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Pedal Pumping Movie Updates In February 2017


  February 28:  The choke on the 63 Falcon was already pulled out when I took Brittany to the storage lot and told her to see if she could start the Falcon. She managed to back the Falcon out of the storage shed where it stalled, and she struggled to get it started again. Those of you who pay close attention to detail will see that Brittany had a run in her stocking.


  February 27:  When this young lady came to shoot with us, she first did an awesome movie in our 63 Falcon. After that, I took her to the storage lot where she cranked both the 74 Scamp and the 66 Valiant. This features her cranking the 66 Valiant until it finally starts and then doing some revving to recharge the battery.

The model index is now on line through the letter G. This is a very time consuming project so please be patient as we work our way through the alphabet.


  February 24:  This is something that very few of you appreciate the way I do. But I think most of you appreciate my contribution to our community, so I am allowed to do a few my way. This is the ultimate in cranking/stocking tease, and Danielle Trixie did a great job. I did this one and four others, Brianna (the first and my favorite), Blonde Kelly, Danielle and Brandi Ann (close second). FYI - I flew Danielle Trixie from Dallas to Augusta, GA to shoot with me. I also flew Ayaka from New Orleans and Allison from Kansas City.


  February 22:  It was very cold in Augusta, GA when Courtney came for this shoot. She wore heavier stockings and boots for this shoot in the 49 Ford. She was very comfortable driving a stick shift car so this turned out to be a very nice cranking and driving movie.


  February 20:  Shan was a very pretty thirty something model who shot with us on several occasions. This was a tease video where Shan attempted to start the 70 Valiant in her stocking feet, talking to you during the process. The stubborn car finally starts, and she does some sexy revving.


  February 17:  A very attractive young lady who later told me that her father wouldn't speak to her after she shot with me. I told her to aggressively pump the purple bug while she was trying to start it, and the result was a very nice nine minute movie. Chassidy looked very nice in black stockings.


  February 15:  This is one of the few times that you will see Rachel wearing RH&T stockings. She loved wearing seams, and I gave her a pair to wear under her wedding dress. The choke on the 63 Falcon is all the way out as Rachel starts the car and begins to back down the driveway. The car quickly stalls and she runs the battery down before she can get out of her driveway.


  February 13:  A very pretty thirty something lady who shot with us several times. Shan is late for an appointment but she is having trouble getting her 62 Rambler to start. The stubborn car finally starts, and she is one her way. For those of you who are not aware, I furnish over 99 percent of the clothing that my models wear. Shan loved the outfit and got to take it home.


  February 10:  Stacey Leigh made several appearances on Classic Car Ladies before she contacted Gian for a shoot. Stacey Leigh was wearing a black business suit with black pumps and white hose as she tried to start Gian's 56 Ford. When it started near the end of the clip, the car backfired and scared Stacey Leigh.

The alphabetical model index is a huge project. Rick is working on the letter C and we will put the partial index online when he gets a few more letters completed.


  February 8:  Kayla was almost six feet tall and worked at Hooters in Columbia, SC. When she showed up for this shoot, she was not feeling very well so I tried to keep the script as simple as possible. Fortunately, the 51 Chevy was always hard to start so I told Kayla to see if she could get the stubborn car started, which she eventually did. She pulled the choke out and the car stalled and became very hard to get started again. There is a bit of smoky revving at the end to recharge the battery.


  February 6:  I shot models and cars for over eight year, and this was the only fairly serious moment. I took Remi to the storage lot and thought that I would be filming her cranking and driving the 63 Falcon. Eight minutes into her cranking, the paint on the hood began to melt and smoke began to appear from the engine. The car was on fire! Fortunately the damage was not all that bad. Repainted the hood and replaced much of the wiring, but the damage could have been much worse.


  February 3:  I thought that Nan was one of Gian's better models. Not a beauty queen but killer legs and very nice natural boobs. Nan pumps and cranks Gian's 67 Plymouth with two different pairs of shoes and in her stocking feet until the car finally starts. This is movie #835 which encompass over 470 gigabits of pedal pumping goodness. And there is more to come.


  February 1:  Courtney was a very good stick shift driver when I asked her to go for a ride in the 66 Volvo. It was actually quite cold in Georgia so Courtney had to struggle a bit to get the Volvo started. When the car later stalled, Courtney lit a cigarette while she was trying to get the Volvo restarted.


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