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Updates For January 2013

  January 31:  Today we bring back one of Hooter's most popular models.  Her name is Roxanna and her picture has appeared on Hooters highway billboards.  The video is Vintage Roxy and it opens with Roxy trying to start the 1949 Ford.  She pumps and cranks for over four minutes until the stubborn car finally starts.  You then get to watch this beautiful young lady work the pedals of this stick shift car as she drives.  You won't see this on Charlie's site.  The old car stalls several times and is very hard to get started again.  Our dial up members get four clips while our high speed members get a 19:16 minute fast lane clip (274 MB).


  January 30:  As many of our members from the earlier years know, we had a member in Germany who loved to see models cranking the 69 Bug in a sports outfit.  These are the first clips from the remake of The Bug & Bare Legs.  The model is Amanda with her amazing Texas accent.  Amanda pumps and cranks for almost thirteen minutes before the Pussy Wagon comes to life.  Her fast lane clip is 13:21 minutes long (191 MB).


  January 29:  The beautiful Shan kicks off another week here at Pedal Supreme.  Shan is wearing a really cool outfit that I bought just for her shoot.  She runs to the 62 Rambler but unfortunately it just won't start.  Unlike some of the other sites, the engine actually sounds like it wants to start.  Shan pumps and cranks for almost seven minutes until the stubborn Rambler finally starts.  Shan then teases you as she gets in the 70 Valiant and tells you that she is going to try to start the car in her stocking feet.  Although the engine turns over, the battery begins to die so Shan gives up.  Our dial up members get four clips while those with a broadband connection get an eleven minute fast lane clip (157 MB).


  January 25:  Brianna was one of my favorite models from the earlier years.  The 1969 purple VW bug, named the Pussy Wagon by April, has been a favorite of our members over the years.  These updates combine two of our favorites.  Brianna pumps and cranks the Pussy Wagon for almost eleven minutes before it finally starts.  You then get some great views of her stockings while she drives.  We have a fast lane clip that is 13:30 minutes in length (192 MB).  Note:  Due to our webmaster moving, the next update will be on Tuesday January 29th.


  January 23:  Today we rejoin our beautiful Joy as she tries to start the 1949 Ford.  After a minute or two of cranking, the stubborn car comes to life, and Joy closes the hood and backs down the driveway.  Unfortunately, the car stalls when she backs into the street and seems to take forever to get started again.  Once it starts, Joy drives back up the driveway where she pulls out the choke to stall the car.  The battery runs down before she can get the car started again.  Joy's fast lane clip is 12:23 minutes long (176 MB).  The quality is much better than the 2007 clips.


  January 22:  Today we rejoin Ashleigh who has stalled in the Falcon and is trying desperately to get it started again.  Once again, these are among her first group of fast lane clips.  This lovely Asian young lady gets out to check under the hood.  The car finally starts, and she pulls the choke out to tease you when she gets home.  Jackson61 doesn't like this but I'm not sure we really care.  We have a fast lane clip that is 15:54 minutes in length (228 MB).  We have recently heard from several members who have been with us since 2003.  We are honored by their loyalty to the site.


  January 21:  We begin the week with remade clips from Jennifer & The Volvo.  These are among my favorite all time clips because Jennifer manages to flood the Volvo with the choke pulled all the out not once but twice.  No switches or pulled coil wires.  Just real honest to goodness cranking.  Her fast lane clip is 15:35 minutes long (223 MB).


  January 18:  We recently posted the clips from Kobe's Bare Feet & More.  Today's clips are the "More" part.  We actually follow Kobe in the 1966 Valiant from the time she finally gets the car started to lunch at TGI Fridays and then to a stop at her local Bi-Lo market and then when she finally pulls back into her driveway.  Her shoes are dark red patent loafers.  The fast lane clip is 17:41 minutes in length (253 MB).


  January 16:  Today's clips feature the remake of clips from Falcon Favorites.  The 63 Falcon with the choke all the way out has produced some totally awesome videos.  Louise may not be the prettiest model I ever shot, but she is certainly one of my favorites.  In these clips, the Falcon keeps stalling as Louise tries to back down the driveway.  The starter makes some strange noises so she finally gives up.  Our dial up members get four clips while those with high speed internet receive a fast lane clip that is 18:49 minutes long (269 MB).


