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Updates For July 2013

  July 31:  These are remade clips from the 2003 video Taylor Tames The Falcon.  These clips feature two of our members' favorites; stocking feet and RH&T stockings.  Once she got the Falcon started, we drove to lunch at The Snug, one of my favorite restaurants.   Not only was the car hard to start after lunch, but when we stopped at the market to get some snacks, the Falcon was very difficult to get started again.  We have four clips for our dial up members, plus a fast lane clip that is 19:25 minutes long (278 MB).


  July 30:  These are the first of the remade clips from the 2004 video Roommates.  Brittany is all dressed up and looking totally sexy as she gets into the 62 Rambler to go for a ride on a warm summer's day.  It takes her almost three minutes to get the stubborn car started.  Even after she starts her drive, the Rambler keeps stalling on her and is very hard to get started again.  Her frustration even leads her to light a cigarette.   Brittany's fast lane clip is 15:31 minutes long (223 MB).


  July 29:  Seven minutes twenty-six seconds of pure tease.  What a way to start the week.


  July 26:  Kathy returns for her second set of clips, this time in two cars.  She starts out in the 63 Falcon but since the choke is out, the car soon dies and she kills the starter trying to get it started again.  Kathy then gets into the 62 Rambler which finally starts after quite a bit of pumping and cranking in her stocking feet.  The car stalls several times thereafter and is hard to get started again.  The fast lane clip is 18:24 minutes long (262 MB).


  July 24:  For some reason there are no fast lane clips from the video Nickie's Debut.  That is a shame because Nickie was one of the very special models during our early years.  Nickie loved the stockings so much that she offered to wear them under her wedding dress if I could come to her wedding.  Unfortunately, I had already made plans to celebrate my birthday in California.  These clips feature this beautiful young lady cranking and driving the 1962 Rambler convertible.  Nickie's fast lane clip is nineteen minutes in length (273 MB).


  July 23:  One of my favorite models from the early days of 2003 and 2004 was Morgan.   These are the remade clips from the video Dynamic Duo which feature Morgan cranking and driving the 1966 Valiant.   When these clips were originally posted, the fast lane clip was under six minutes long.  Today, we offer our dial up members four clips while our fast lane clip is almost nineteen minutes long (270 MB).   These are essentially brand new clips, most of which have never been seen.


  July 22:  This is probably the best six minutes of stocking tease that I have posted.  Having said that, I remember wondering when I first saw this how someone so fricking cute could show so much of herself.  Some of you know by now that I am retiring, and Kate Lynn was of just one of the many experiences I have had over the past ten years.


  July 19:  Kathy was an extremely nice young lady who came with her husband to shoot with us back in 2006.  We set up two cameras on tripods and asked her to see if she could get the 69 VW started.  She struggled for sixteen minutes but could never get the stubborn car to start.  Kathy was one of many very nice folks we have met during the ten plus years we have been shooting these videos.   I might add that I have personally shot and edited over four hundred videos since we started with a 1974 Plymouth Scamp and a Sony video camera in late 2001.  Our website has over 275 GB of pedal pumping material, and we seriously doubt that any other website can even come close.  Changes will be coming and we intend to remain a significant part of this community.


  July 17:  Today we feature the final clips from our 2006 video Mostly Wynter.  We rejoin Wynter who has been trying to back the Falcon down the driveway with the choke all the way out.  In the ten plus years I have been filming models, only two have actually made it into the street.  Wynter finally gets totally frustrated and calls her friend Summer to help her get the stubborn car started.  The fast lane clip is just a tad under sixteen minutes (227 MB).


  July 16:  Back in 2006 we shot two models together, an Asian and a Caucasian.  Hence the title of the video, East Meets West.  These remade clips feature two of my favorite cars, the Pussy Wagon and the 1964 Bel Air.  The length and quality of today's fast lane clip is significantly improved over the 2006 clips.  Today's fast lane clip is just over twenty minutes in length (289 MB).


  July 15:  This tease clip is the essence of the phrase "short but sweet."  Trust me, when you see what this young lady has to offer, you will totally forget about the time.


  July 12:  Today we feature the remade clips from the video Mostly Wynter.  The scenario is fairly simple.  Wynter gets into the Falcon and doesn't realize that the choke is out.  She starts the car and tries to back down the driveway only to have the Falcon stall.  When she manages to get the car restarted, it stalls again as soon as she puts it into reverse.  Seems like we've seen this scenario before.  Wynter's fast lane video is 15:12 minutes long (205 MB).


  July 10:  These are the final clips from the video Krista & Hayley.  These clips open with the girls stopping at the local market to pick up some groceries.  Krista has a very hard time getting the Valiant started on the parking lot.   The car stalls on the way home, and Hayley finally gets the car started.  Once again, the fast lane clip is much longer than the 2005 clip (13:47 minutes versus 6:54 minutes).  The quality is also much improved (197 MB versus 74 MB).


  July 9:  This is a remake of another two girl video, Krista & Hayley, that was shot way back in 2005.  The clip opens in the bedroom where the two girls are getting ready to go to lunch.  Krista is a lesbian so she was not particularly comfortable but she needed the money.  Hayley is the first to get dressed so she goes outside to see if the Pussy Wagon will start.  Neither girl can get the Bug to start, so they take Krista's 66 Valiant.  The original first fast lane clip from 2005 was 7:15 minutes long (78 MB).  Today's fast lane clip is 14:32 minutes long (208 MB), a significant improvement over the 2005 clip.


  July 8:  Charlotte only shot with us one time, but she was extremely cute and I received quite a few comments, including some from another photographer.  This update is a seven minute black and while clip featuring  some very sexy stocking tease from a young lady who has to be close to the top of our all time cutest model list.  If you haven't seen a good movie lately, check out the Pedal Supreme Theater.


  July 5:  I love two girl videos where one girl can't get her car started and has to call a friend to pick her up.  This is the story of two girls meeting for lunch.  Megan can't get her Bug started so she calls Jessi to come pick her up.  Jessi arrives in her 63 Falcon, and the girls are off to lunch.  The Falcon gives Jessi all kinds of starting problems, not the least of which is on the restaurant parking lot after lunch.  Our dial up members get four small format clips while those with a high speed internet connection receive a 19:35 minute fast lane clip (281 MB).


  July 3:  These are the final set of clips from the video Dream Dream Dream.  For the first eight minutes, Dream pumps and cranks the Pussy Wagon until it finally starts.  She then turns the key off and proceeds to flood the car.  The remainder features Dream trying unsuccessfully to start our 1966 Valiant.  Today's fast lane clip is 18:12 minutes in length (267 MB).  The 2004 clip was a mere 4:13 minutes long.


  July 2:  This is the remake of the 2004 video Dream Dream Dream.  Dream was a very sweet model who had a serious issue with her vocal chords, which is why she speaks in almost a whisper.  Still a model that I enjoyed working with.  These clips follow Dream as she cranks, pumps, drives and stalls the 1962 Rambler convertible.  The 2004 Rambler fast lane clip was a mere 4:28 minutes long.  Today's fast lane clip is 20:23 minutes long (292 MB) with a significant improvement in quality.


  July 1:  Summer is a model who should be familiar to most of our members.  This young lady does a 9:48 minute tease clip with her awesome legs showcasing a pair of very sexy stockings and a very nice set of boobs.


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