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Updates For July 2014


•  July 31:  Another of our stunning models who knows how to drive a stick shift. Beautiful dark brown hair and long sexy legs that look simply awesome in stockings. The Volvo is the perfect car to showcase all that this young lady has to offer.



•  July 30:  As I noted on page two, we are going to feature more of Gian's work in the Pedal Supreme Theater. Gian frequently changed outfits during a shoot so you will see Nan in two different outfits, both including Gian's signature white thigh hi stockings. Love both the car and the model. I think you will also. We actually have quite a bit more from Gian's models.


•  July 29:  It takes this super cute young lady over eleven minutes to get her 39 DeSoto started. As I have said before, we are the only pedal start game in town. This is one of our better ones.


•  July 28:  Melissa T and Isobel are probably the best models for doing tease movies.  Melissa shows you her VERY nice natural boobs as she invites you to come to the garage while she tries to start her 62 Rambler convertible.  She also has dynamite legs which look simply awesome in stockings.


•  July 25:  Bare leg Friday marches on. Claire is a very successful commercial model with some very long legs. In this movie, she is wearing a gym outfit as she tries to start the Pussy Wagon. There is also quite a bit of driving so you get to watch her feet as she works the pedals.


•  July 24:  I have had several e-mails asking for more Volvo movies so here is the Volvo. Shea was a nursing student in NC, and her fiancι was a college baseball pitcher who was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. Today's movie features Shea cranking and driving the 1966 Volvo around the yard where many of the cars were stored.


•  July 23:  Becky LeSabre is a professional porn/fetish model from the Tampa area who drove up to shoot with us on two occasions. Lots of talking and teasing as she pumps and cranks the 51 Chevy for almost twenty minutes.


•  July 22:  This 2005 movie features Nikki as she cranks and drives the Rambler convertible in her stocking feet. Her frustration from cranking the car causes Nikki to light up a cigarette using the Rambler's lighter.


•  July 21:  Many of my models were referrals from other models, and Tiffany was no exception. To me that is the ultimate compliment. Tiffany came with Cassandra, and I shot them individually as well as together. The Opel is a great cranking car because it floods easily, and the battery seems to last forever. This is the only car we ever removed an engine from.


•  July 18:  Bare leg Friday features a very classy Asian model in what has to be one of the classic Volkwagens of all time. 1979 was the 50th anniversary of the Beetle, and this car is the triple white anniversary edition. Can't think of a better way to end the week.


•  July 17:  I bought the 82 MB off of Craig's List for $800 and was told that it was occasionally hard to start. Usually jiggling a small box under the hood would start the car but jiggling the box would not let Cassie start this car. The replacement box was over $300 but well worth it.


•  July 16:  Shannon was my other Craig's List model, and this young lady was fun to work with. Shannon was a very aggressive pumper who was probably my best "bouncer." The first fifteen minutes is a very nice crank and drive, but the last five minutes is some of the best revving footage around.


•  July 15:  In my opinion, Tori is the perfect young lady to crank a pedal start car from the 1930s and 40s wearing vintage ff stockings. Stick thin models and fake boobs were not even on the radar back then. If you like pedal start cars and trucks, I think we are the only game in town. The Brikel bitch had an old pedal start truck but apparently burnt up the clutch and was asking for donations to fund a new one. My comment is from personal experience with Anna.


•  July 14:  I have shot a lot of film since I started in late 2001, and I have on occasion lost track of a shoot.  I remembered shooting Kay with Irish Rose in the 49 Ford but totally forgot about Kay's shoot in the Falcon until I was looking at some of my original tapes.  This is the classic Falcon with the choke out that starts right up and stalls as the model backs down the driveway.  I can tell you from experience that good actresses are hard to come by, and Kay does a damned good job.  Sometime next month we will cross the 300 movie threshold and open our seventh theater.  As things stand today, I believe that the Pedal Supreme Theater will ultimately showcase close to 600 pedal pumping movies.


•  July 11:  Rachel in a bikini and flip flops with hot pink nail polish. That's a very nice way to end the week. Rachel is actually quite good at driving a stick shift, so there are some great shots of her sexy feet working the pedals as she cranks and drives the 49 Ford. Rachel and Nickie Black actually invited me to their weddings.


•  July 10:  Amy was one of the very few models that I got from Craig's List. She was stationed at Ft. Gordon, and her home was in Minnesota, hence the name Snow. This was one of the early videos with the 51 Chevy, and the car was truly a pain in the ass to start. It was not tampered with in the least. A good actress with killer legs. Amy did a very nice job.


•  July 9:  The stars are Sasha with the huge boobs and Paula, an illegal alien from Prague. The girls are doing hair and makeup in the bathroom when they decide to go down to the garage to see if the Rambler convertible will start. Neither of them can get the car started so they go back upstairs to finish getting dressed. Paula finishes first so she goes outside to see if she can start the 66 Valiant. They each try to start the Valiant, and just as the battery begins to die, Paula gets the car started.


•  July 8:  This is our 273rd movie, and we currently have over 240 movies ready to enter our theaters. The Opel is one of my very favorite cars, and Delila is just about as cute as they come. I love this movie, and I think many of you will also.


•  July 7:  Remi maybe a cut below Delila when it comes to my favorite model, but she still has a very large fan club.  Having said that, the 66 Volvo has a huge fan club, and this is a very nice movie.


•  July 4:  Let's celebrate the 4th of July with a bare leg double feature. Natalie Marie first tries to start the Pussy Wagon but finally gives up and slams the door. Part Two finds Natalie Marie cranking and pumping the 68 Opel until it finally starts. She then does some revving.


•  July 3:  Isobel wants to meet a friend for lunch but her Rambler convertible just will not start, even with her stocking feet. She looks under the hood and uses her cell phone to tell her friend that she is having car trouble. After almost fifteen minutes of pumping and cranking, the battery begins to die, so Isobel gives up and goes back into her house.


•  July 2:  This wasn't actually planned but today we again feature black RH&T stockings. The movie opens with Savannah finishing getting dressed. Her 70 Valiant is very hard to start and stalls several times as she drives. There is a wee bit of revving at the end. At over 35 minutes in length, this is one of our longer movies.


•  July 1:  The 79 Volkswagen was the last of our many classic cars. It was a triple white collectors edition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the very first VW. The president of Cara's fan club lives in Sydney, Australia so Stuart, this movie is for you.


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