off her black RH&T stockings. When she pulls back into her driveway, she purposely floods the purple bug until she decides that it is time to get it started again. Very cute young lady.


  July 16:  As many of you know, Gian came to me when I opened the site in 2003 and asked that I showcase his material. Jennifer was one of his favorite models and the red 68 Impala convertible was his favorite car. The car was sitting in his driveway when a stranger knocked on his door and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. In this movie, Jennifer cranks the Impala in a variety of leg wear and footwear on a farm in Belleville, IL where I believe that Gian still stores his cars.


  July 15:  This was Lisa's second visit having come the first time to shoot with Aubrey. I loved Lisa's aggressive pumping style because she actually had the Valiant flooded for much of the movie. She had just come from another shoot which is why her bangs had a dark red tint.


  July 14:  Stephanie is captured from three different angles as she tries to start the 39 DeSoto, the only pedal start car on any pp web site. After trying for almost fifteen minutes, she kills the battery and has to give up. This is our 536th movie, and we will soon be opening our twelfth theater.


  July 13:  Belkey was originally from Nicaragua and worked at the local Hooters store. Belkey looks awesome in her white summer dress with black polka dots and pink trim. Her hot pink mules pump the Rambler as she struggles to get it started. She then takes you for a ride thru the gated community where I did much of my shooting for the first eight years. The car stalls in the driveway when she gets back home, and Belkey does some revving after she finally gets the car started again.


  July 10:  While we have been focusing on the Theater for quite some time, there is another section of the Site that many of you may have missed. Our Sexy Stocking Tease page has thirty-two very sexy stocking tease clips, some with models who have never done any pedal pumping. I recently found nine additional clips and am posting the first of the nine today. This clip features Hazel who also made some of my favorite pedal pumping clips. Enjoy.


  July 9:  When I first met Marie, I thought she had some Asian heritage, but that was not the case. She was a local girl who shot in almost all of the cars in our fleet during her tenure. This movie features Marie in black RH&T stockings cranking and driving our purple pussy wagon, the name given to the 69 VW by April when we first bought the car.


  July 8:  Louise was not the prettiest model I ever shot, but she loved the stockings and the cars, and she enjoyed cranking and driving the cars. She did a particularly sexy tease segment at the end by playing with the choke so the Volvo would almost start but then go back to straight cranking. Louise reminded me of my aunt Kitty who used to crank a 52 Chevrolet when I was a teenager.


  July 7:  Darcy and Holly were bartenders at a local bar, and this was Darcy's only shoot. We took her to the storage lot to see if she could start our 49 Ford. Darcy could not drive a stick shift so one the stubborn car started, she did a bit of revving. As I have mentioned before, 99% of the models' cloths were purchased by me, including dresses from Frederick's and Victoria Secrets.


  July 6:  This is a movie that was filmed shortly after we acquired the 51 Chevy. I put two cameras on tripods and sent Angelique into the garage to see if she could start the car. There was absolutely nothing done to keep the car from starting. At one point I did open the door to the garage and told Angelique to pump the gas faster. I did not enter the garage again until she got the car started, and I was quite surprised that the car actually did start.


  July 3:  Eva was a friend of Marissa's who also did a shoot with Marissa but used the name Holly for that one shoot. Eva was also a very aggressive pumper as you can see when she tried to start the Pussy Wagon. The stubborn bug finally started but stalled when Eva backed out to the street, at which point the battery died. Once again, a very pretty and a very sweet young lady.


  July 2:  I love two girl movies and this is a nice one. This was filmed on a cold winter day as Brandi Ann lights a cigarette and then tries to start her 68 Opel. While she's cranking, Staci Leigh walks up, and the girls admire each others stockings. The Opel still won't start so Staci Leigh gives it a try and eventually gets the stubborn car to start. Each girl then does some hard revving.


  July 1:  Hayley was one of our very first models who worked at the Wet Seal store at the Augusta Mall. The movie opens with Hayley unable to start the 74 Scamp at the storage lot so she moves to the 66 Valiant. Once she gets the Valiant started, she takes you with her for a ride. The car stalls frequently and is very hard to get started again.




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