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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In January 2017

  January 30:  Devon walks out and gets in her purple 69 VW but it won't start. The engine turns over but just won't catch. From inside the house, Sabrina, who is wearing boots and pantyhose, hears Devon having car trouble so she comes out to see if she can help. Devon still can't get her car started, so Sabrina decides to see if she can get the stubborn bug started. Sabrina eventually gets the Pussy Wagon started and revs the engine to recharge the battery.


  January 27:  Belky was a local Hooters girl with a great personality. After shooting her in the 51 Chevy at my house, I took her to the storage lot where the 63 Falcon had been sitting for quite some time, so I challenged her to see if the car would start. The car actually started pretty quickly so Belky played with the choke to stall the car and make it hard to get started again. This is actually a very nice tease movie.


  January 25:  This was from Delila's first shoot, and she drove with her husband from central Florida to shoot with us. The 68 Opel was an amazing car because Delila cranked it for over twenty minutes, and the battery was still going strong until the end. Another model (Maria) and her husband saw the Opel in Elberton, GA with a For Sale sign in the front window so they called me. The rest is history. We first pulled the engine for a mechanical restoration and then repainted the exterior and reupholstered the front seats.


  January 23:  The choke had been partially pulled out when I asked Samantha to see if she could start the 49 Ford. The car eventually started so she revved the engine and with the choke pulled out, some very nice exhaust came out of the tailpipe. Ford was significantly redesigned for 1949, and our car was one of the first to be built in June of 1948.

The featured movie for this week is Claire cranking, driving and stalling our 1951 Chevrolet on a very cold day. No gimmicks whatsoever.


  January 20:  Brianna was a local girl who came often to shoot with us so we got some impromptu material from time to time. This was one of those times. It had just stopped raining, and I asked Brianna to bring the Pussy Wagon back up the driveway and into the garage. When the car wouldn't start, I thought that it might be out of gas, but even with more gas in the tank, it still wouldn't start. Brianna totally killed the battery and had to give up.

The alphabetical index of models is under construction and should be partially open before too long.


  January 18:  This was Renee's second time in the 62 Rambler, and it actually started fairly quickly so she went for a drive around the neighborhood. The car stalled and was very hard to get started again, and stalled again when she got back home and would not start again.


  January 16:  Alyssa Hope is my personal favorite of all of Gian's models, and this movie features this cutie trying to start Gian's 1967 Plymouth with low heel thong sandals and no hose. Her bright red nail polish pumps the pedal until the stubborn car finally starts. Gian kept his cars on a farm in Belleville, IL (east of St. Louis), and he told me that his wife was unaware of his cars and his filming for over seventeen years. I have reason to think that she found out.

This week's Featured Movie is Jamie's Encore in Gian's awesome 1968 Impala convertible.


  January 13:  This was one of the first shoots in the 63 Falcon with the choke pulled all the way out. The car started right up for Kathy but stalled shortly after she put it into gear. She was able to get the Falcon started once but it stalled out again, and the battery began to weaken so Kathy gave up.


  January 11:  Many models spent the night in my house, and Courtney was one of them. I had two master suites, one upstairs (model hotel) and one downstairs (my space). This movie featured Courtney on a very cold winter morning when we went outside and I asked her to see if the 51 Chevy would start. It started only after I told her to pull the choke out. The update picture will provide a stark contract between the "first thing in the morning" Courtney and the "glamour" version of the same young lady.


  January 9:  We had just finished a shoot in the 70 Valiant, which turned out to be one of my all time favorites, so I asked Morgan to see if she could actually flood the purple bug. She changed into a pair of black RH&T stockings and proceeded as directed. Unlike some of the other sites/C4S stores, when a model wants to flood a car, I ask her to first start the car so you know that she is really flooding it.

Today is the debut of something new at Pedal Supreme, our Featured Movie Of The Week. With over 800 movies in our many theaters, I thought that I would showcase some of my all time favorites. This week's featured movie is Picture Perfect Pedal Pumping, and the title says it all.


  January 6:  Stacey Leigh shot with Gian on two occasions, and I think that she also appeared on Classic Car Ladies. Stacey Leigh was wearing a hot pink cocktail dress and some purple satin peep toe pumps as she tried to start Gian's 56 Ford. She got the car started several times and revved the engine until it died and she had to start the process all over again.


  January 4:  Another movie from Delila's first shoot with us. Even though it was winter, Delila was wearing jean shorts and running shoes as she tried to start the 51 Chevy. The engine wouldn't turn over at all, and the battery died so she had to take the 49 Ford. She struggled a bit but the Ford started, but she panicked as she headed down the driveway because without power steering, the car was very difficult for her to drive.


  January 2:  Happy New Year to all of our friends. We are going to kick off 2017 with something a bit unusual, our first ever .mp4 movie. This was shot by my partner in the old site Stocking Supreme as a .mov clip but I have cut back the size for ease of downloading or streaming. This is pure tease as Kristina is enjoying her stockings while cranking the 1979 Volkswagen convertible.

As mentioned previously, we are back to three movies per week so Rick can get started on the model index. Featured Movie of the Week will begin next Monday.


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