  January 15:  When Ashleigh's first set of clips were posted, I told you that none of her clips ever appears in our fast lane section because they were shot before we opened the fast lane page. Today we rejoin Ashleigh in the 63 Falcon. The car has stalled, and it takes her forever to get it started again. When we got back home, I asked her to pull out the choke and tease you while she showed off her stockings. Her new fast lane clip is just over fourteen minutes in length (201 MB).


  January 14:  Joy has been one of our member's favorite models, and today we showcase remade clips from her encore video. Joy desperately wants to get the 1949 Ford started. When it won't start, she gets out and checks under the hood, giving you a great look at her stockings. She gets back in and continues to try to start the car but without success. This amazing model entertains you with a fast lane clip that is almost fifteen minutes long (213 MB).


  January 11:  When an out of town model is booked for several days well in advance of the actual shoot, the weather can be a problem.  It was raining one day that Isobel was here so we did a rainy day shoot in the Volvo.  The Volvo did not like wet weather so it was not hard to film.  This shoot opens in the driveway with Isobel struggling to start the car.  Once it starts, the shoot moves to a supermarket parking lot as Isobel is running to her car.  She struggles to start the stubborn car for well over ten minutes on a rainy afternoon.  There are four small format clips as well as a 16:09 minute fast lane clip (231 MB).


  January 9:  Kobe was another of our very early models. When we first started, we had quite a few requests for bare legs and bare feet, so we shot this video, Kobe's Bare Feet & More. There was quite a bit of new construction in my neighborhood so we put Kobe in a bikini and had her walk down the driveway of a new house to the 74 Scamp. For the next twenty three minutes, we follow Kobe as she cranks, drives and stalls the Scamp in her tiny bikini. Back in 2008, I discovered that there were no fast lane clips for the very early videos.  I made five fast lane clips for video 114.  This update consolidates the five into two fast lane clips.


  January 8:  Today's clips represent the one and only shoot of Ashleigh, my second Asian model.  When she first saw the 63 Falcon, she said that she really wanted to drive that car.  My response was "if you can start it, you can drive it."  She eventually got it to start but it stalled on her several times, and she had serious doubts about being able to get it started again.  These are more of our mystery clips because for some unknown reason, they are nowhere to be found in the fast lane.  That is about to change.  Ashleigh's fast lane clip is 13:27 minutes in length (192 MB).


  January 7:  This was a clip that I seriously thought about throwing away but this is honest car trouble with no gimmicks.  Courtney had done a video in the 68 Opel the day before so the following morning after she had tried to start the 51 Chevy, I asked her to see if the Opel would start.  The battery was weak from her attempt the day before but she still gave it a good try.  The car wouldn't even turn over so I suspect that it was out of gas.  Her clips are just over five minutes long and I hope you will like them.


  January 4:  The second young lady featured in the Bug & Two Beauties is Shan.  She has something that is hard to find in a model, personality.  Shan pumps and cranks the Pussy Wagon for over ten minutes before the engine finally comes to life.  Her fast lane clip is 10:25 minutes long (149 MB).


  January 2:  One of our early cars was the 1969 purple VW bug which April loved so much that she sent us a key chain that said Pussy Wagon.  During 2005, we made a video entitled the Bug & Two Beauties.  These clips feature Wynter wearing black RH&T stockings who cranks and drives the Pussy Wagon in her stocking feet.  Her fast lane clip is 18:13 minutes long (260 MB).  I very much enjoyed working with this young lady and when I last heard from her, she was happily married.  I truly wish her all the happiness that this world has to offer.


  January 1:  These are the remade clips from the video Shan & The Rambler.  Shan was a very beautiful model but her best friend was a mirror.  When I shot her, she had a ten year old son with cancer.  I have heard nothing more on that subject.    Many of you probably don't realize that I bought virtually all of the clothes that the models wore during my shoots.  And that includes the dress and shoes that Shan wears during this shoot.  And took this dress home with her!  These clips feature Shan cranking and driving our 1962 Rambler convertible.  The fast lane clip is 20:47 minutes in length (298 MB).

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